Include, Ltd. is a hardware company founded and based in Croatia, which builds smart benches. This 18-slide pitch deck landed the company $16.5 million. Include information on any industry experts you are consulting with, as well as strategic relationships with contractors or suppliers that might lower your overheads or help you break into new markets. Maps, diagrams and statistics all work well and grab your audience's attention. This gives investors the opportunity to judge your business based on the strength of the available data and will include additional slides such as financials and traction. Writing blogs, website content and (especially) Facebook ads for diverse small businesses, entrepreneurs and international parties is part of the common work under Ang's belt. ©2020 Xtensio, Inc. A successful pitch deck covers all the key elements of your business idea on 8 to 10 slides. 100+ investor approved slides (.pptx / .key / .slides), Everything you need to getting an investment. If you have a prototype, now is the time to show it off. | This is where you explain who your customers are and how well you know them. By now, your investors should have understood the point of the problem. Furthermore, Mixpanel’s post-money valuation ranges from $500M to $1B, according to PrivCo.Â, And what’s the company’s promise? According to their website, Evervault's mission "is to make data privacy simple and accessible for all", by allowing developers to integrate data privacy in their apps. Since the beginning of 2015, Julian has created over 400+ articles about a wide range of topics e.g., math, biology, chemistry, history, engineering, and many more.His passion for entrepreneurship, presentations, and speeches led him to basetemplates where he can share his experience in building a startup with future entrepreneurs. It got the trick done! Say hello to easy to make, professional looking pitch deck templates with Venngage, the online pitch deck & presentation software that you can use anywhere. The best examples of these slides are not data-heavy.They use simple statistics like revenue or market-share to highlight how profitable the business could be. Doing so will help any online visitors get a quick and informed glance at your company on their own.Â, If you’re interested in a 12 min video explanation on elevator pitches, take a look at our CEO’s video version of how to write an elevator pitch with examples (Airbnb, WeWork, Slack. The best examples of title slides are engaging and straightforward. This pitch deck example does well explaining critical information like the problem, the solution, their business model, and traction. It’s good to have in-depth knowledge about what you’re selling and who you're selling it to. With useful tips and content spread over 16 slides, you can make the best of an experienced investor’s content with Slidebean’s re-design for a compelling pitch deck template as a whole.Â, Just like our CEO explains over a video, this template helps you define How to Write a Killer Startup Pitch Deck. You will need a strong team of people who are in this together and ready to put their efforts in common goals towards the company’s future. Put much research into your numbers. Something went wrong while submitting the form. If you can descripe your company in one short value proposition you can be sure investors stay interesed in your pitch. Keep bios short and to the point (you can always provide an accompanying document with more extended introductions) and highlight any critical skills that are essential to the business. And this reading is quite the companion if you plan on using the LinkedIn pitch deck template we now present to you.Â. Bonus: You can use Xtensio’s Business Model Canvas to define goals and collaborate easily with other co-founders. Pitch Deck Examples. Follow these three steps and your summary slide will convince your investors of how great your business venture is.First, you explain what your business does in less than 30 words. One of the most popular trends in the past five years has been Snapchat, an app which originally allowed you to send 10 second pictures or videos to your friends. Well, they raised a good set of millions with their pitch deck, but we’ve now done our design job to revamp it. | Startup Forensics: the downfall of Adam Neumann, video version by Caya on the pitch deck Uber used to raise funding, how to get seed funding: getting your startup off the ground, how to raise money for a business: startup funding, find investors, and prepare for investor meetings, tips and examples as to how to create an elevator pitch, CEO’s video version of how to write an elevator pitch with examples (Airbnb, WeWork, Slack. Get people interested in your vision for the future with our stunning business pitch deck templates. The First Pitch Deck FourSquare presented to investors back in July, 2009. We offer hundreds of fully customizable, pre-made business pitch deck templates & investor presentation templates to make putting together a pitch deck design very easy. Are you looking for inspiration to create a pitch deck? If you have a product that you want to promote widely, you need branding. Remember, your pitch deck and pitch presentation are probably some of the first things that an investor will see to learn more about your company. Or are you solving an old issue in a completely new, innovative way? In the meantime, WeWork’s pitch deck is still as successful as anyone’s for that matter. We not only want to showcase the great work they are doing to a larger audience but also connect these startups with any interested companies. Talk about cranking the elevator pitch deck example up a notch, right?Â, You’d probably also think a 3-minute pitch deck template would be as short as a handful of slides. Want to explain ideas to potential clients? We’ve, of course, found it inevitable to add a bit of our touch to it to make it better on the visual side.Â, That’s it! You need to convince the right people to get behind your idea. It’s never been easy to fundraise, but what it takes to raise has definitely changed. Not a designer? There's a lot to consider when starting a business, but the relationship with your co-founders is probably one of the most critical parts. Maybe go about it differently, getting feedback, with non-stop practice, and by continually adding to your pitch deck.Â, This 3-minute pitch is even a great exercise to help your concision and defining the absolute essentials to your business’ presentations. ©2019-2020 SXSW, LLC. Lunchclub focuses on making professional connections for 1:1 lunch or coffee meetings. And you can use it here for free now.Â, All the cardio lovers will enjoy knowing there’s a bike ride tied to a web system that connects users with trainers from the comfort of their home. Do you want to know what slides your potential investor expects you to include in your pitch deck? Otherwise, just download or open up this startup template. SXSW®, SXSW EDU®, and South by Southwest® are trademarks owned by SXSW, LLC. If you already have backers invested, or have backers from previous successful funding rounds, then include this information as well. Say goodbye to boring PowerPoint slides. The idea is for you to be able to follow YCombinator’s proposed pitch deck structure with a much fresher look. Let us know how it goes! And we’ve secured it for you here to help you raise money.Â. size or color) and any patents you own or have pending on the design. Therefore, the title slides must be eye-catching and memorable.Keep the design simple and make sure it includes your logo. And it seems their targeted customers range from marketers to developers while also servicing the ordinary explorer who seeks places to eat, watch a show or do something. We’re sure you’ll find something to take away from it.Â, As we defined in our tips and examples as to how to create an elevator pitch, “Your elevator pitch is the story of you, in under sixty seconds. How do you plan to solve the problem you’ve outlined? Comparing your company or service with others will help your team to make a better strategy, deliver a more efficient plan business growth and have a clearer vision of the upcoming events in your organization. A blog dedicated to studying successful pitch decks. How did they gain their attention (and money)? And we’re still reaping on its effects day in and day out.Â, Take a look at this template, at the very least, though we’d probably guess you’ll feel inclined to base your startup pitch deck on it, as well. Quick tip: Use the Brand Positioning Canvas to help you define your unique value proposition. The business model deck slide describes how you will create revenue.This slide doesn't need to include detailed data and financial forecasts.It shows that you have used revenue, earnings, and profit projections to help shape your business model. Looking to seal the deal with new partners? It’s especially attractive amongst new entrepreneurs who’re looking to build a startup. Uber shared this deck less than a decade after founding the company. Every content marketing plan must be well structured and with the correct amount of information towards conversions. It’s absolutely critical to make a great impression. A milestone slide celebrates your most important achievements. Read it from our CEO to learn more. Use this slide to describe your product in more detail but don't repeat information from the solution slide. The truth here is we couldn’t publish YCombinator’s pitch deck as they presented it. During a seeding round, it provides investors with insight into the idea that is driving your venture forward. But take a look at it to see how the effort truly lies in covering your somewhat extensive amount of slides in the most effective use of 3 minutes.Â.

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