Startups, on the other hand, pay 5.5% to cover fundraising fees and payment processing, plus a fixed fee to cover legal costs. Being recently backed by Japanese investment Fund, Funderbeam’s next stop is Japan and Asia-Pacific. What’s more, investors pay no fees to invest in a Fundunna listing. Invest in an equity crowdfunding campaign and you’ll get a share of future dividends and enjoy capital appreciation too. Unless otherwise noted, the minimum investment amount is $1,000. Additionally, the platform offers two other financing methods: silent partnership and loans. Thrugh MyMicroInvest more than €31.5 million have been raised since its commercial launch and the platform has more than 35,000 members. Wefunder‘s co-founders were heavily involved in the debate over the JOBS Act and claim some credit for the crowdfunding-friendly measures that made it into the final legislation. At the time of writing FundedByMe had ten live investment opportunities ranging from food and beverage to furniture, travel and fashion with companies from all over Europe. The company covers all steps in the investment lifecycle, from initial screening to syndicate creation, management and exit. The majority of listed companies are individual technology startups, though there are some options from other sectors, as well as a handful of multi-company funds. And a few, dubbed “unicorns” in industry parlance, achieve stunning growth and end up dominating their markets. This provides investors with some liquidity, though PeerRealty doesn’t guarantee an active market for shares in any particular project or property portfolio. The Green Rocket website is German language only, but potential investors would be glad to know that the minimum investment is just EUR 250, while the platform does not charge fees to investors. Founded in 2012, it operates as a matching service between investors and companies. Though fees may appear high, Wiseed has nonetheless arranged funding for 498 projects to a total amount of EUR 82m. Have you ever used equity crowdfunding to raise money for your business idea or fund a new startup?window.googletag = window.googletag || {cmd: []}; The content on is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice. But it clearly explains investment requirements – a minimum investment of EUR 5,000 and no fees for investors, though companies listed on Bolero pay 4.5%. Healthcare and property investments appear to be the overriding theme, with several active funding rounds at the time of writing. Depending on the listed entity’s preference, investors either make binding commitments or nonbinding pledges. Most companies have at least $1 million in revenue, and all “have a tangible product or retail outlet that you can touch, taste, use, or visit.” CircleUp’s machine learning engine, Helio, evaluates more than 1 million companies on billions of individual data points to pick the most promising startups from the pack. For investors, it offers the opportunity to support exciting concepts. Startups pay a 6% commission on funds raised and a completion fee. Traditional crowdfunding campaigns offer tangible rewards, such as a facility tour or free merchandise, for those who contribute funds. Successful rounds include companies across the … The Dresden-based company was founded in 2009 and is a matchmaker between investors and startups, allowing the investors to get their equity shares starting from €250 for an individual portfolio. In this case, investors either make a nonbinding pledge (basically an indication of interest) or a binding, signed commitment to invest within a specified period of the funding round’s closing. Companies, on the other hand, are charged a variable fee likely to be in line with industry standards. Less frequently, early-stage crowdfunded companies may raise money through a combination of equity and debt, or debt only. And though there are numerous nontraditional startup financing options, not all are suitable in all situations. Registered users can request a full prospectus and audited financial disclosures as well. StartEngine says it is the biggest equity crowdfunding platform in the market.

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