What would you accomplish if you looked at those failures in a different light? It’s hard to be disciplined when I feel guilty for having the opportunity to work from home. Posted Oct 09, 2014 • Posted by 1 month ago.

How to Stop Kicking Yourself for Failing. What you described is exactly what I was writing about. Love yourself, even if you have some less-than-ideal habits. It’s Time to Take a Walk.

The key to getting around this mental block— the equation “paperwork equals coercion”— is to remind myself that the truth is, no, I don’t actually HAVE to do paperwork.

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( Log Out /  To help make this idea tangible, look into contest applications, gallery show entries, grant opportunities, or job postings that you will be eligible for by using this time productively. -It’s good to celebrate and feel thankful for the opportunity to work from home. Yes, it’s a cliché, but it’s also true: Everyone messes up from time to time. can’t follow those kinds of diets forever, Need Some Stress Management? Cheers! Avoid using the words “should” and “shouldn’t,” as in “I should have known better,” “I should have gone to the gym this morning,” “I shouldn’t have eaten that marshmallow (cupcake, handful of chips, extra taco…).” Saying “should” or “shouldn’t” implies you did something wrong or, at the least, that you could have done better.

This cat likes kicks to the head. Also, try to find ways to get a sense of completion faster, such as publishing an excerpt of your book as an article, exhibiting the first painting in something that will become a series, or giving a presentation on your findings so far. Helped me to kick myself to come out of comfort zone and start doing what I really love….

Worst of all?

Can the Right Mix of Diet and Exercise Improve Brain Function? This can lead you to distract yourself by doing time-consuming things that may save you a bit here and there, like selling things on Craigslist or going to three stores to find the cheapest price on a computer accessory, but ultimately steal time from your highest goal. My opinions matter just as much as anyone else’s.

The Challenge: If you’ve reduced your hours, decided not to pursue a job, or turned down contract work so that you can move your passion project forward, you may struggle with guilt that time spent on this work doesn’t immediately benefit you financially.

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That one really struck a chord with me.

Saving Your Brain: Self-Help or Professional Help? Push yourself to do better, but don’t kick yourself when you can’t.

Push yourself to do better, but don’t kick yourself when you can’t. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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