A lot of the reason Thor maybe to solo on his own at his strongest is because he receives the Odin force. BlotskyA 6 mo 13 d . Darkseid stomps Thor into the ground. Olsen here was infused with the power of thousands of new gods (extremely powerful deities). Odin vs. N52 avatar: Darkseid wins 9/10 at least. Multiversal > Galaxy buster. And when asked the main reason is because he's galaxy level, https://comicvine.gamespot.com/forums/battles-7/can-someone-please-show-me-odin-blowing-up-a-galax-407805/. He can move at speeds many times the speed of light when using his hammer to travel around. Odin is not getting out of this. at their most powerful leads to Darkseid having more power than the Source, which is beyond even Odin, and i'm pretty sure is stronger than Rune King Thor. Sort by. Darkseid and Orion vs Odin and Thor. They're all terrified of him. Multiple universes >>> multiple galaxies. Prep severely fucks Odin over. Since I know you think Thanos beats Odin. At the end of Death of the New Gods Darkseid over powers the Source (Monotheistic God) and Orion Taps into the Same power source and they have a fight that shakes all of creation. That is one ridiculous name for a sword. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Feel free to put them up. No other Darkseid has the feats necessary to take Odin, who consistently either hangs with or puts down Thanos. Follow 10000. i see odin winning 8/10. In terms of feats, Odin's feats are more impressive and more destructive, but in the other hand, Darkseid has a superior influence on the matter self. Darkseid has engineered the destruction of multiple pantheons with prep. Plus, he can boost Thanos to make him a near skyfather. Wtf is this Darkseid wank? which darkseid ? If this is one-sided forgive me, I haven't seen as much of Odin as the others. Team Odin vs Team Darkseid # Team Odin Odin has gotten the Anti-Life Equation and Darkseid has sensed it on Asgard. Zeus is basically the same level as Odin, some even consider him more powerful. We are just using average Thor without the Odin Force or Runes or any other power up. That's not a thing. Darkeid ~ Anti-monitor > Celestials > Odin. share. This person can bust galaxies Odin beat him so Odin can also...........yet we've never seen it. I give my thanks to FallenWind on Reddit for these scans. Lex Luthor was sitting on the throne of Apokolips at one point. 3 comments. As a default however, I think Darkseid takes this. Posted by 3 hours ago. Battle. Dammnnn, where was that first scan from? A young and weaker Darkseid stole the power of Zeus. i see odin winning 8/10. It's father and son vs. father and son! The issue is that I'm pretty sure Darkseid at his most powerful would include him having knowledge of the Anti-Life Equation, potentially giving him the ability to control even Rune King Thor. I have borne witness to a lot of wank of certain characters that do not deserve it. I need not the help of Odin. Regardless of what happened to make that a thing, I bet Tony Stark or Norman Osborn never ever get to Sanctuary or any of Thanos' other bases. Close. darkseid in his true form would destroy odin .darkseid avatar vs odin? With Thanos to tank hits, Darkseid has this. Odin oneshots Darkseid. Dr. In DC it's implied that Darkseid could solo the entire Greek pantheon. 2 years ago. Odin vs. most avatars of Darkseid we've seen: Odin shitstomps pretty easily. PC Darkseid would whoop Odin. This one is particularly special - http://imgur.com/a/NbPem. Rules: Everyone is at their most powerful, bloodlusted, and fighting occurs in space. As much as I like Darkseid, he loses a relatively easy fight to Odin. darkseid in his true form would destroy odin .darkseid avatar vs odin? The Odinforce isn't that powerful it couldn't even hold a nuclear explosion for long. This guy is quite powerful. http://imgur.com/a/YWQtD - he contributes to 1/5th of the power needed to destroy the universe. The All-Father of Asgard vs the Dark Lord of Apokolips. And if we're gonna use the same logic again, the Anti-Monitor is a multiversal threat and Darkseid took him on one-on-one. And we all know that Darkseid fought the Anti-monitor and only lost because of the Black racer, AND on THIS VERY site, only months old folks are saying the Anti-monitor tears through Celestials............So if we're gonna use the same logic then Darkseid rips through Odin like paper. Team Darkseid Odin vs Galactus** Zeus vs Darkseid*** Ares vs Thanos*** Thor* vs Ronan Thor gets clapped. The Odin force can manipulate matter and shape whatever he wishes with it, good influential feats, but the Omega Effect can erase matter or recreate it through just a mere thought, the Omega Effect ignores the existence self, it completely erases it. !My might alone would strike down these pretender Gods. Thor and Orion vs Darkseid and Odin. p.s. This topic is locked from further discussion. Odin sweeps, Damn this thread is like almost a decade old. which darkseid ? Archived. Does Darkseid have that much power? Regardless of what happened to make that a thing. 