This English language arts worksheet is … This one is themed around ninjas, which students seem to enjoy. First, I define what homophones are and give an example. Directions: Some words, such as wood and would sound alike, but look different and have different meanings. Students read each example and choose the word that best completes the sentence. They will choose between different words like “know” and “no” as they dive into word meanings. This page has lots of printable homophone worksheets you can use in … It is just one of the 77 available worksheets on this topic and an activity that students may enjoy. Homophones are the topic of this worksheet which turns a classic game, dominos, into an ESL teaching tool. This pdf worksheet familiarizes learners in grade 1 with homophones using illustrations. Homophones Worksheet 1 – Here are 25 practice problems on homophones. Homophone Worksheets Homophones are words that sound exactly the same, but have completely different meanings. Homophone Mix Up Story Here is a very clever reading passage to practice identifying incorrect use of homophones. Students are instructed to circle all homophones used incorrectly and replace them with the correct spelling alternative. Then they practice using tricky homophones in their own sentences. Matching Homophones Have your 1st grade and 2nd grade children recognize basic homophones and match them, to smooth the way for grasping the context of sentences subsequently, that … Through context clue activities, engaging stories, and pictorial support, these worksheets will enable kids to look and sound like homophone and homograph experts. Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings. Our homophones and homographs worksheets take all of the guesswork out of making distinctions among these words. This reading and writing worksheet explains that homophones are words that sound similar but have different meanings and asks students to circle the correct homophones in each sentence of the story. This worksheet requires students to identify homophones and then use them correctly in context.

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