String angle is set by bridge height and saddle length only since the tailpiece is fully free to move. You can experiment with other gauges but this might entail a setup of your guitar to accommodate the change in tension. Do gut strings generally take longer to break-in? Southwest Strings' catalog lists 2 G-strings, 2 D-strings, 3 A-strings, and 3 E-strings. The A is a thinner string than the G and D strings, and therefore needs the extra support from the ball.
Ludwig, September 19, 2000 in The Fingerboard.

Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. That's why tailpieces had slots long before there was such a thing as ball end strings. You can post now and register later. The E string (or A string, in the case of the viola), however, will either have a loop or a ball end. How do I do it?

For more information, you can visit the Pirastro website: JConner, September 5, 2006 in The Pegbox. and the nickel wound ones have a little loop at the end made of string or something?

They take a while to break in; the first few days you are constantly tuning. Such looping creates a lot of sharp bends in the string at the tailpiece that would make the string subject to breaking, I would think. Of course, they broke fairly often, and this became a bit tiresome -- and costly -- after a while. Later on in the 80s however there was a cover version of the song . Besides, your banjo looks and feels better. This will ruin accuracy. I really believe that nothing else compares to them. "And why are the G and D loop end, but the A is ball end?". Using a bow square, locate your “tie in” location by cutting the Berger hole in half and marking 1/8 of an inch high of the perpendicular location provided by the bow square. If you have a modern tailpiece with a fitted fret intended for ball-end strings, then the strings will all exit at the same clean point by ignoring the loop and relying on the knot alone.
PLEASE tell me they take a while to break in...... or am I simply not ready for gut? Immediately press the burnt end of the cord against the lighters metal housing; just enough to form a mushroom without flattening the end of the cord making it brittle. How to make a song like "but all the notes are C" on Android? For good quality strings one minute to put them out of the way is a sensible investment of time to avoid breaking the windings. Step 2: Insert new string through the tailpiece. My suggestion to you is to weigh your options, and decide what level of importance you put on all of the factors involved. Lastly, they can extend the life of your bowstring and serving since your release aid will never attach directly to either one. Another poster ( I wish I could remember his name; let's call him "Loop Advocate") thought the proper way to attach the string to the tailpiece was by putting the looped end down under the tailpiece, as I would do, but then feeding the other end of the string through the loop to form a larger loop around the front edge of the tailpiece. Step 5: Make a 90 degree bend in the string where your left hand has marked the spot. Use your right hand to reach over and grasp the string at the fifth fret. So, if JConner follows our advice, he'll stick the looped end into the tailpiece slot so that the knot acts as a stopper on the under side of the tailpiece in keeping the string attached to the tailpiece. Most electric guitars come with extra-light or '9's'. They must be classical guitar strings made to pass through the bridge then through the loop. Please see the Cookie Policy for more information. This will help stretch the string as well as keep it seated in the nut. There are basically two basic types - one for ball end strings, the other for loop ends. Clear editor. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Run the string between your thumb and index finger, removing any twist in the string, and attach the ball/loop end to the tailpiece or fine-tuner. Paste as plain text instead, × With clockmakers pliers or tweezers string replacement only takes one minute and gives the opportunity for some peg maintenance. Now I gather that most players attach their gut strings as Shar Help suggested, but I use synthetic strings now so I don't have much other information to offer on this front. 1. Paste as plain text instead, × He won't loop the string around the front edge of the tailpiece.

Step 2: Insert new string through the tailpiece. But if he decides to loop the string around the front edge of the tailpiece by bringing the peg end through the loop on the tailpiece end, he'll be doing what has been done on a lot of very fine violins. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. Some brands have "removable ball" strings.

Clear editor.

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