The same world also has a race which could be a little easier. Conker’s Pocket Tales Review. Many worlds, never gets boring.4. Conker's idle animation involves him taking out playing on his own Game Boy. Once I realized what the plot was like I started to become a little frightened, but the game still had potential to be good.

... appropriateness of the rating, please contact the ESRB at 1-800-771-3772. Read GameSpot player reviews and contribute your own! Thank you for reading my review and happy gaming! The graphics received high marks from many, both in-game and during the "pre-rendered" animated sequences, while the music and sound effects were determined by critics to be "lacking.". The Evil Acorn has stolen all of Conker's presents and kidnapped his best chipmunk friend, Berri. Please read this instruction booklet thoroughly to ensure maximum enjoyment of your new game. Product Release: Conker's Pocket Tales (US, 06/08/99) Game » To use this feature, you need to be logged in to GameFAQs. Conker also has the abil… Giant Bomb users.
Now a desperate fight for s... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. It's Conker's birthday and someone crashed his party! Submit a review and let your voice be heard.

You jump, shoot conkers with your slingshot, walk and run. It all comes down to beating the Evil Acorn! Conker's Pocket Tales is a game developed and published by Rare for the Game Boy Color platform.

Conker's primary mode of attack is a slingshot, which fires acorns collected from around the map.

Enter the sophisticated world of high-tech espionage as Her Majesty's greatest spy... James Bond.


Conker's Pocket Tales is the very first in its series of games, both developed and published by Rareware. It's pretty sad that I let a kid borrow this game, and then totally forgot about until one day he gave it back for no reason. Joanna Dark has almost finished her training, but she isn't a Carrington Institute agent just yet.

These minigames include ta… Conker sets out to retrieve his things, save his girlfriend and put an end to The Evil Acorn's menacing ways. system. Playing as the titular character Conker the Squirrel - fresh off his debut in Diddy Kong Racing - players must rescue Conker's girlfriend Berri from the villanous "Evil Acorn". By gamer_girl15 | Review Date: Jul 30, 2009 | GBC. The Evil Acorn has stolen all of Conker's presents and kidnapped his best chipmunk fri. I only wish the mini-game world had been toned down.Replay Value-10 I would love to play this game again in the near future.

Tough when trying to figure out things.2. The nefarious Evil Acorn has yet to make his return. Which is to say, the game cannot be played and saved on one system, and then resumed on the other. Links. Conker can also push certain objects around the screen, ground stomp buttons lying on the ground, and dig into dirt patches which transport him to other parts of the map. The game is played from a top-down perspective, where Conker explores a large environment in an attempt to recover his stolen Presents. Sponsor Guide | Ethics | Rating: 9.

In addition to standard running and jumping, Conker can perform a mid-air ground-pounding attack that can hit buttons to solve puzzles.

Strangely, when loaded on the Game Boy, the changes extend beyond mere graphical downgrades. Three, to check out the Game Boy Color version which is apparently an entirely different game in terms of the level layouts, graphics and specific details in the worlds.Overall-10 This game is very good and if you still have access to a system that can play it, it's well worth the admission which is currently $10.00 and under. Please log in or register to continue. It's Conker's birthday and someone crashed his party! The rest is comfortably right in the middle. User Help | The game ends when Conker rescues Berri from the Catacombs, getting his presents back along the way, and the Evil Acorn getting blasted out of the atmosphere by his own bomb, which was planted in said Catacombs. Players must also solve a number of simple crate puzzles. Strain your brain to solve challenging puzzles, battle the Evil Acorn's horde of minions with your ... Join the community to review your favourite games. By collecting a certain number of Presents in each area and defeating the boss, Conker is able to move to the next area. It was released in the U.S. on June 8th of 1999. Thank you for reading! Rent or Buy-Even if I wrote this review ten years ago when it was still rentable I would have said the same thing- Buy it as soon as you can find it.

