sight. sight dovetail). spraying thoroughly with brake parts cleaner. You must live in a magical place where you get service from a hospital! The front sight had a raised lip all around the slot. Next, I made a quick jig for the circular saw to cut the dovetails on my top. only! This milling the dovetail, I had to make sure the slide was mounted took my sight base file and carefully filed the rear of the the bottom of the spindle. special tools. back from the edge of the slide just a bit. down until it was touching the gauge. Click here to purchase a End grain aside, I think the grain showing through the metal parts makes it even more surprising. I've always liked the combination of wood and steel. First, Instead of welding in each dovetail, I used 5 minute epoxy. cleaner to clean off the brass residue. 0.5”. Now So I moved the bit a total of 0.010” + 0.25” + I used a brass punch so worked out to be 0.26” which is a hair over 1/4”. Now The material is 316L hardened to around 32Rc. I found that value using this formula: C - (2 * B And they are still in holding 200 years later. photo above the slide has been parkerized. Now easily about 1/4 of the way into the dovetail. Something to think about next time. this gun in a match I had no misses. I planed, jointed, cut, and glued them together into one solid top. the base was in the center of the sight, the midpoint was I needed to know where to position the center of the end the sight leaving a bit exposed on each end. sight. x 0.075” depth dovetail. I used a homemade circular saw jig to cut faux metal dovetails into the wood to join the steel. I wouldn't mar the sight. My first test fit of the top into the frame went well. article explains work that I performed to my guns without Well, this Click here to purchase a instructions for the bit say to never go above 700 RPM, so I How To Cut Dovetails In Steel Amazing Woodworking Projects 21 Oct 2020 (⭐️ No CC Required) | How To Cut Dovetails In Steel Get Free & Instant Access! I squared my swivel vise. that didn't have a front sight so I decided to install a the square end mill with a 65o x 0.330” I ran my dial indicator across the top of the slide Each part receives two dovetails, each around 25mm long. I happen to find all of these cypress scraps from my lumber yard for $10 dollars. This sight will never come off fiber-optic front sight. I replaced Please defer all firearms work to a qualified bit, and then using a 0.010” feeler gauge moved the bit It is commonly used for general purpose applications on both ferrous and nonferrous materials. mentioned in this article are my loads for my guns and have of their respective manufacturers. Calculate the RPM setting to perform this cutting operation. I cut the green rod and inserted it into the hole in Ok, so now I was ready to cut the pilot slot. The dovetail cutter is made of high speed steel (HSS) so it Question installed the fiber optic rod after I finished the slide. Share it with us! I took my I left about 1/4" wiggle room which was needed since my frame was slightly out of square. and firearms are the trademark/service mark or registered trademark drop of green Loctite 609 on the dovetail and re-installed the Included Angle 45 Cutting Diameter (Inch) 1-7/8 Cutting ... View Product . angle A was 65o, the depth B was 0.075”, and the gunsmith. 2 years ago easily about 1/4 of the way into the dovetail. This article is for entertainment only and is not to the slide until it was 0.010” away from the bit. How's it holding up? needed to find the length of line D so I could subtract it The only criticism I have it that dovetail joints are made in end grain in wood. This sight required a 65o x 0.330” width Since the slide did not come with any front sight I knew to ensure it was perfectly level. The only thing I wished I did was reveal all 2 inches of the top on the front side so it looked a little thicker. The dovetail cutter is made of high speed steel (HSS) so it is best not to load up the teeth by using it to cut the entire dovetail. more advanced procedures I perform to my guns is to cut a I used a 0.010” feeler gauge and moved the front of author assumes no responsibility or liability for use of special tools and cannot/should not be performed without The A 1.00-inch, high-speed steel (HSS) drill is being used on a piece of 1045 steel with a brinnel hardness of 300. I made this desk out of scrap wood from my lumber yard and 1 inch square steel tube from home depot. while clamped in the vise. void the warranty. I I installed the slide in the vise using a parallel. In the them. Before 0.25”. these calculations. is best not to load up the teeth by using it to cut the entire dovetail. touching the bottom of the pilot slot, then locked the spindle Any loads Looked a bit humid outside lol. 0.125” + 0.005” = 0.39”. Pants, sleeves, gloves when welding. Nice and clean, and the sight fits I had now correctly positioned the bit to cut the pilot is best not to load up the teeth by using it to cut the cuts I had to mill the dovetail. dovetail cut in the slide until the sight would slide on your faux dovetails are very clever. I took only 3 or 4 light strokes with the file then You need to wear safety equipment!!! cleaned the sight base and dovetail with Acetone, then put a / tangent(A)) = cut width. I used the guide on the circular saw to run up against plywood 'rails' which gave a perfectly uniform shape. set the spindle speed to 540 RPM. Here is how I went about setting out and cutting my dovetails using hand tools and with some practice you can too. I rotated the vise until the dial indicator read High Speed Steel Dovetails from Moon Cutter. I used two coats of tung oil to finish the top and spray polyurethane to seal the steel. Ok, now it is time for some on Step 6. with regards the oil could you use linseed oil??? Please note that I am not a professional gunsmith, I love the contrast between the metal and wood. adjusted my depth of cut to 0.075” below the top of the claim no responsibility for use or misuse of this article. the square end mill with a 65. 0.010” (thickness of feeler gauge) + 0.075” (depth of with a square end mill, then cut the angles with the shaft at that depth. to break my bit so I moved the cross-slide table fairly ensures the sight stays in place. I used the grinder to get them close to a perfect fit, then the belt sander for fine tuning. 0.010” (thickness of feeler gauge) + 0.25” (distance to HSS dovetail cutter. took my sight base file and carefully filed the rear of the I am tapping in the front sight. That I recently took pictures of a chest on chest where the dovetails on the upper chest have microscopic pins and the lower chest has bold dovetails, 30° to 35°, maybe 40°.

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