Top 7 Funeral Homes in Marshall, Texas (2020), Best Funeral Homes in Moore, Oklahoma (2020), Note that these estimates do not include caskets or burial containers, dressing or casketing. When it comes to moving forward with funeral arrangements and planning, the process can come as overwhelming. Therefore, when planning a funeral for the Duncan area, it’s important to do some brief initial research. Whitt also offers pre-arrangements and pre-funded funeral options as part of the planning services. Yet these gatherings can be an important step in moving through life. Families and loved ones already wracked with emotion and grief often find themselves feeling overwhelmed when faced with having to plan services. The services offered by Bailes-Polk Funeral Home are wide-ranging, which means you can expect to receive the care and attention you need in these next steps. Or, visit our funeral home in person at your convenience. Compare funeral homes in Duncan, Stephens County, OK and read verified reviews on Funeral Guide, America's online funeral resource You can also find helpful information about talking to kids about grief and understanding the process of navigating a death. You’ve got something in mind, and when picking a funeral home, you want those wishes lived out. That’s why finding a funeral home service that aligns with you and your family’s desires and who you’re confident will support you is so important. Not only are you looking for the funeral service to take care of a good chunk of your to-do list, but you want those tasks to be done in a way that follows what you and your family envision a time of celebrating or recognizing the loved one. About Us - Whitt Funeral Home offers a variety of funeral services, from traditional funerals to competitively priced cremations, serving Duncan, OK and the surrounding communities. In addition to traditional services, the staff also shares helpful resources and guides to help you navigate these next steps with home and love. Often, the deceased will plan in … Read More, The responsibility of finding funeral homes in Durant isn’t usually occasions to look forward to. In addition to finding a place for permanent memorialization, the staff at Bailes-Polk Funeral Home also offer special veteran recognition and honor opportunities. Not only are you or a family member navigating some difficult waters, but you’re also expected to plan a large gathering of people in just a matter of days. Browse the most recent Duncan, Oklahoma obituaries and condolences. There are flower coordination and transportation and food to be served for all occasions. Family-owned and operated, the Bailes-Polk funeral home is committed to providing you and your family care during this season. Services offered: funeral services, veteran benefits, permanent memorialization, celebrating life opportunities, social security resources, grief counseling resources, pre-planning, and more. Below you’ll find a summary of the location, a brief price breakdown, and contact information if you’re interested in pursuing their services. Even if you have no clue of what to expect in the journey ahead, they’ll help you in making those needed decisions with confidence. Even if the pre-planning process wasn’t completed at Whitt Funeral Home, they’ll honor the requests and cater to the needs and desires of the individual and the family. Cyril Funeral Home - Whitt Funeral Home offers a variety of funeral services, from traditional funerals to competitively priced cremations, serving Duncan, OK and the surrounding communities. Funeral Home website by. There’s the funeral itself. We stand by a philosophy of putting you first, in order to to truly help and support all members of the community when faced with overwhelming circumstances. If you’re looking for funeral homes in … Read More, The city of Miami, Oklahoma, was founded in 1891 and started to take off due to the mining of zinc and lead nearby. Their services also come at an affordable price range to ease the financial burden. Whether you’re looking to understand more about funeral and cemetery etiquette or understanding social security benefits or picking out the right casket, they’ve got the resources you need. Funeral Homes in Duncan, OK Comanche Funeral Home. Finding funeral homes in Amarillo can carry a huge weight on you after the loss of a loved one. When navigating this difficult season, the staff at Whitt Funeral Services are there to support you. Even with pre-planning, there’s a lot to navigate in such a challenging season. And we’ll carefully guide you through the many decisions that must be made during this challenging time. If you’re planning for … Read More. The city also boasts many tourist attractions, … Read More, After losing a loved one, finding funeral homes in Laredo, Texas can carry a lot of weight on a person. Through additional veteran services, social security information, and grief support emails, they’ll help you move forward no matter where you’re at in the process. As you move forward in the grieving process, Whitt also offers helpful resources and guides as you navigate this difficult season. As each family is unique and significant, they pride themselves on offering services in a way that honors that individuality. Comanche, OK - 314 mi away Estimated Cost . The environment in which you host these occasions can also make all the … Read More, The town of Stillwater, Oklahoma is 10th largest city in Oklahoma by population. They’ll help you discover financial assistance options if you qualify for them as well. In addition to traditional funeral services, they also offer memorial services, burial practices, and cremation services depending on the preferences indicated. All Rights Reserved. If you’re planning a funeral service or gathering in celebration of life in Duncan, this quick list of options can be a great starting point. Discover which organization offers what you’re looking for at the price range you need. Services offered: funeral services, memorial services, cremation, embalming, grief support, veteran benefits, social security assistance resources, pre-planning opportunities, and more. With a committed team, Carter-Smart Funeral Home is there to support you as you move through this next stage. In addition to their Duncan location, the Whitt Funeral Services also operate funeral homes in Apache and Cyril, Oklahoma.

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