Can I switch my course? If you want to switch career to civil engineering and have family responsibilities it might be useful to consider: Check what relevant courses they have, and if they have links with civil engineering companies to help you get a foot into industry. Civil Mechanical engineer switching to a civil engineering firm (self.AskEngineers) ... there are plenty of mechanical and electrical engineers who deal with building systems designs. Civil Engineering Degree? If not, probably biology, economics, business, etc. AskEngineers is a forum for questions about the technologies, standards, and processes used to design & build these systems, as well as for questions about the engineering profession and its many disciplines. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Or a mathematics graduate, a course in structural engineering. The civil firm I work for has there hands across a lot of specialties--DOT, traffic, public schools etc. Mechanical engineering / Aerospace at Southampton Engineering alternative course Uni of Bristol Got into my firm, different course. I'm currently studying maths, further maths, physics, history and geography at AS and will probably study maths, physics and geography at A2 level. I have found I do not like the dynamic/thermal part as much as I thought. They claimed that if I wanted to focus on controls systems, I would be better off financially if I … Industrial also seems easier and it seems to be a cool new engineering major, that just joined engineering. In mechanical engineering, there is a wide variety of jobs. Projects Related to Mechanical Engineering. For example, a geology graduate could consider a geotechnical master’s degree. You should also understand that learning about … Mechanical engineers plan, design, research and test new machines, equipment and devices used by households and businesses. If you have a closely related degree in, say, science or mathematics you could do an accredited MSc to convert to civil engineering. Structural engineers enjoy a significantly better job outlook than mechanical engineers, encouraging many to make the switch in order to find more job opportunities. A civil engineer could keep traveling to different places every few months while a mechanical engineer stays put or a civil engineer could never move while a mechanical engineer travels the world. Your local further education colleges may offer relevant evening courses – if you want a more gradual route back into the world of studying. Should I just Pursue a different industry altogether? Since many engineering fields involve similar duties, those interested in being an electrical or a mechanical engineer may also want to consider becoming an electronics or industrial engineer. Its time to move on. The median annual salary for mechanical engineers was $84,190 in 2016. You’ll have to take undergraduate courses as prerequisites. Went back to college for my Civil degree and glad I did rather than stay as a drafter. For example, a geology graduate could consider a geotechnical master’s degree. We also have electrical engineers who work on signals/equipment power design for the transportation side. The former specializes in … I'm interested in both civil engineering and mechanical engineering atm and are unable to decide between the two for a degree in the UK in 2012. Job Title Educational Requirements Median Salary* (2019) Job Outlook* (2018-2028) Civil Engineer : Bachelor's degree : $87,060 : 6%: Mechanical Engineer So when I one day went to see the mechanical engineering class, they were programming and doing stuff with robots and stuff. No, it is not possible to change the stream after diploma in engineering course Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. A typical route for mech eng graduates into the civil industry is building services engineering/design engineering (HVAC systems and simulation, structural analysis etc.).

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