Just as comfrey leaf and root, chaparral, poke weed, and countless others can result in toxicity when abused, so does Cinchona Bark fall in this category. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The immune system turns against the victim’s tissues: Lupus.”. oh ok wait written is a recipe but the link is worthless. Grapefruit contains quinine, which is beneficial in the treatment of marlaria, as well as other conditons such as lupus, arthritis and nocturnal leg cramps. That stuff was awesome. She writes about chronic fatigue syndrome among other diseases. 6. We think of Cinchona Bark as “Herbal Hydroxychloroquine”. SWEETEN THE TEA WITH HONEY OR SUGAR SINCE IT WILL BE BITTER. Duluth, Georgia 30097 9. I WILL GIVE YOU THE RECIPE HERE AND YOU TAKE THIS CONCOCTION THROUGHOUT THE DAY…. We wanted to advise the group the connection is aspartame. HE KNOWS THAT THEY HAVE WITHHELD THESE CURES TO KEEP PEOPLE SICK AND TO MAKE MILLIONS OFF OF INSURANCE COMPANIES. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. All Rights Reserved. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. IF YOU EVER FEEL A CHEST COLD COMING ON OR JUST FEEL LIKE CRAP…MAKE YOUR OWN QUININE. In “Aspartame Disease:  An Ignored Epidemic” by the late world expert H. J. Roberts, M.D. It is ok to take a single CoQ10 supplement IN ADDITION to your multiple and no, you won’t get too much by taking it. All three children have autism . I sent her information and she turned down the $900,000 they offered her to continue to advertise this addictive, excitoneurotoxic, genetically engineered, carcinogenic, teratogen, drug and adjuvant. Pro-Trump conspiracy theorists are sharing recipes for homemade hydroxychloroquine using fruit rinds after the president revealed he's taking the drug to avoid catching COVID-19 Bear in mind that many many plants and supplements are toxic when taken in extreme high doses. The aspartame pandemic is now called Rumsfeld’s Plague. 10. CoQ10 can interact with some some medications, including; blood thinners, antidepressants and chemotherapy drugs. Turn OFF all Fake News for VICTORY! A.J. We have started to produce a new product that is being released first week of September 2020. 13. 19. CAN YOU SEE NOW WHY THEY WERE SCREAMING THAT THIS WAS A DANGEROUS DRUG AND NOT TO DARE USE IT. After an extensive search, I could not find any article or release from the WH quoting Trump saying that. IT IS ANALGESIC, ANESTHETIC, ANTI -ARRHYTHMIC, ANTIBACTERIAL, ANTIMALARIAL, ANTIMICROBIAL, ANTIPARASITIC, ANTIPYRETIC, ANTISEPTIC, ANTISPASMODIC, ANTIVIRAL, ASTRINGENT, BACTERICIDE, CYTOTOXIC, FEBRIFUGE, FUNGICIDE, INSECTICIDE, NERVINE. Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder They work two jobs for a trust to care for their children when they are gone. HOME RECIPE FOR HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE (HCQ) : THE DRUG THAT IS CURRENTLY TREATING THIS VIRUS…WATCH BELOW AS I SHOW YOU THE RECIPE AND HOW TO MAKE THIS SOLUTION AT HOME, MINUS BIG PHARMA’S FILLERS AND PRESERVATIVES. 14. I would be interested in seeing it. Don’t let warnings of toxicity distract from the uses that can benefit you. About the time of the release of  aspartame the Epstein Barr Association changed their name to Chronic Fatigue. This bark is a powerful natural plant that has been used to combat malaria. I will give you the recipe here and you take this concoction throughout the day…or you can make a TEA out of it and drink it all day. But that bitter flavor IS QUININE! Elizabeth April: Financial Collapse, Religion in 5D, Suicide, Hybrids, Get Ready For Chaos Regardless Of Who Ends Up In The White House. Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder STOMACH, TONIC…SO YOU CAN BE SURE THAT BIG PHARMA IS SCARED TO DEATH AT THIS POINT AND SCREAMING THAT THIS DRUG DOES NOT WORK…WHEN THE ENTIRE WORLD SEES THAT IT IS WORKING. Mission Possible World Health Intl WHAT IS HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE EXACTLY? HERE IS ALL YOU NEED TO DO TO MAKE YOUR VERY OWN QUININE……TAKE THE RIND OF 2-3  LEMONS,  2-3 GRAPEFRUITS. anyways ok MeH ok good I guess. i will give you the recipe here and you take this concoction throughout the day… 12. or you can make a tea out of it and drink it all day. These ubiquinones are structurally related to the chemical quinine. Read the Bressler Report. (VIDEO), Try This New Way to Control the Matrix and You’ll Get Anything You Want! Dr. Mikovits also speaks of autism. Less is more. Cinchona Bark can be toxic in high doses, so if using this plant as medicine, remember that less is more and follow the rules of supplementing it safely and effectively. The rind of the grapefruit is a natural source of quinine. Treats Fever. IF YOU LISTENED TO OUR PRESIDENT THIS WEEK, HE SAID THAT  IN ONE YEAR, EVERY TREATMENT THAT WE ARE NOW USING IN THE HOSPITALS WILL BE OBSOLETE . take the peel only