With the objective of helping you prioritize all those deadlines let's look at the most important ones. Some elite private schools admit fewer than 10 percent of their applicants from a highly qualified candidate pool. Neighbors? To give your child the best chance of success, it's important to be intentional and thoughtful about your child’s application. (212) 920-6865 | inquiry@privateschoolconsultants.comdisclaimer | consultancy advertising. Our web servers operate on Universal Time which may differ from your time zone, however our system takes that into consideration. APPLICATIONS. If your family plans to request financial aid or apply for scholarships, this will probably come in the form of a separate application and be filled out primarily by the parent. If your child has a disability, speak to the admissions department about how it is appropriate to handle the application under the special circumstances that prevail. High standardized test (SSAT and ISEE) scores and GPAs alone, unfortunately, don’t guarantee a spot at these coveted schools. What has your role been in your child's education? They complete an. If you have any more questions, please contact the Registrar at: sbfitzwaterr@seattleschools.org, Private School Applications- Requests Due 11/30, Beacon Hill International Elementary School, Dearborn Park International Elementary School, John Stanford International Elementary School, Tech Help, Food, and Health Clinic at Hale. Headquartered in New York City with a satellite office in Los Angeles, New York Private School Consultants LLC works with clients to ensure their children are best positioned for admission into the nursery, lower, middle and high school classes at New York’s top-tier private schools. One of the biggest mistakes I've seen families make in preparing their child’s applications for admission is to treat the information they submit as separate data points. Creative? Some elite private schools admit fewer than 10 percent of their applicants. Who is their hero? Let's examine the principal items on your school selection bucket list. It’s that time of year again: the busy admissions season for private and independent K–12 schools. The biggest mistake students make when writing an essay is that they forget who their audience is. Get our monthly magazine delivered to your home! Showing that your child and your family are capable of dealing with setbacks might be even more valuable than presenting a flawless picture. Some of the frequent questions are: Ideally, your letter would respond to these questions as thoroughly, yet as succinctly as possible. Each year, more families are considering private schools for their children and competition for top private schools in the greater Seattle area has become increasingly fierce. Private school associations are often a good resource for finding private school open houses. Children who succeed at their schools are happier and healthier and stand in better stead for college admissions. If so, describe their contexts and results. Be prepared to go through three rounds of drafts of parent and student essays to get to final “quality” ones you and your student feel proud of. We cannot guarantee that requests will be completed by the school’s deadline, if your request is submitted after November 30th. The school is looking for a real kid—not a perfect pupil. How do these insights connect with other information you are submitting about your child and your family? Soojung Smith is a family education coach, author, CEO and board advisor, and former Microsoft marketing executive. We not only provide you with a clear roadmap to admission but also provide your family comprehensive guidance and training throughout each stage of the admissions process. A full, real, and descriptive parent’s statement will show the admissions committee that you are being honest, and when they will read about the amazing sides of your child, they will be more likely to believe them. New York Private School Consultants LLC is a boutique admissions consultancy that provides expert admissions training and advice to motivated families throughout New York City. Students with mild learning issues might be able to wait until they are admitted to the school to ask about the school’s accommodations policy, but students with more severe learning issues should ask about the school’s policies about helping them beforehand. It can be difficult to step back and consider your child objectively, but you need to do exactly that. How would their friends describe them? What's Happening. Laura Volovski explains what is involved in asking for financial aid. Sometimes, school websites offer useful prompts to guide your letters, and if that is the case, you should definitely make use of them. Keeping track of each school's open houses, campus tours, parent and student interview dates and test requirements can feel like a full-time job.

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