The trick to securing greater T&E compliance, Rooting out folks who don’t belong on your health plan: A 6-point dependent audit checklist, 3 costly misconceptions about biz email compromise, Collecting via email: 4 must-make moves in your subject line, 5 Tough-to-spot signs that an invoice is fake, 120 Proven Communications Tips for Today’s CFO, Handling Nonexempt Employee Pay: Stay Compliant and Avoid DOL Audits, T&E Best Practices: Complete Guide to Ensure Compliance, Payroll Best Practices: 4 Ways to Save Time and Money, Innovative Communications Strategies: An Email Case Study, A 5-part Framework for Successful Workplace Communications, organized, can manage multiple priorities  (57%). A recent survey by Adaptive Insights showed that 70% of chief financial officers considered collaboration to be their top priority for 2016. Consider your strengths in relation to the job you want to apply for so you can be confident about the criteria you already fulfil and areas that you can develop on the job. Make a conscious effort to improve your soft skills every day – remember, they're attributes to develop, not innate qualities. Those who excel at problem solving can really drive an organisation forward and will earn the respect of their colleagues by offering meaningful input in even the toughest situations. Whether you're closing a deal or managing expectations, it's important to know how to fight your corner... 3. 8. What would they do if a purchaser came in with a last-minute critical check request smack dab in the middle of month-end? In fact, the majority of employers (77%) now believe soft skills are just as important as the hard ones. Something as simple as a cooking class might prepare you to prioritise tasks and work under pressure. Take heart: Just because a staffer doesn’t possess one or more of these traits doesn’t mean they can’t develop them. Ask current or past colleagues to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Rather than becoming overwhelmed by a single task, dedicated workers will devote themselves from start to finish. When searching for a role in finance, it's often not what you know, but what you can offer. Any task that takes more than a few minutes is essentially a project – … Not only ask them for instances of how they’ve handled situations in the past, but consider giving them scenarios that could play out and ask how they’d approach them. They comprise desirable personality traits and individual qualities that help people interact and relate to others in the workplace. Having a demonstrable knack for negotiation will put you ahead in any financial enterprise. You can see how each of these characteristics would strengthen your finance team. Soft skills are essentially personal characteristics and interpersonal or people skills. With CFO Daily News arriving in your inbox, you will never miss critical stories on accounting, benefits, payroll & employment law strategies. They may be able to offer insights you hadn't previously considered. That’s great for a more low-key staffer who wants to work on these soft skills on his or her own. Professionalism. Yes, you need a finance staffer who knows the way around Excel. Good communicators are in demand across a range of industries, and they're vital in fields that require employees to explain their specialist knowledge to others. But some of those “softer” skills are important, too. Find your perfect new job by searching thousands of roles or let us do the hard work for you. Project Management Ability. Of course not all soft skills … Of course no one you interview for a finance position will say that he or she is unreliable, with a negative attitude and lousy work ethic. How would they handle a salesperson who continuously flouts your T&E policies and procedures?

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