Our parents had to cook the ever living heck out of pork and we ate shoe leather as children. In fact, bone-in chops have a lot more flavor to add to the dish. Slow Cooker Brown Sugar and Soy Pork Chops Slow Cooker Brown Sugar and Soy Pork Chops is a delicious meal for the family. The sauce was yummy but was not near enough to cover the chops like it does in the video. In a bowl, whisk together the garlic, salt, pepper, ginger, ketchup, brown sugar, beer, and soy sauce. Super Delicious! Slow Cooker Brown Sugar and Soy Pork Chops is an easy to make dinner that marries together both soy sauce and brown sugar for a sweet and savory dish! Does this sound like the pork chops that you ate growing up? Craft beer, artisanal snacks, monthly clubs, grilling, sous vide, and more. Just make sure not to cook them to shoe leather! We respect your privacy. My name is Rick and FoodForNet.com is just a website about food and drink that I like. I made these too. Oven baked pork chops are fast and easy, you simply pop them in and let them cook while you prep the rest of the dinner. Actual nutritional info will vary with brands used, your measuring methods, portion sizes and more. Delicious!! Now you can make all sorts of fancy sauces and cook pork chops QUICKLY! If you do plan to do this, make sure that you remove the pork chops and any vegetables you have in the sauce first. Lucky guy! Thank you for this fantastic recipe. You will love the way this dish fills your home with the sweet smell of brown sugar. You could also omit the soy sauce altogether and have just a sweet brown sugar or brown sugar and honey glaze for your chops. Either type of pork will work with this pork chop recipe, you can use the bone in or boneless, it’s all about your preference. For example, if you only need to serve two people, simply but the recipe in half. I personally doubled the ingredients for 6 small chops and it came out perfect ? I carefully poured the sauce onto the pork chops so that I could save any extra sauce (without it touching the raw meat) to just eat while the chops cooked. Butternut squash, apples, cabbage, pumpkin, brussels sprouts, cranberries and more are available in abundance – yay! For this recipe, I chose an imported German dunkel as my dark German lager. Serve over mashed potatoes or rice to complete the meal. They can be soft or crisp. 4 Boneless Pork Chops1 tablespoon garlic (minced)1 teaspoon Salt1/2 teaspoon Black Pepper1 teaspoon Ginger (ground)1/4 cup Ketchup1/4 cup Light Brown Sugar1/2 cup Soy Sauce (use low sodium soy sauce to cut salt content)1/4 cup dark german lager (can use up to 1/2 cup…, Slow Cooker Brown Sugar, Dunkel, & Soy Pork Chops. All things being equal, you MUST be married. Another recipe I used this Dunkel for was my slow cooker lasagna recipe (to sauté the beef). Stir together the soy sauce, Worcestershire, garlic, ketchup and brown sugar . That’s why you can bake those at 400 degrees, you will get a seriously crispy, amazing pork chop! https://www.yummly.com/recipes/pork-tenderloin-brown-sugar-soy-sauce Added 1.5 tablespoon gochujang. Tender. I’m a busy mom of two, wife & cookbook author who loves creating fast, fresh meals for my little family on the Canadian prairies. And can I bake them in a 9 by 13 glass pan? Pork should be tender and white inside when cooked, your meat was definitely off and I wouldn’t be eating grey meat! In the middle of winter and want something fresh? No, it’s still an open pan and they’ll cook fine in either one. Saucy Brown Sugar Baked Pork Chops are a fast, easy and delicious way to bake pork chops! You could also use dunkelweizen, bock, or doppelbock depending on the flavors you want to impart on the chops. The good thing about this recipe is that you can adjust it to meet the portion size of your family. ? Btw I doubled the recipe as many suggested. When you click links to Amazon.com and other websites, we earn a commission. You do have to make sure that you remove the bone before you serve the cop, but this will be no problem because the meat will peel right off the bone. While it’s far easier to gauge the temperature when cooking them on the stove ( it’s easier to insert the thermometer when you are cooking on the stove rather than opening the oven time and time again) oven baked means that you don’t have to babysit them as much. Love these! I also make my own beer, wine, cider, kombucha, and sake… and am a whiskey enthusiast! Mix ingredients for marinade and put into a bag with pork for 4 hours in fridge. Oatmeal cookies are easy to make and very versatile based on your taste buds. Privacy Policy. Copyright © The Kitchen Magpie®. BTW I made rice with the liquid from the pan. The beer should be dark and malty, with little hop aroma or flavor. This was so delish!!!! Thank you soooooo much!! https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/simple-marinated-grilled-pork-chops Just A Pinch will NOT work unless you turn javascript ON in your browser. But, in no way am I going without the […]. All calories and info are based on a third party calculator and are only an estimate. You could also toss in some onions, which will reduce and become translucent. )The time has come my friends, to enjoy pork chops like they have always been meant to enjoy. Pour the sauce over the pork chops. Below you can see the sauce mixture reducing by simmering it in a pan before adding to the pork chops. I've never met a cocktail that I didn't like. Toasted Southern Pe-Can Brown Sugar Butter, East, West & South Applewood Smoked Pork Chops, *Pork Tenderloin in a Soy Brown Sugar Marinade*, photo of *pork Tenderloin In A Soy Brown Sugar Marinade*, Just A Pinch Recipes - # 1 Site for Real Recipes from Real Home Cooks, Show 10 Comments & Reviews. Sorry but these chops were tasteless. Pour this sauce mixture over top of the pork chops. This sauce is perfect to marinade pork in! If the meat is grey you have a bigger problem than the sauce recipe! I adore a good one inch thick pork chop and if I can, I will choose those. I would rather burn down my house than clean it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Mix ingredients for marinade and put into a bag with pork for 4 hours in fridge. Most of all, I love helping YOU get dinner ready because there's nothing more important than connecting with our loved ones around the dinner table! I’m also definitely going to try what others have suggested and make this with chicken. Cook on Low setting for 6 hours, until internal temperature of pork has reached 145 degrees F (63 … They were freshly bought chops. I will definitely make this again AND use the sauce for chicken. Always make extra because it’s awesome on rice and noodles!! My only question is after the pork cooks, due to the liquid in the pork, the BBQ Sauce was very thin. They are tender, moist, succulent and perfectly delicious tender morsels of pork and that brown sugar sauce? The sauce is excellent on rice! Bake at 375 degrees for 30-45 minutes or until no longer pink in center and it reaches 145 degrees with a meat thermometer. You can now cook pork to 145 °F. Enter your email below to get our recipes sent to your inbox when a new one is published! Adjust this mixture to taste, some people like more ketchup along with the brown sugar. Even these oven baked pork chops that have a sauce are cooked lower. If you do plan to do this, add in 1/4 cup to the mixture. Juicy. Mine didn’t exactly come out the color of yours. I meant to add molasses to the sauce but forgot. Adjust this mixture to … We’re going to have this with roasted red potatoes tonight, but I know this would also taste amazing with rice! Required fields are marked *. The mix of soy sauce and brown sugar really elevates this dish and takes it to the next level. I baked my inch thick pork chops in a glass baking dish lined with foil for 35 min at 350F, and they seemed raw still.

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