One of the most common revisions is an all-black color scheme: There’s even an all-black version that brings back the iconic color buttons and logo: Other users have reimagined DualSense in additional color styles, including aqua, yellow, green, and red. Story by Mix. The DualShock line of controllers has long been one of the constants of the video gaming world. Find out at The Global Boardroom →, Everything Apple announced at its ‘One More Thing’ Mac event. Pretty cool, I hope Sony is paying attention to this one. Sony is the recipient of a newly published patent in Japan showing multiple illustrations of what may be the upcoming PlayStation 5 controller’s design. But the key thing here is that Sony is trying to move things forward. For more gear, gadget, and hardware news and reviews, follow Plugged on Details about the PS5 controller surfaced in early October from WIRED, which reported that a DualShock 5 prototype used for demonstrations includes a better speaker compared to the DS4. PS5 guide to leaks and confirmed details before release, PS5 will be compatible with PS4 if new CEO has his way, Don't buy into PS5 and Project Scarlett hype yet. The DualShock was the first major controller to feature integrated rumble feedback. The goal is a more refined version of the current experience — not a new one. Even the PS4’s DualShock 4 — which, until the reveal of the DualSense, held the crown for the largest departure from the original 1997 design — hewed more closely to “tweaked PS3 controller” than “revolutionary new device.”. The advances were revolutionary: the Dual Analog Controller was the first to offer two analog sticks for navigating 3D environments. But after weeks of spec comparisons and hardware boasts, Sony finally gave things a shot in the arm with the reveal of its new DualSense controller. As far as the patent goes, Sony has included multiple illustrations alongside few details. Sony, before the unveiling the design of its upcoming PlayStation 5 console, unveiled the new “DualSense Controller” for the PS5 with a ton of new changes.One of these features includes an entirely new and unique system for the L2 and R2 trigger-buttons which enables the controller to adapt to a game you are playing and adjust the tension of these buttons. The internet is obsessed with redesigning the new PS5 controller. Microsoft wants the Series X to blend in seamlessly with the rest of its Xbox One and Xbox One X lineups. No matter how stunning, though, people have been rushing to Reddit to show off their own concept art for the new DualSense — and there are some pretty solid alternatives. In fact, you can look at the two controllers as almost emblematic of the approaches Sony and Microsoft seem to be taking with their next-generation consoles. As many have pointed out, it looks like the lovechild of the black DualShock and the white Xbox One S controllers. And yes, Microsoft has also revealed its console and controller designs, and I commend the company for revealing them early on in the process. Sony’s new DualSense controller is the biggest update yet for any PlayStation controller, offering a brand-new design for the first time in over two decades. Or maybe even some games? That’s very much not the case with the PS5’s DualSense controller. Even things like the faster SSD are being touted as ways to unlock new types of gameplay experiences that weren’t possible on older hardware. In an unexpected announcement yesterday, Sony unveiled DualSense, the controller for the upcoming PlayStation 5 — and this thing looks absolutely gorgeous. Even the fancy new PS-shaped logo button. The internet lit up after the announcement with comparisons to the futuristic robot EVE from Disney’s WALL-E, to BMW’s i8, to the redesigned Enterprise from the 2009 Star Trek movie. Take this modular concept, for instance. It also remains distinctive from the Xbox Series X, as this seems to be the generation consoles undergo a radical redesign. Adaptive triggers offer more sensitivities when, for example, handling a weapon. Accessories are cross-compatible, games will support cross-buy, and backwards compatibility of past purchases is a key selling point. The Series X will play the new Halo the best and offer the most impressive graphics, but your original Xbox One will play it just fine, too. (The N64 technically beat it to the punch, but it required a separate Rumble Pak accessory.) newsletter. Meet the DualSense, the brand new PS5 controller.It's different, that's for sure, and certainly came at an expected time. The history of PlayStation controllers is littered with unused ideas, like the PS3’s SIXAXIS motion sensing or the PS4’s gesture-based touchpad. Sony, on the other hand, seems to want to pitch the PlayStation 5 as the next step forward. But neither the lightly tweaked controller nor the featureless gray tower seems to have elicited the same excitement. As well, the DS5 will be switched to USB-C, it will allegedly be heavier than the DS4 model, and it’ll feature haptic feedback instead of rumbles. From the first time you look at it, it’s clear that this is a new thing, one that’s wholly different (and, hopefully, better) than past PlayStation controllers. It’s an exciting first step into the future of gaming. Sony PS5 controller patent reveals microphone and subtle redesign. New Sony PS5 ‘DualSense’ Game Controller Specifications, Features: While the external has undergone a substantial redesign, it is the internal hardware components of the new PS5 DualSense game controller that justify it renaming. 84 . All rights reserved. The DualSense controller’s new design and functionality encapsulates that goal. Of note, the illustrations show an absence of the light bar featured on the DualShock 4 model; it’s unclear whether Sony is getting rid of the design entirely or if it will be using more subtle accents to distinguish controllers from each other. It’s possible that Sony will end up going with a different design for its DualShock 5 (and, potentially, a different name), but we’ll have to wait for the PlayStation 5 console’s official launch next year to find out. The controller featured in the patent retains the same general design as the DS4, however, including two short joysticks positioned along the bottom edge and a large touchpad in the center. A shot in the arm for the next-generation console announcements. It’s the most interesting announcement surrounding a next-gen console yet, and for Sony, in particular — which has barely updated its controller design in over two decades — the most exciting controller yet. Hopefully Sony takes a hint. Consumers are also expecting the inclusion of ‘adaptive triggers’ that will feature resistance tailored to specific game elements. And don’t forget to let us know which one’s your favorite on Facebook and Twitter. Flipboard. Made with <3 in Amsterdam. It retains the original color scheme, but reimagines the handles as swappable. Copyright © 2006—2020. The next-gen console rollouts from Sony and Microsoft this year have been, for lack of a better word, soporific. The sleeker, less angular design! The two-tone color scheme! Sony’s new DualSense controller is its most exciting design since the original PlayStation, Here are the best Amazon Echo deals right now, The Echo devices get discounted regularly, PC gaming mice from Logitech and Razer are steeply discounted today, Plus, save $30 on a two-pack of Nest Audio speakers, If you buy a OnePlus 8T, you can get half off a second phone today only, A great deal if you are looking to gift some phones this holiday season, Verge readers can save $100 on Segway’s Max e-scooter with a long 40-mile range, It can recharge in six hours and reach top speeds of 18.6mph, Save $150 on Apple’s latest 13-inch MacBook Pro, It features the redesigned, improved keyboard, Sign up for the If solid color doesn’t do it for you, don’t worry: There’s also a variation with gradient colors that your eyeballs might find more appealing: Not a huge fan of this one personally, but I can see why it might strike a chord with some old-school gamers. Sony is also putting in a wide array of new features, like its adaptive triggers that can adjust resistance, new haptic feedback technology that the company claims is far more advanced than the old-fashioned rumble hardware, and even basics like an integrated microphone.

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