Use 50-75lbs Nitrogen/acre, ~150 Phosphorus and Potassium/acre. Packet: 25 seeds. Size. Order online or contact Paramount Seeds if you have questions. We accept all major credit and debit cards. All varieties on your quick order list will be added to your cart. Please check your entries and try again. Baby Leaf - 96M seeds/100’ bed (~ 4 oz), 960M seeds/1,000’ bed (2.5 lbs), 7.7MM seeds/acre (~20 lbs), using ~960 seeds/ft, 16 rows/bed, 36” beds, 6’ row centers. Lettuce is a good source of vitamin A. Beautiful, sweet and tender, but bruises and tears easily. Research shows that the outer leaves beat the inner leaves in terms of phytonutrient content and antioxidant properties. These types can be harvested young or left to full maturity and form a loose leaf head. Burgundy oakleaf with golden sheen, perfect for teenage heads or baby leaves in all seasons. Hybrid cucumber varieties in convenient packaging for the smaller grower or for trials. Snack or Baby cucumber are a new class of cucumber. AP22387. Planting & Growing: Start seeds indoors 4 weeks before transplanting outside, or sow seed directly as soon as the soil is workable. Lettuce mosaic virus (LMV) is highly seed-borne. Name – Lactuca sativa var. By now you probably agree that red oak leaf is indeed good for you. Choose a Seed Weight or Count from the drop down. Tarnished Plant Bugs cause brown scarring on stems. Red Oak Leaf Lettuce. Sidedress with N 3-4 weeks after planting. The flavonoids in red oak leaf boost the effects of vitamin C, so include foods that are rich in vitamin C (such as citrus fruit) in your salads to reap some extra health benefits. instead the leaves are joined at the stem. Sow from late spring until autumn in drills or under cover from the last frost until winter. Large red beefsteak types to the novelty cherry, grape, and pear shapes with colors from deep red to orange, yellow, brown and tiger striped varieties are offered by Paramount Seeds. These types can be harvested young or left to full maturity and form a loose leaf head. Lettuce Red Oakleaf. Make successive plantings every 10-14 days for a continuous harvest. Grow on raised beds, rotate crops with grass. Days to maturity are from direct seeding in spring conditions, subtract 10-14 days if transplanting, subtract 7-10 days if planting in summer conditions, add 20 days if planting late summer-fall In certain areas, lettuce can be grown throughout the summer by choosing varieties which are heat tolerant; however, many lettuce varieties have difficulty germinating in soils above 75°F. Many varieties have been bred to have disease resistance. Grow in full sun for deep-red color and best growth. Green, red or gold oakleaf lettuce is an easy lettuce to grow, that requires very little space, and is open to everyone, even if you only have a balcony.

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