Clan Carruthers: Do Clans, Chiefs and Coats of Arms still matter today? Normally the term Clan is closely associated and identified with a Clan or a family specific tartan, which in itself is a relatively new thing in Scotland. I’m sure she’ll be in touch. James V wore tartan whilst hunting in the Highlands in 1538, and Charles II wore a ribbon of tartan on his coat at his marriage in 1662. Would you be happy to be involved. Historic Seat: Mangerton District: Middlebie, Annandale Tartan Display. Signum Pacis Amor (Love is the token of peace). Clan Chief: Armigerous Tartan: Maxwell, Clan: Little The term Clan has historically not only been used to describe one geographical section of people’s, but as can be shown through historical legal documents, covered any family group in Scotland, wherther highland, lowland or border. He requested all those attending royal functions while in Scotland,to wear their respective family tartans. Crest: A maunch Or, upon the point of a sword Crest: A stag trippant Proper, attired and unguled Or The STR combined and correlated all known tartans registered elsewhere with the lists of the Lyon Court and placed them under one roof. District: Liddesdale These days, all tartans are registered under the auspices of the Scottish Register of Tartans, in Edinburgh commonly abbreviated to STR. Luxury Fine Wool Tartan Scarf . Chief: Armigerous Authentic Little clan crest & plaid products & Little tartans with expert service from CLAN, Scotland's original online heritage store ... Little of Morton . Jan Crook records have this designed by A. Paterson Little. The oldest known example of a ‘tartan’ cloth is that of the Falkirk Tartan. Tartan: Little, Clan: Moffat They are registered to his name and only he can bear the.The Arms are reproduced here with his kind permission. But Morton is a family (sept) of Clan Douglas, so I think it's the Douglas clan tartans that you should search for. Scottish arms belong to an individual not a family. They see term clan simply describing those in the north and west of the country. The ancient people of Scotland also regarded the Fox as a noble messenger. With an ‘Introduction and Notes’, by John Sobieski Stuart it was first published in 1842 by William Tait of Edinburgh in a limited edition. It is called the Falkirk tartan because it was found near Falkirk, Stirlingshire in the central belt of Scotland. District: Langholm Chief: Armigerous Arms: Sable, a saltire and Chief Argent Crest: a batwing proper Historic Seat: Spedlings Tower, Jardine Hall West March – Scott, Beattie(son), Little, Thomson, Glendenning, Irvine, Bell, Carruthers, Graham, Johnston/e, Jardine, Moffat and Latimer. Clan Chief: Armigerous Clan Chief: Armigerous This site is protected by, Copyright © 2020 Clan Carruthers Society International, Mouswald to Holmains: The Charter of 1361, that began the Holmains line, Recognised Societies of the 17 Border Reiver Clans and Families (1587). It is an on-line website database facility maintained by the National Records of Scotland, an executive agency of the Scottish Government. District: Teviotdale Arms: Azure, a cross between four fleur d-lis, Or Motto: Invictus Maneo (I remain unvanquished) Tartan:  Elliot, Clan: Glendinning Arms: (of Meikledale) Sable a saltire Argent Sample in STA's Johnston Collection. Not surprisingly, Clan/family tartan has become the identifiable norm for all Scots and their descendants. Registered with TECA 12 June1992. Arms: Or, on a bend Azure, a six pointed star between two crescents of the First Motto: Fortiter et Recte (Boldly and rightly) Historic Seat: Moffat Crest: A seraphim volent Proper. We're delighted to offer a range of Little products and tartans. The latter only really appearing in the 1800’s. Converted prices are advisory, at today's rates.

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