1 INTRO 2 ODIN 3 DARKSEID (Strunton) 4 PRE-BATTLE 5 DEATH BATTLE! Darkseid vs. Anti-Monitor was the "Make Uxas Great Again" campaign. If they're at their most powerful, however, Thor might be able to solo. But Darkseid and Orion don't become as powerful as TOAA; far from it. He might not be able to kill Darkseid, but he is more powerful, Orion and Thor are non-factors IMO. Odin >>>> Thanos ~ Darkseid. Final Crisis Darkseid has a great shot even without the ALE. Team Darkseid (New 52) Darkseid* vs Odin Racer vs WPOTC* (Stomp) Mxy* vs Thanos Hellbat* vs Doom Spectre* vs HoM SBP^ vs RKT^ Mandraak* VS Beyonders WH WW vs Oblivion* (Absolute Stomp) AM* VS UIG---Darkseid, Mxy and Hellbat* vs WPOTC Spectre, SBP* vs RKT Mandraak and AM* VS Oblivion. Rules: Everyone is at … Since we are allowing the most powerful versions of the characters -, http://i.imgur.com/kWCdHYv.jpg - with soulfire, Darkseid was able to restrain the source (almost like a total ruling, integral God to the whole of the DC multiverse). Odin solos, he's more powerful than them by a fair bit. deactivated-5b2121a0a9a00. Most avatars are not anywhere near Odin's casual multi-galaxy busting power. Isn't this Thor after he gets Odin's power? Doom a normal human has channeled the power of the Beyonders, Lex Luthor has channeled the power of the Life Entity. Yeah im siding with Darkseid. EmptyHand 6 mo 13 d . Pretty sure odin and his asgardian comrades are jobber to darkseid, Hadn’t odin stomped Thanos? I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Darkseid and Orion vs Odin and Thor. Yes Darkseid is beyond that power lmao he's multiversal, was able to fight equally with Anti Monitor, @bladeoffury: So much for your multiple galaxies argument XD. 23. Darkseid alone is a good match for him. Battle. show 1 reply . Odin demolishes him. So yes Gollum I agree that the whole Galaxy buster argument is weak and isnt even sound. Heimdall senses this across time and space and informs Odin of the fate of Asgard. Forum Posts. Abstracts can range from a god of lettuce to Death of the Endless. Orion betrays Darkseid, yells "Fuck you, Dad!" HAAAA! Unless "at their most powerful" means Rune King Thor, in which case Thor solos. true form darkseid stomps, casual real darkseid rather stalemates, avatar get stomped, Max v max, Darkseid one sided murderstomps, Odin obviously Darksy isn't on the a e tier despite would be wankers. Ignoring what happens just makes you ignorant. If you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. Press J to jump to the feed. What happens is important. http://imgur.com/a/9eQsr - backhands a young superman. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. Theres like pages worth of replies saying Odin wins without any further explanation. I think you're under selling Odin's strength. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! Op didn't specify, but stronger versions of darkseid (GDS, DONG) would win. Posted by u/[deleted] 6 years ago. http://i.imgur.com/Xtkv7sB.jpg - with the anti-life equation, Darkseid easily beats a high father. Darkseid solos. Or the throne of Asgard.Make mine Odin. Pretty sure Odin stomps every version of DS, pretty sure he's just abstract tier like Lord Order, So that'd put him above Odin? He brings his soldiers with him as does he come with his Parademon Army. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Who wins. Team Odin vs Team Darkseid # Team Odin … When you infused just two, their power increases tenfold - imagine thousands... http://imgur.com/a/Jr5Nv - he casually walks out after a bomb that was stated to be able to rip apart existence itself. I was backing PC Darkseid back in the day, but I changed my mind. I swear DC characters are wanked so hard on this site for some reason. Thanos can beat Odin but Odin can also beat thanos. save hide report. I don't know much about Rune King Thor, but I don't think him and Odin could take on essentially two The Ones Above All. If this is one-sided forgive me, I haven't seen as much of Odin as the others. Now I haven't seen Odin feats that top this. 3. RKT is much closer to TOAA than Darkseid or Orion. 100% Upvoted. I don't think that Darkseid has enough feats shown on this thread. Team Odin vs Team Darkseid # not voted Galactus solos, ares puts up a good fight though. Odin beats almost everyone under Celestial level to be honest. and precedes to aid Thor/Odin. Thor and Orion vs Darkseid and Odin. @gollum: Its the same old logic. And yet, Odin is powerful enough to bust galaxies as a side effect. 10/10 stomps. He may be a team buster, but he has not shown to be a galaxy buster like Odin has in the past. God's dark side vs the light and the way. If you add another New God to the fight and only put someone weaker than Odin on his side then I don't see how Odin and Thor could possibly win. Darkseid and Orion at their most powerful would put them at omnipotent levels of power. Close. Darkseid at his peak is multiversal+ right? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. - he flies to the edge of the universe in moments. Darkseid and Orion are both perfectly capable of taking out Thor, but Odin's his own thing. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. You are indeed where you belong.

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