(3b) You are at work. He or she is new and the passenger has to tell them how to get to their desired location! 147 Pages - 03/09/2016 (Publication Date). The sub-skills that you can emphasize are things like turn-taking, initiating a conversation, speaking for an appropriate length of time, stress and intonation, responding (really? Have 3-4 different scenarios for each context. Personalities: Because the place and the food is so weird, the people can actually be pretty normal: Situations: The situation is reacting to food that isn’t familiar. Ask the students to take turns playing the different roles for optimal practice. What the Flip is a Flipped ESL Classroom? You can suggest that the elevator be in any number of buildings: Personalities: Because the people are going to be trapped in a very small space, the most fun can be had if there’s some previous conflict between the participants: Situations: Besides the conflict, how the elevator gets stuck will add to improvisation possibilities: Preparation: Start by chalking or taping a small rectangle on the floor to outline the dimensions of the elevator. How can I know? ), Police (Chasing those criminals, or searching for someone who’s lost), Directional language (Turn left here! Make his dog quiet? Description: In this role play one student will play the ‘instructor’ and one student will play the student. Goal: Students use words and phrases to successfully make inquiries and/or mail a card or package. What is great about this role play is that you can adapt it to any type of situation; you could assign groups of students different types of business meetings. For example, tell students the role play takes place at the airport. For added interest, you might include a “citizen” in the role play for the anchor or reporter to engage with. Copyright © 2020 Jackie Bolen + ESL Speaking. THANK YOU. _____. They are interactive, student-centred and can be used for a variety of different situations.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'eslspeaking_org-leader-2','ezslot_14',159,'0','0'])); What are your thoughts about using role-plays in your classes? WHO IS THE BURGLAR? FluentU takes real-world videos—like music videos, cartoons, documentaries and more—and turns them into personalized language learning lessons for you and your students. Please I too want the answers for the above questions. This shouldn’t be hard, as many students may find a foreign country’s food to be somewhat weird. (6b) You are at the doctor’s office. They should start with simple introductions, but following that, the questions they ask will be determined by the level and whatever it is that they have studied recently. Description: “Time to Teach” gives you and the students a lot of flexibility. The themes can sometimes seem mundane, though. There are a number of strategies for teaching English role plays. Test it out for yourself and see what your students think. Role Plays for ESL Students: Tips for Doing this Activity #1: Give Students some Preparation Time. Before rehearsing the role play, spend some time drilling the key key structures and vocabulary. Thanks for the inspiration. SOME VOCABULARY AND GRAMMAR EXERCISES ABOUT THE HEALTH, ALSO THIS WORKSHOP INCLUDES USEFUL DEFINITION OF THE FIRST KIT AID STUFF. Excuse me, can you tell me where the ___ is? But, there is a problem! Location: Participants are being filmed for a reality show while being on a blind date in a nice restaurant—a date which was arranged by a computer matchmaking service that purports to hook up perfect couples for eternal love and relationships. There are more than 100 ESL activities and games that are perfect for teenagers and adults. Goal: Students will master typical vocabulary and phrases used in a restaurant by understanding and responding appropriately to prompts.

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