Contracts are useful if not vital for a number of reasons. items of art works created and owned by Artist. Many times a gallery or organization will not present you with a contract, or worse, refuse to sign one. Then send this list with a cover letter, asking the gallery to review the lists (per your conversation on (what date and where). This type of contract contains the scope of description, the authoritarian terms & conditions, rights for compensation and benefits, and this also includes other necessary provisions. (This often causes problems. 3. provision for adding a signed list of new works to those already consigned; that all consigned works are held by the gallery in trust for the artist, and are not part of the gallery’s capital assets or stock-in-trade for tax or bankruptcy purposes. Sample Sales Contract Agreement Template The article is for information only, and not for the purpose of providing legal advice. If no such agreement is made, legal ownership usually passes in law when the buyer agrees to buy the work – so it belongs to the buyer, in law, even though it still hangs in the gallery awaiting payment). This is a great opportunity to have a contract ready for them to sign. from time to time in such manner as shall jointly be determined by the parties. In addition They can also dodge the infamous “my word against yours” scenario. ); what the financial arrangements are concerning exhibitions. Duration of Agreement: when the parties may end the agreement. Agency: that the gallery will act as agent for the artist to promote, exhibit and sell work (as distinct from acting as consignee, simply to sell work/s left at the gallery: see AM Nov. ’77); that the agency will cover a specified geographical area. Printed Name]. Law Journals Unfortunately, there may be galleries and organizations that will avoid signing contracts to take advantage of you, dodge financial responsibility, or leave your working relationship open to be dropped without notice. Terms of Use Ask also that it notify you in writing if any of the agreements are incorrect. Leases & Real Estate This agreement shall be governed by and construed in Business Entity Forms, Law School Rankings ), Governing Law: which law is to govern the settlement of disputes over the agreement. The contract should include all the agreements you have with the other party. U.S. Federal Gov't These are all free to download and print to act as guide for both vendor and purchaser to draft their own agreements. with respect to the sale by. It’s similar to how the management contract is arranged. Use these sample items to see if there is anything missing in your contract, or if you need to alter a contract you have been sent.         [Artist's 3. Exhibitions: how many will be arranged by the gallery for the artist each year, what kind (solo/group/mixed) and for how long; whether the gallery may arrange to exhibit works other than at gallery premises; whether the artist may exhibit and/or sell work other than consigned work, in another gallery.

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