Prior to Nov. 3, O'Rourke was optimistic about Texas flipping blue, and urged President-elect Joe Biden's campaign to spend money on ads. The race narrowed as the ballots were counted, but Biden held on to a final lead of more than 10,000 votes. Trump suggests Virginians need 2nd amendment rights to 'guard your potatoes' President Trump is very worried about the safety of Virginia's potato crop. The graduation speech I wrote before all this still works fine, Obamagate was the worst crime ever committed and here is what it was, Submit a question for Petri’s May 26 live chat, Read a transcript of Petri’s May 19 live chat. North Dakota has the worst infection and death rates per person in the United States, and is experiencing a shortage of health care workers and hospital beds. — Dave Wasserman (@Redistrict) November 13, 2020. Virginia turns out one of the smallest potato crops of any state each year, and there are no known threats to those spuds that would require a firearm-carrying security detail. You'll have nobody guarding your potatoes," Trump finished. As we tussled, several potatoes fell out of his jacket. I am glad the potatoes are sleeping sound and warm below a blanket of two inches of soil. Ralph Northam (D) and a package of gun control laws he enacted in April. I settle at the edge of the field with my carbine on my knees and prepare for a long spring. She has kind eyes, like I imagine a potato would have, though she only has two, which is low for a potato. Democrats also have to be "far more effective on digital and social media," O'Rourke advised, explaining that in the border communities especially, Trump and the GOP had a "ferocious game — lies and powerful memes, effective targeting of new and young voters — and we had none. That must be where the potato raiders come from. It rained today. On Thursday, the officials released a joint statement saying the 2020 presidential election was "the most secure in American history" and they have "the utmost confidence in the security and integrity" of U.S. elections. A boot, not mine. Do I get lonely? I have my weapon, and I … I have my weapon, and I have my training. “The president knows about me. I walked the perimeter of the field. President Trump is very worried about the safety of Virginia's potato crop. But there are footprints at the edge of the field. Neither the story or my comments are limited to presidential elections. The race in Arizona was close, and after Fox News and The Associated Press — who have their own independent decision desks — called the state for Biden on election night, President Trump and his allies were furious, reportedly calling to demand a retraction. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. President-elect Joe Biden has won Arizona and its 11 electoral votes, NBC News projected Thursday night, followed quickly by CNN, ABC News, CBS News, The New York Times, and the other news organizations that rely on Edison Research. I let my eyes speak for me. Nurses in North Dakota are pushing back against a new policy stating that they can continue working after testing positive for the coronavirus, as long as they do not show any symptoms and only treat COVID-19 patients. Some say it's best to let the courts swat down the fraud allegations so people who voted for Trump will feel assured the system worked. They also ignored pandemic safety precautions, knocking on doors and holding in-person events, he said, and when they shared their economic message, it was "not an honest one or better in terms of policy, but simpler, more emotional, and more compelling. “Do you get lonely?” I told her I did not. I bet the raider comes back tonight. On Tuesday, Trump unveiled a $19 billion coronavirus agricultural aid package that's aimed at covering farmers' price losses of 5 percent or more.

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