Its perfect for grabbing the attention of your viewers. You have been invited here as family and friends and request your prayers and spiritual support in Sean’s life. We gather here because it is our wish that Marcus grow to be a man who truly loves his life. You are to be commended for realizing that he is not just a physical being….that he is not just a body and a mind, but that the essence of who, he really is….is spirit….And so, for your commitment to raising him with an awareness and appreciation for things of the spirit, we applaud you…..You have been blessed with the joy and responsibility of this precious life, and all who are here can see how truly grateful you are to God for allowing you the privilege of raising this beautiful young, In making these acknowledgements, we would also like to take this time to acknowledge those loved ones who are unable to be with us physically on this day; We know that those people, whom we love, and those we have loved are here with us in spirit at this service of dedication for this precious boy/girl. In every hope, blessed is the potential. “Welcome family and friends, today we are here to welcome and bless Marcus James. By incorporating this ceremony with a baby’s blessing, the child is joined to both the earth and the heavens at the same time. With those good intentions still in mind will Seong-Jin’s grandparents come up and place the Rose of Sharon in the ground? Traditional aspects of baptisms and baby namings are celebrated in a universal context. You are ready and willing to take on the task of molding a young heart, creating not just a life, but a living, breathing, person, with thoughts, dreams, fears, and a future……And so, in presenting your child here today, do you promise to teach him the values of truth and love, to set a moral example before him, to bring him up to believe and trust in God and the Divine wisdom within him, and to help him find his own. To give her a wide variety of experiences that she may find the things in life that make her heart sing?”, “Many cultures believe that it takes a whole community to raise a child with a balanced perspective. In Jesus Christ, we are set free of the punishment of sin and oppression of law. I am their shield as they guard your home. that you are an essential part of a circle of family and friends. whether near or far, I Baptize/Christen/Formally Name you Chloe Kristine Graniello. Holding a Pagan Blessing Ritual for New Babies. May sunshine and moonbeams dance over you head. Have you chosen those who will aid you in giving love and council to your child as he grows?

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