Believe it or not, Doctor Strange once called on the strength of Zom to battle the Hulk, that's how strong this monster is. Along with his unbelievable strength, Zom has something else that would give him the upper hand against Superman; he's a mystical being. check out the. Superman is DC Comics' strongest hero, but can he survive the greatest threats of the Marvel Universe? You're not defeated if you die over and over again. RELATED: 5 Reasons King Hyperion Could Beat Superman (& 5 Why He Never Could). Given the option, Derek would spend all of his time watching movies and reading comics. link above. as he was often written as EXPLICITLY weak to magic: like it actually made him soft. With Superman's known weakness to magic, it's hard to see him beating Zom in a one on one battle. Dr. Doom does not exist in the MCU, he is a Fantastic Four property so his movies are with them. I think strange would win because superman historically has a lot of trouble with spell casters and strange is pretty much THE spell caster. Way back when in 1987's Superman #11, Superman met a man named Ben DeRoy who looked a whole lot like the Beyonder did in Secret Wars II and caused quite a bit of havoc around Metropolis. I vote that they go Batman vs. Superman on each other, then they get distracted by something else and buddy five. Does not … Superman isn't so much as weak to magic as he has no special resistance to it. And in the case of a fight to the death you cant just say, "Well it would be out of character for him to go full out or to go for the kill" because that defeats the entire point. Standing 1,000 feet tall, Surtur is one of the oldest beings in existence and has shown himself to be more powerful than the God of Thunder himself. Doctor Strange is the Sorceror Supreme, which makes him one of the most powerful and skilled magic-users in the Marvel Universe. That means that if he wanted to, Impossible Man could make himself the strongest being in any universe. The Avengers is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe; its explosive, action-packed movies are not only fan favorites, but have helped unite Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Could the Beyonder and Mister Mxyzptlk be the same person? There are no limits and each character is at their most powerful state. Along with his mutant abilities, Apocalypse has merged his body with Celestial technology. This depends. How would Dr. “You know what your problem is, it's that you haven't seen enough movies - all of life's riddles are answered in the movies.” Davis. Strange's most powerful form is going to pulverize him. All Owen Reece wants is to be left alone, and because of his unbelievable powers, just about everyone has agreed to do just that. En Sabah Nur, better known as Apocalypse, claims to be the first mutant, and there's never been any reason to doubt him. In fact at one point Dr. Superman landed a hard kick into Strange's gut before blasted a wave of solar flare at Strange. Without prep, no, of course not, hence me saying that every version of supes save MAYBE Golden Age would annihilate him. Along with his unbelievable strength, Zom has something else that would give him the upper hand against Superman; he's a mystical being. Strange would need something to have him survive the speed blitz. A 'simple' Crimson Bands of Cyttrak and Superman is done. He has total control over the molecules that make up his body, meaning he can turn himself into anything he wants and can generate just about any superpower he wants whenever he feels like it. I though Superman was only ''faster then a bullet'', so like what 500 mph, not quite ''light speed''. If so, squishing happens. In fact, there's evidence to suggest that the two characters are one and the same! All of this is to say that Superman wouldn't have a good day if he ran into Apocalypse in a dark alley. Impossible Man has the ability to rearrange the molecules of his body at will into any form he chooses, which includes becoming far more muscular than he usually appears to be. Classic Strange's autoshields mean there's a chance of a different outcome, but most versions of Strange are turned to paste in the first nanosecond of the fight. A Fantastic Four villain who is usually seen as more of an annoyance than a real threat, the Impossible Man shares a lot in common with one of Superman's best-known foes, Mister Mxyzptlk. Dr Strange wins 10/10 times unless you mean Superman Prime as the most powerful state of Superman. If the OP doesn't state one way or the other, it remains a valid question and may result in two valid results of the fight. While the limits of this power has changed over time, there's no denying that the Metropolis Marvel is one of the strongest beings in any universe. Anyway, Doctor Strange can make a time loop so that he never loses. Doesn't Strange keep up wards at all times to prevent that exact thing from happening? The thing is, it's not Superman's speed that makes him a threat to Strange, it's his speed; even golden-age Superman can move at faster-than-light speeds without straining himself. He is going against Thought Robot Superman who is a whole nother level of ridiculousness TR Superman is basically a concept and he is one of the most powerful beings in all of DC. Morrigan has been able to mind control him several times and magic weapons often bypass his resistances. Without question, one of Superman's best-known powers is his super strength. But the crimes they hope to prevent in the future are imaginary. Sorry, meant to say he can't use the stone offensively even with prep before the bell. I thought Superman was slower then that? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the whowouldwin community. It's hard to imagine a scenario where Superman goes toe to toe with a giant who, among many nicknames, is known as the God of Oblivion. In his WWH apprearance he tries his hardest to take down Green Scar Hulk who's "just" a physical damage hero and he fails. Now if we want to make it a "Both comic characters have reason to fight each other and wont stop till someone wins. Who's the strongest version of Superman that MCU Doctor Strange can defeat with his magic? Combatants:Composite Superman Vs. Composite Doctor Strange Location: Milky Way Galaxy.

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