If possible, design your work and display to be integral to one another. While bearing in mind that even in the absence of a written contract, the obligations, rights and responsibilities between the artist and the gallery are still in place, setting the conditions for a written contract with legal effect is always a safeguard for both parties. 8. Situations vary and a lot of problems for both the Exhibition Sponsor and the Artist may arise regarding shipping issues. Their insurance will ideally cover Artwork during shipping or “wall-to wall” or “door to door,” so they don’t buy additional shipping insurance with the shipping company or agent. Only a few states have laws that protect an Artist’s work on consignment from the creditors of the Exhibition Sponsor. The Artwork cannot be substituted or withdrawn from the Exhibition within two months of the opening date of the Exhibition. This protects the Exhibition Sponsor from Collectors or Artists trying to postpone the sale of the Artwork until after the Exhibition closes or for a reduced price as a “private deal.” The Professional Guidelines recommends that this type of “bad faith” sale (circumventing the Exhibition Sponsor) should be avoided. The Law Firms have created real "Art Law" Departments which include Lawyers capable of supporting art professionals, first of all artists. Both the sponsor and the artist can use a contract as a checklist or as a guideline for discussion. How to prepare to participate in an prize? Advance PublicityThe Artist shall provide at least one professional quality photographic image:Check one: for advance publicity AND/OR in advance of the Exhibition opening date for the catalog . THESE MATERIALS, INCLUDING ALL SAMPLE AGREEMENTS, CANNOT AND DO NOT ADDRESS ALL OF THE LEGAL ISSUES THAT MAY BE PERTINENT TO ANY INDIVIDUAL CIRCUMSTANCES. 7. Ineffective digitization, market in crisis and scarce presence of qualified personnel: this is what emerges from the recent report published by Deloitte. It is very hard for the Artist to know what the proper etiquette in these situations is, but an itemized list specifying the full retail price makes these negotiations much more comfortable. The Artist shall have the right to inventory his or her Artworks in the gallery and to inspect any books and records pertaining to sales of the Artworks. If you are using a specific third party shipping agent, such as Parcel Pro or USPS, follow their particular shipping instructions to the letter. Termination of Agreement. THE READER SHOULD NOT ASSUME THAT THE INFORMATION CONTAINED HEREIN WILL SATISFY ALL OF THEIR NEEDS. VI. Museum registrars who handle shipping will most likely be very experienced and have a preference for a specific art shipper. It is in the interest of both parties to discuss all the issues presented here. This is an important reason why artists need to use contracts with a Security Interest clause. All Artwork shall be marked with the Artist’s name and numbered with a number corresponding to the itemized List of Artwork. revenue is divided according to a percentage agreed between the two parties. Packing and shipping charges, insurance costs, other handling expenses, and risk of loss or damage incurred in the delivery of Artworks from The Gallery to the Artist, shall be the responsibility of The Gallery. In case of loss, the Artist will furnish proof of previous sales of similar works to document the value placed on the Artwork in the Exhibition. PROMOTION Marketing, promotion and publicity, including advertising expenses, are the responsibility of the Exhibition Sponsor. Packing and shipping charges, insurance costs, other handling expenses, and risk of loss or damage incurred in the delivery of Artworks from the Artist to The Gallery are the responsibility of the Artist. The packing materials should be reusable and sturdy. The Exhibition should display the work so that it is secure, safe and well displayed with labels that clearly identify the Artist as the creator.

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