Vote Now! He truly revels in doing naughty or mischievous things and is at odds with his parents, the local police, his neighbours and the "softies" of his neighbourhood. He did and said the darnedest things; you couldn’t stay mad at American Dennis. This was revealed to be a subversion: the new design of Dennis' dad in particular is actually completely a different character to the original because he's now the adult version of the, Pie-Face as of September 2017, as his design was completely changed to match the new. It turns out to have been the millionaire himself, who just couldn't miss his favourite soap opera; since the townspeople made it that far, he gives them the £1 million anyway. 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Unlike the U.S. Dennis, this Dennis actually is a menace, as he is more actively malicious than simply mischievous. If he’d had a dubiously raincoated older-man acquaintance called Flasher it wouldn’t have been much of a surprise. Various television adaptations of the comic strip: Various television and film adaptations of the comic strip: This page was last edited on 17 February 2020, at 04:50. Happened to Dennis's parents thanks to Gok Wan, and Roger the Dodger's parents off panel (due to an artist change) in August 2012. In short, British Dennis was a proto-punk-rock-hooligan. In issue 3649, Dennis' parents got a makeover that made them about 20 years younger and more like Dennis. It involves a lot of destruction, so his father gets mad and makes a Dadland to punish him. Sometimes slipped into it in the old ones too, but it wasn't as noticeable. |. This page is about the British version as published in the Anthology Comic The Beano. Privacy Statement TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. On the final day, the TV in Dennis' house is suddenly switched on, and the townspeople angrily chase after Dennis in the belief that he's just cost them the reward. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from He emerged during a time of class struggle and waning empire, when the U.K. establishment feared the oik, the yob, the ungovernable prole. One of two Comic Book characters known as Dennis the Menace, both being primary school-age boys who frequently get into trouble and make mischief, aided by a pet dog, that were first published in March 1951. One of two Comic Book characters known as Dennis the Menace, both being primary school-age boys who frequently get into trouble and make mischief, aided by a pet dog, that were first published in March 1951. Advertising Notice For young British schoolchildren, he was, and still is, an object of riveting terror (and on the shadow side, of yearning): the rough boy with the iron muscles and tiger stripes. Keep up-to-date on: © 2020 Smithsonian Magazine. The other was the brainchild of the British cartoonist David “Davey” Law. He carried a peashooter, water pistol and catapult, and his exploits generally ended in corporal punishment. In the comics, Dennis is disappointed by a local funfair, so he tries to make his own called Menaceland. Both Dads lost their outdated moustaches. Cookie Policy It's impossible to imagine Dennis without Gnasher, yet he didn't meet his dog until. Auden’s. Twice. Dennis the Menace: The Classic Comicbooks. • Dennis the Menace (UK comics) is the original title of a British comic strip which first appeared in "The Beano" on March 12, 1951 (in the edition cover dated March 17, 1951); it is now published as Dennis the Menace and Gnasher. meaning that viewers were now reading about the antics of Dennis the Menace, Jr. the current Dennis is actually the son of the original, she begs them for money and they don't give it to her. This page is about the British version as published in the Anthology Comic The Beano. British Dennis was knobby-­kneed and low-browed, gleefully scowling under an inkblot of high-speed hair. Neither had any knowledge of the other’s Dennis until both debuted in the same week—Ketcham’s in the funny pages of 16 U.S. newspapers and Law’s in the venerable and anarchic British weekly The Beano. American Dennis was a little tearaway in dungarees, an adorable scamp pestering poor Mr. Wilson next door. Disambiguation page providing links to topics that could be referred to by the same search term,, Disambiguation pages with short descriptions, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. This story is a selection from the March issue of Smithsonian magazine. Both are still published as of 2020. Get the best of Smithsonian magazine by email. The British Dennis the Menace was a pint-size, black-haired hooligan who vexed authorities. 17th Annual Photo Contest Finalists Announced. British Dennis had a canine accomplice, Gnasher, who would have eaten American Dennis’ sweet dog, Ruff, in two seconds flat, and he later had a disgusting pig, Rasher. British Dennis was much further along the mischief spectrum—a disturbed maverick of pre­pubescence, a bully, a nemesis, a persecutor of “softies” (in particular the unfortunately recurring Walter), a mean-minded vandal with whom the authorities were in a permanent and justified rage. Continue The Man Who Sold the Eiffel Tower. Dennis himself once "died" after being denied ice cream. Physically, the two were day and night: American Dennis was blond and cowlicked, with a round face and the short, ham-like forearms of a “Peanuts” character. They were born simultaneously, in March 1951, two entirely independent and wildly contrasting Dennis the Menaces. If you look at it the right way, it is not hard to interpret his actions toward the so-called "softies" as bullying based merely on the fact that those boys are more effeminate and quiet than he is. In "Car Wash Caper" she can be seen buying a triple scoop ice cream cone. One was the creation of Hank Ketcham, a former Disney animator in California. In the 2013 episode "Photo Finish" Beanotown is said to have a rivalry with Fulchester, a town from the adult comic. Gnasher's children are named Gnipper, Gnora, Gnancy, Gnatasha, Gnaomi and Gniamh. California Do Not Sell My Info This Dennis has no known surname and is slightly older than the Dennis from across the Atlantic, 10 years old rather than 6 (though at times he has been portrayed as slightly older again). His work has also appeared in Slate and The New York Times. In the comics, the redesign of Dennis' parents intially implied and eventually. Also, Curly's name was revealed in one old strip to be Crispin, which means "Curly haired" in Latin. Walter's Master Art | Funny Episodes | Dennis the Menace and Gnasher Dennis spends the whole week trying to power his family's TV back up in spite of the challenge, only to be thwarted time and again. True to his canine nature, Gnasher will eat just about. In contrast, British Dennis represented a form of transgression that didn’t even exist in the United States. Smithsonian Institution, (Used by kind permission of DC Thomson & Co. Ltd), (Dennis the Menace © 2016 North America Syndicate, inc. reprinted by special permission of King Features Syndicate and Hank Ketcham Enterprises), (DENNIS THE MENACE © 2016 North America Syndicate, Inc. Posted online by special permission of King Features Syndicate and Hank Ketcham Enterprises), Smithsonian Magazine American Dennis radiated the irrepressible energy of a young republic. Subscribe to Smithsonian magazine now for just $12. Terms of Use In "Last Day of Summer" she stuffs her face with a bunch of cupcakes she made for the Colonel. Mischief was the common concept: Both Dennises were rowdy boys, running amok, turning the grown-up world on its head. When it comes to pies, Pie-face wins, he beat all the other big eater characters in a pie eating contest then went home for more pie for tea. Take a look at a 1933 poem called “My Parents Kept Me From Children Who Were Rough.” The poet, Stephen Spender, was upper-class and Oxford-educated, a friend of W.H. Roger's later changed back, while Dennis's was retconned as, A good example is one episode of the 90s series in which an eccentric millionaire challenges Beanotown to go a week without TV, with the promise of £1 million if they succeed. He also has dark spiky hair and an iconic black-and-red horizontal-striped jumper, and he is joined by his similarly drawn spiky-haired dog, Gnasher. Give a Gift. The red and black stripes of his jersey expressed the buzzing wave band of his criminality. One episode (maybe in one of the 1970s Annuals) revealed that Dennis's Dad was exactly the same as Dennis when he was younger. This has meant that a manipulative and calculating streak has been given to Dennis' main rival, Walter, in hope of balancing this out.

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