Add diced onion, carrots and chilli pepper; cook and stir until vegetables are starting to soften, about 5 minutes. I add fresh ginger as well. With an immens, Need an alternative to cauliflower cheese? Notes: Economical, filling, nourishing – the world’s greatest source of plant based protein, all wrapped up in a coconut curry sauce. Thank you for this delicious recipe, me, my children 1+3 and partner love it! Method. I like brown lentils, but any type of lentils will do. Thank you! Hi Nagi, is nutrition per 5 or 6 portions? I’m so glad to hear that Thanks a lot for you comment. Add garlic, carrots, celery, and cabbage. Absolutely my favourite meal I triple the recipe when I make it and always have meals in the freezer., Hi Jude! It’s vegan, so it contains no animal products. Too thin, simmer with lid off - thickens quickly. Add more water if necessary to prevent the lentils from drying out. I knew it was a pretty high benchmark. I promise I won’t clutter your inbox - but I do promise to send you amazing recipes, videos, nutrition tips, special offers and giveaways! Heat the oil in a skillet (photo 2) and cook the garlic, onion, and ginger with the cayenne flakes over medium-high heat until golden brown (photo 3)… Hi Court! It’s lovely drizzled with a bit of coconut cream over the top just before serving. So easy and so few ingredients, but oh so aromatic and delicious. The composition of garam masala differs regionally. Too thick, add water. Hi Ada! Lentils are full of fibre, vitamins and minerals and a good source of protein. . Heat the oil in a large pan. Your email address will not be published. You can also subscribe without commenting. xx” – Emily, 10 April 2020. Add the onions and cook over a high heat for about 8 minutes or until they are golden brown. “I’ll be honest and say I thought this would be lacking in flavour because I’m used to trying curries from scratch rather than with curry powder……How wrong was I?? So glad you guys enjoyed it Thank YOU for your comment! Stir occasionally. Cook basmati rice according to package directions. I used canned diced tomatoes instead of the tomato sauce and Beluga black lentils. Amazing recipe, please try this people. AMAZING!!!! I used canned lentils, added peas and used fresh ginger instead of ground, just because those were what I had on hand. Stir onion mixture, crushed tomatoes, salt, carrot, cauliflower, beans and eggplant into the pot of lentils. We take our time sautéing the onions, ginger and garlic so they transform from raw harshness to a sweet, savoury flavour base. My Husband really enjoyed it too. And it had to stack up to real Indian Dal. And if you really want to go all out, add a side of flatbread – it’s an easy, no yeast recipe and I serve it as naan all the time with Indian curries.

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