I recall only one slowdown from too much animating on the screen ever occurring. I didn't think that this one would turn out so well based on other scores, but I ended up really enjoying it.Story- 10 The basic story of Conker's Pocket Tales is that Conker had his birthday party crashed by The Evil Acorn who kidnapped Conker's girlfriend, stole his presents and stole his party invitations. Other Helpful Reviews for Conker's Pocket Tales. Jesivis ... False age group for game, needs to be older. You can also collect secret invitations and secret presents, which require more exploration and backtracking to worlds later on in the game once you have items to clear up new paths. 1. Conker, Berri, and all of the fri… Judging by the sound effects, he plays a bonus level from Donkey Kong Land, another Rare title for the Game Boy. The mini games require you to shift the d-pad left/right repeatedly and require nothing short of perfection to accomplish. consists of 2 releases. Thank you for selecting the CONKER'S POCKET TALES'"" Game Pakfor your Nintendo» Game Boy. If you enjoyed this Conker's Pocket Tales review, you're encouraged to discuss it with the author and with other members of the site's community. You travel between different worlds collecting your presents in order to proceed. Whether or not the game is canon within the Conker series is matter for fans to decide, as Bad Fur Day makes no specific mention of it. The rest of the game is Conker solving puzzles and finding items to assist him on his journey. Each world is very enjoyable save for one, which is the mini-game world (the island). I would be willing to pay $100.00 for it if it were really necessary.Rent or Buy- Even if I wrote this review ten years ago when it was still rentable I would have said the same thing- Buy it as soon as you can find it. This game has some mini-games in the other worlds, which fortunately are not difficult or annoying at all.A lot of reviews I've read mentioned the game being difficult. Product Release: Conker's Pocket Tales (US, 06/08/99). Conker crosses his arms, steps with one foot and looks angrily into the camera! Once I realized what the plot was like I started to become a little frightened, but the game still had potential to be good. In 1999, Conker made his first solo debut in Conker's Pocket Tales for the Game Boy Color. Its story, graphics and events are appropriate for children. This game has a huge problem with the age group, for it is cutesy for little kids, but is extremely challenging (Mako Island for example) Well anyway, this is why this game is dissapointing.

gamer_girl15's Review of Conker's Pocket Tales. Down taunt Conker sits down and plays with his yellow gameboy. The variety of worlds and the difficulty that doesn't annoy you, yet keeps you engaged at all times go together to make this one of my favorites. Too many hidden objects.5. Experience all the ... 1947. The game was put out after multiple delays of Conker's N64 game, while it was still intended to be aimed at a younger audience. Hmm... no websites found for this game. Later the same year, this fact was confirmed with Conker's inclusion in Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64, thus promoting his future games. Being a long-time Rare fan, I wanted to go back and try some of the games I missed. You can search for The Game Boy Color version is much more colorful and detailed.Fun Factor-8 This is a very fun game.
© 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Conker's Pocket Tales User Reviews. Only a one-player game.4. Perhaps the game is most notable for it's ability to be played on the only-then-recently obsoleted Game Boy; a feature shared by only a handful of other Game Boy Color games. If you don't already have an HonestGamers account, you can sign up for one in a snap. Released Jun 08, 1999. The graphics are excellent for such a game of its console.2. Victory Poses #1: Conker does the classic dollar sign-eye rolling and holds up a wad of cash while smiling. The controls are good. Platform: Polled: Main: Main + 100%: Fastest: Longest: Game Boy Color : 2: 4h 34m : 5h --4h 34m : 5h One, just for the sake of enjoying the experience again.Two, to collect all the presents and invitations which apparently open some secret doors in the hub world which lead somewhere that seems to be a mystery. Conker's humble beginnings are, ultimately, not worth your time. You must be signed into an HonestGamers user account to leave feedback on this review. This game Conker's first game that stars him as the protagonist. I got this game thinking it would be really cool like Conker's Bad Fur Day.

It's a shame that there are only 2 Conker adventures, he really deserves more! Care to add one? You have worlds that are similar to Zelda dungeons with platforming, worlds that revolve around doing quests for characters, worlds that revolve around mini-games, worlds that revolve around puzzles.

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