For example, the SAFE Act and Regulation Z of the Truth in Lending Act broadly regulate loan originators and others involved in consumer credit transactions secured by a dwelling, such as mortgage loans; Section 19 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act regulates banks; and Section 205(d) of the Federal Credit Union Act regulates credit unions. A FINRA background check is a check done by the corporation to ensure the accuracy of an applicants U4 form. All levels of research include a detailed report outlining the checks performed and the corresponding findings, and any potentially negative public records discovered will contain a full verified description of the record and its current status. FINRA member institutions should become familiar with the new background screening rules and should also consider a privileged audit of their background screening procedures to ensure compliance with federal and state fair credit reporting and employment laws, including the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and state and local ban-the-box laws and ordinances. 4    The Regulatory Notice can be found at We pride ourselves on offering flexible and budget-friendly research options and, with that in mind, we have developed various FINRA background check packages to meet your information needs and help you comply the agency’s requirements. In furtherance of the firm’s investigation, the amendment also now requires the firm to make a reasonable effort to review an applicant’s most recent Form U5 if the applicant previously has been registered with FINRA or another self-regulatory organization. We will never provide you with a report that includes information which has not been independently confirmed to be associated with the applicant. Review policies and procedures regarding hiring and disclosures to ensure compliance with FINRA rules. Copyright 2020. The primary change expands a member firm’s obligation to investigate the background of applicants for registration by actually requiring the member firm to verify the completeness and accuracy of information that an applicant for registration provides on his or her Form U4.1  According to Richard Ketchum, FINRA Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, the new background check rules reflect “important initiatives to improve the accuracy and totality of details reported on a registered individual’s Form U4” and now impose a requirement that firms “use publicly available records to verify that information.”. Any records we may uncover during our research are directly verified at the source to ensure accuracy and completeness, so you will never be left wondering about the specific details of a public record filing. FINRA Background Check & Verification Services, Affordable Compliance Solutions for the Financial Services Industry, Ban on Credit Reports Shouldn’t Impact Employee Screening, New FINRA Background Check Requirements: What You Need to Know, Not Home for the Holidays – Making the Best of Spending the Holidays in Long Term Care. When terminating the employment and/or registration of a registered individual, FINRA member firms must complete FINRA Form U5, which provides information regarding the reason for an applicant’s termination of registration with a firm, potential claims regarding investment misconduct or other negative activities.3, What the Amendment to Rule 3110(e) Now Requires. Among the new guidelines, registered firms now have to include, at minimum, a national public record search to complete the verification of information provided on Form U4 … The Form U4 is filed with the Central Registration Depository (CRD). FINRA reviews the information disclosed on the Form U4 to determine whether an applicant is subject to a “statutory disqualification” or whether the applicant otherwise presents a regulatory risk for the member firm and its customers.2  Firms also use that same information to determine whether an applicant is a candidate for special supervision and to check the backgrounds of individuals they are considering sponsoring for registration. That said, these statutes may not necessarily apply to the entire workforce and, thus, financial services employers must ensure that their screening policies are narrowly tailored and not so overbroad that they risk violating state and local ban-the-box laws.6. My role requires me to be registered with FINRA, fill out a U4 form, and go through a FINRA background check. All Rights Reserved. Plan your career in the wide world of finance. Specifically: In addition, other regulated employers in the financial industry (e.g., banks, credit unions, investment advisers, investment companies, swap dealers, and insurers) should consider whether they are subject to any similar investigation and screening requirements and, if so, assess whether their practices currently comply with the applicable regulatory scheme. So far I have already passed my background check for the company and I have a start date already confirmed, but I am somewhat nervous regarding my FINRA background check. Hi Everyone, I'm starting work as a first year Research Analyst at a BB later this month. You can choose from any of the in-depth research options below or we can customize a detailed investigative plan to satisfy your specific information needs and resource budget. While the two requirements are separate, some of the information obtained while satisfying these two requirements may overlap.

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