However, the difference between the existing monthly obligation and the amount provided for under the guidelines shall be at least 15 percent or $50, whichever amount is greater, before the court may find that the guidelines provide a substantial change in circumstances.”.


Revised December 1, 2015 . Since health insurance also is included in the equation to determine child support, an increase or decrease in the cost of insurance premiums might support a modification. Make sure that you consult with a case manager prior to completing any of the forms.

���EZ��[`�*0{=�� fO��;�jL�$c��!D�z�Ȋ�`�� �MH������� w���q���O��0 �P� For Forms Revised 11-2015 . 0 OF CHILD SUPPORT ***** NOTICE**** *FEES FOR FORMS, PACKETS, AND FEES FOR FILING ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.

What this means, is that a person who voluntarily quits their job is probably unlikely to obtain child support modification in Florida.

no more daycare), Here is a list of some of the factors that may serve as the basis for a child support modification in Florida to increase child support…, Receiving party’s loss of a job This is usually referred to as filing a motion to modify child support. The calculator on this site was built to help educate a person who may be seeking a modification of child support in Florida better understand how the calculation works. c%�z;��n ojT�DW�#��=;�,�F��;��*`��Ɖ�ag�r��员�m2�T�Ԯ��:�&��ewޝZ�����X�0Z�����a�,�T��F�O��ZҨ��i�J� �@�04��!�12��D% ���[���_�),�M�"\�4R!n�-��e1L�S�]+�!� %E�Y# 2"�p�d�,g1�@��.z l8|t�#ET��"��/@�$ endstream endobj startxref If the Court does find that there has been a substantial change in circumstances, then the child support guidelines will come into play in determining the new child support amount. �U,UW��*Z���Q endstream endobj startxref

%%EOF - Petition for Superseding Child Support Order with Timesharing You may be selecting an incorrect checklist & form. [g�Br�R.�+��b|���f?�����D�e�q0��8�!�ܲ��˲�ص� p�� �}�� y ��b��XX\*� ������p�3�Z7v�k�3r^*J׆�Ki��C�8;��K���!��8�Tg�Kū��u�Y"���QSi�U���t�_{�����Im�M����I>Es�7x�^���?�L�3|�!���&�b3��ߧwMoNͺA���wJ�Ѡ��j�hGb7.rnY[*=�mt�����k5~k�\s�$�s)�9���c�TǤ�a��g%�%t�/�?����U��n�c�k��R9��^� �q6`.�W���/|6�``��X�X_���Ƀ���-�~���[���g�����|~�߿O���wi��������W��!������\�3�l�yמl:��3�40s�2� Here is a list of some of the factors that may serve as the basis for a child support modification in Florida to lower child support…, Paying party’s loss of a job

h��U}Le�w-��B�F��#�)�.�u2�d3-�dJ�b]-f���%D6�e�V�Y�"�-�í�?e�ӄ�at�L(a�Y�ѐ������0�����Go�����������; P���6��.u`��5G�l-D ��gB��Ql�^� J D����{�G��.��[����%�.�ֲ&�`}gұ9oI�EʝW�7����a�SJt4�7��LE�;��[��

Children’s expenses decreasing (i.e. z�.��U�mk�������zB����������՜*hc¿�.��Ö������ �����T�J�Jv�I��g~�������M�Р�)�^����)�6�W���F2���Ϯ�1q틛=ޕo>�?~���ŷ���3y*Q�^z����n[N�T�h�%��Ė/�xi�AHѴ$�wNع>>H c�(b���q�LH�����1�2����J����[�5ZH��'5�Q���f��ŝ1�4Қk\�� +�������\$���L��w��@'���F�Ế. Obtaining a child support modification in Florida  is not as easy as some people may think. Receiving party’s loss of income ���S��1���g�Rn��t�� e�y:$�nE��!�g���qGhֶ����w�ѓ�r�mw���n^�n�y�UW��(~&��h&ľ#N�=������G��t��Tb�v�����,\]/��3=s�q�ۛ��:�e�"�x�r2�3a|_.�� s���4����k&V�|Y�}�"h.ԙރ�^1

Child support modification in Florida – guideline amount The child support guidelines may serve as the basis to support a substantial change of circumstance. 7736 0 obj <> endobj X Research source Generally, Florida uses a model that estimates how much money would be spent on the child if the parents were still together, then divides that amount between the parents according to their incomes. h�bbd```b``["�$�ɞ1��k�� ���>

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