As stated by Freya, the tree of life sustains all of creation along its boughs, with its strands transcending both time and space: Yggdrasil is so large that it exists in all nine realms at once, which is to be expected, since said realms are merely constructs within its branches: The true bound of Yggdrasil exists on another plane, called the Realm Between Realms, which is the very center of the Norse World, a cosmic void where the boundaries of all the Nine Realms are located on. Edited by Chronoaiswaifu 02:22, February 13, 2019. Nyx's dimension is stated to be a mirror universe of our own universe, and it contains a real moon. Born within Mullspheim, the realm of fire, Surtr was the one who created the Sun and all the stars, bringing heat to the primordial cosmos from which all nine realms are built upon: Now, as we know, the Nine Realms and most of their contents were all born from the primordial cosmos, Ymir and Surtr. Remember that Cronos was the last Titan to be born, so it makes sense that his kin who are older than him wouldn't really be bound by something that is younger than they are. In the Game Developers Conference of March 2019, he decided to touch on the mythological pantheons' subject, and he resurrected his old analogy about the Ultra Deep Field: The highlighted bits clearly establish the idea that the world is shaped by each different mythological belief system, except within its own borders. Finally, the last piece of evidence that Cronos birthed time is that Gaia, his mother, and the Titans in general are stated to consider time meaningless. As, Gaia existed Infinitely before Cronos, the Embodiment of Time, she is above Time, Space and Reality! There were no realms yet. And those visuals are literal, as will be further proven below. Uranus was repulsed by him and banished him to Tartarus - this after the primordial war, because Gaia was born after/during that war, and Gyges is her son. BTW in actual Greek mythology he's actually the son of Pallace and Styx. This light also illuminated the infinite underworld in, Atropos has infinite speed and Kratos killed her making his speed infinite, The Warriors of Zeus are not light speed it is their Hyperion essence, that is an item carried by them and not anything physical they have to "open a portal" to move at those speeds in what appears to be a teleportation - reminiscent ability or just a rush attack which would not scale to their own or anyone's reactionary speed. Ymir being stabbed by Thor literally leads to a flood that encompasses multiple alternate dimensions which are universe-sized, Surtr creates all the stars in all the realms with his powers, which stated to be real stars and nebulae by multiple sources & Occam's Razor (since the old game had real stars, there is a precedent). In a conversation with Ariel Lawrence, the writer of God of War 2, she stated that Cronos's birth led to the very birth of time. What reinforces this as not being hyperbole is, aside from the fact that the developers officially said the characters's over the top abilities are meant to be literal in scale in the artbook as I linked way before, the reference to the power of a Hyperion Gate in the move description. There is a forest of consistency. So no. After Ymir came, the Fire Giant Surtr followed him. A country-level+ force isn't a threat...if he can even take base Thor. This both shows that, if Nyx could help it, it'd be night forever, meaning Helios is forcing her to leave, and that she is able to warp/control a dimension that is a mirror of our own.

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