In other words, sometimes Hulk is stronger (WBH) and sometimes he's weaker ( average Savage Hulk). With that said that was Hickmans Hyperion at the height of his power, every other illustration of him has been fairly weaksauce, bringing the overall power level of Hyperion way lower than even pre-core breach Hulk. A "young" Thor created a massive blast that overxes himself and when the Hulk tried to catch him, the residual energy put in K.O. hot diggity dog, strange is finally getting some desperately needed hickman-love. I do not think this is a stomp. @ghostravage: nope, Thor is faster in combat. As the most powerful hero on the Squadron Supreme, Hyperion has long been lauded as one of the most powerful powerhouses of the Marvel universe. @mjolnirson: Last time Hyperion fought the Avengers Hulk took him down in Superior spidey. Dusk_Pikachu 4 mo 25 d . Hyporion could take this, he has went blow for blow with Hulk. It was pretty clear that hyperion was shown as the overall superior in that fight. Seriously I dare to say the Hyperion Hulk fought(13034) is the strongest version. hulk is stronger, or would become stronger as the fight progressed. Banner was looking around the area confused when he turned back. Stinking Grey Hulk was going blow-for-blow with an amped Thing (Spiky Thing) and Abomination at one point. A stronger Hyperion got his neck snapped by Gladiator who nearly lost to Savage Hulk. Yeah in that fight it wasn't clear if Glads was fully confident or not and he might have been holding back at that time and Hulk did that to Glads only once (But against Hyperion Glads was pissed because he tore his Mohawk). Post Warp Core =/= WWH. Related: Superman Vs Captain Marvel: Who Would Win? Fight takes place on an unpopulated earth. Posting this to prove a point, if you don't get it let me know and I'll spell it out for you. Hyperion is still new and it's hard to tell to be honest. And of course the two strongest fight. yea Hyperion has a pretty crazy strength feat. Voting has ended . Carol's power to absorb energy would render many of Hyperion's powers useless. @Mjolnirson: ghostravage said" based on what". ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Physically strongest is hulk but overall most powerful is most likely thor. Now that I think about it, Pre Core Breach Savage Hulk use to have a lot of trouble with characters like the Thing, Namor and Abomination physically and has suffered defeat by their hands multiple times. Bloodlusted I'm going with Hulk who can go World Breaker. I don't see how this is a "stomp" in hulk's favor. Just gonna leave this here, it's Hyperion taking out the Hulk in one punch. Hulk is weaker here and Hyperion is the one that's blood-lusted this time. Hulk had trouble with Abomination once post-warp core. They are all within the maninstream universes' continuity(universe-616). How significant is the difference between a non-bloodlusted and a bloodlusted Hyperion? Personally I would go with Hyperion, he seems like SunGod, but could imagine Hulk as one of the main horses from Marvel to be stronger in the future. Pretty sure he would've known what was happening if he was in control of the Hulk. Superman Vs Captain Marvel: Who Would Win? A "young" Thor created a massive blast that overxes himself and when the Hulk tried to catch him, the residual energy put in K.O. DC, Marvel, Indie & their expanding universes. Voting has ended . Although it's a lot closer of a match-up. As the ruler of Marvel's Atlantis, Namor has long been one of the most powerful characters since his inception in the early 20th century. he would quickly be able to close the gap and overpower his opponent with his incredible strength. And Hulk hasn't fought Bi-Beast in over 40 years. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. Hyperion. 3 years ago Im saying what Hyperion did to Hulk is up for debate and I'd say that argument shouldn't be used. BTW, the strongest Avengers now is Smasher :-P. Hulk is the strongest but Thor is the most powerful. But didn't Hyperion take on juggernaut and won, Where did you get that idea from ? Her skills have carried over into her superhero career, and now she is one of the most skilled fighters on the Avengers. Hyperion (Earth-13034) is at full power.Hyperion is bloodlusted.Win by KO, incap or death.No BFR.Fight tak Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. The Avengers’ Hyperion (now in Squadron Supreme) Killed Namor, held two realities apart for a lengthy period of time, and then survived the blast of their mutual destruction.

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