and cover it with water about 3 inches above the peels.put a glass lid on your pot if you have one, a metal one is fine if you don't. There are substantial, so if you are looking to add Quinine to your supplement schedule for various health purposes, also consider; Coenzyme Q10 belongs to a family of substances called ubiquinones. Self-medication using quinine can be extremely risky, so see your doctor for treatment of conditions where quinine may be prescribed. Pregnant women should not drink quinine. IF YOU TAKE ZINC WITH THIS RECIPE, THE ZINC PROPELS THE QUININE INTO YOUR CELLS FOR A MUCH FASTER HEALING. Quinine is limited in tonic water in order to prevent toxicity. he goes into the autoimmune diseases that can be triggered or precipitated by aspartame. Note – The following is for informational purposes ONLY. Make it even more powerful by adding fresh ginger to the mix and turmeric powder. I don't know, I tried some of that Fever Tree tonic water with the quinine (of course I accidentally spilled some Tanqueray in it ) that SouthernBelle mentioned. FOR THE RECORD, I AM NOT A DOCTOR OF ANY SORTS AND ONLY OFFER THIS FROM MY OWN DATA RESEARCH. The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to krystian For This Useful Post: John (08-08-2020), Romans828 (08-08-2020) 08-08-2020, 07:20 PM #2. Regardless, quinine is a powerful potentiator and is often restricted for use when taking certain medications which is directed by your pharmacist or doctor, or will appear on your prescription bottle if there is a conflict. For the purpose of improving fertility, women usually take 200 – 600mg of CoQ10 per day. Medical research which focused on injecting quinine into muscle tissues found side effects to be very negative which included fever, diarrhea, constipation, paralyzed muscles (permanent) at site of injection, high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction, and abnormal heartbeat. Dr. Judy Mikovits who wrote “Plague of Corruption” has written another book I just received called “Plague”. Would you forward it to me? BEHIND THE SCENE STUDIES ARE NOW COMING FORTH THAT SHOW IT BEING EFFECTIVE OTHER DISEASES AS WELL AND EVEN ON CANCERS. MIT said by 2025 one out of two babies will be born with autism. Do not peel the grapefruit since the quinine is in the rind. not the stuff that Trump says he takes I bet for what he takes is something that helps maleria and stuff. Quinine should not be given by injection. More is not more. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Let the mixture cool tightly covered. Cinchona Bark can be toxic in larger amounts but in small amounts it is quinine source that can be extracted by either making it as a tea or through a tincture preparation. Also contains high amounts of Potassium and a large amount of Calcium and Phosphorus. Strain, cool, and refrigerate. The antiseptic properties of grapefruit peel can be used on cuts or scrapes. I just telephoned Dr. Martini in Georgia. Dosage:  1 Tablespoon to potentiate For respiratory phlegm or severe arthritis or fibromyalgia pain, take 1 Tablespoon every 2 hours to expel phlegm from the lungs, then discontinue. Strain, cool, and refrigerate. JUST FOR TRUTHS SAKE, LET IT BE KNOWN THAT IN ADDITION TO THIS, DOCTORS ARE ALSO PRESCRIBING THE ANTIBIOTIC AZYTHROMICIN (Z-PACK). Social media has censored the site because there you can find the FDA reports, scientific peer reviewed research, the real CDC investigation along with congressional hearings and other documents that are suppose to be a matter of public record. HIS DRUG BEING USED TO TREAT THE COVID VIRUS HAS. Get the BeforeitsNews Newsletter! Where else can you get Quinine? PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH THOSE THAT NEED TO REDUCE FEAR AND ALLOW THEM TO SEE THAT GOD IN ALL OF HIS GLORY, PROVIDES US WITH ALL THAT WE NEED. Quinine is currently approved only for the treatment of malaria in the U.S. Strain completely. These cookies do not store any personal information. To make the most of it, heat up 1 grapefruit and eat its pulp. Making quinine water from grapefruit rind Peel 3 grapefruits and using only the peel, cover it with filtered water about 3 inches above the rind. My web site are the initials for Mission Possible World Health International with a dot com. One aspartame victim said she has three children by two husbands and drank diet soda through pregnancy. In fact, the FDA has banned all but one brand of quinine, Qualaquin, for medicinal use. NOT ONLY HAS IT PROVEN TO ELIMINATE THIS VIRUS…BUT OTHERS AS WELL. G. D. Searle made a deal with the FDA to seal the teratology studies and it took me 8 years to find them. 1. it is made out of the peelings of grapefruits and lemons, …but especially grapefruits. Always discontinue as soon as you improve. QUININE HAS MANY USES AND APPLICATIONS.

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