Its spread will generally be 11–15 m (36–49 ft) wide. Many authorities recommend against planting silver maple. The fruit is a samara with two winged nutlets. They can also change sex from year to year. The silver maple is also known as Acer saccharinum, soft maple, river maple, silverleaf maple, swamp maple, water maple, and white maple. They used the wood to make baskets and furniture. Use enter to activate. The Silver Maple Tree is a species native to the Illinois area of the United States and commonly seen in Chicago. These trees are deciduous and broad-leafed and can grow to a mature height of 70 feet tall and 30 feet wide. We dip the roots in tera-sorb silicone gel to retain ample moisture for transit and surround with plastic. The leaves are lobed and the flowers are green, red. Silver Maple Trees are reasonably tolerant of seasons of drought and flooding. Silver maple's natural range encompasses most of the eastern US, the midwestern US and southern Canada, that being Southern Ontario and southwestern Quebec. The name silver maple is derived from the silvery underside of its leaves. Green in summer; yellow-green in fall. It is common to see this type of tree along the side of waterways and creeks. There are numerous insect and disease problems. Prune in summer. Silver Maples are considered to be a large tree that grows to be over 40 feet high and 30 feet wide. The species is absent at higher elevations in the Appalachians. A 10-year-old sapling will stand about 8 m (26 ft) tall. Received my trees very impressed. The following menu has 3 levels. Bark is gray and smooth on young branches and trunk; breaking into narrow, flattened plates on older trunks that peel away slightly to give a rough, somewhat "shaggy" appearance. Stop by, email, or call. A leaf on a Silver Maple tree with Maple Bladder Gall which is caused by Eriophyid mites. The trunk of this tree is short and stout, even though the silver maple may grow to be as tall as 80 feet. It is also grown in temperate parts of the Southern Hemisphere: Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, the southern states of Brazil (as well as in a few low-temperature locations within the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais). The leaf stalk shrivels, turns black, and the leaf blade falls off. The autumn color is less pronounced than in many maples, generally ending up a pale yellow, although some specimens can produce a more brilliant yellow and even orange and red colorations. Silver Maple Tree - Acer saccharinum is a Broad Leaf Deciduous. Pest information courtesy of USFS Fact Sheets: Steve Nix is a natural resources consultant and a former forest resources analyst for the state of Alabama. Its natural habitat is along stream banks, floodplains, and lake edges where it grows best on better-drained, moist alluvial soils. Use left and right arrow keys to navigate between menus and submenus. The leaves are simple and palmately veined, 8–16 cm (3 1⁄4–6 1⁄4 in) long and 6–12 cm (2 1⁄4–4 3⁄4 in) broad, with deep angular notches between the five lobes. [3][4] It is one of the most common trees in the United States. The branches hang over. Accessibility, Site Policies & Public Notices The samara are 3 – 5 cm (1.2 - 2 in) long and arranged at an acute angle. Verticillium wilt,  anthracnose, tar spot, cottony maple scale, maple bladder gall. The male flower is greenish and like panicles. /   Sitemap, Silver Maple Tree is For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping. Silver Maple can be a prolific seed producer giving rise to many volunteer trees. This is superior protection for plants in transit for up to 12 days. United States Department of Agriculture Plants Profile: University of Connecticut Plant Database: Silver Maple, Trees of Western North Carolina: Silver Maple, Portrait of the Earth, Winter ID pictures, Plant Maps, Interactive Distribution Map for, photo of herbarium specimen at Missouri Botanical Garden, collected in Missouri in 1989,, Flora of the Great Lakes region (North America), Plants used in traditional Native American medicine, Trees of the Plains-Midwest (United States), Pages using Jepson eFlora template without author names, Articles lacking in-text citations from September 2016, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2011, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 October 2020, at 20:38. The silver maple is closely related to the red maple (Acer rubrum) and can hybridise with it. The tree has a tendency to color and drop its leaves slightly earlier in autumn than other maples. Near waterways, beavers often eat silver maple bark and use their limbs for building beaver dams and lodges. Here is a brief overview about this tree and its uses. Because it is a fast grower, people tend to ignore the flaws and embrace its quick shade. Growth is rapid in both pure and mixed stands, and the tree may live 130 years or more. Ripening in spring, fruit is a pair of winged samaras-or "keys"-with wings 1" to 2" long, joined at the base to a slender, flexible, thread-like peduncle about an inch long. The bark can be eaten by beaver and deer. The tree requires ample lighting but provides excellent shade as the leaves grow densely. The tree is useful in wet areas, transplants easily and can grow where few others can. The 5–12 cm (2–4 3⁄4 in) long, slender stalks of the leaves mean that even a light breeze can produce a striking effect as the downy silver undersides of the leaves are exposed. It transplants easily when small and is ideally suited for growing in a nursery. It is considered somewhat undesirable as a shade tree because of its brittleness and susceptibility to insects, disease, heat, and alkaline soils. These trees … Open your plants and inspect the same day received. Tar spot and a variety of leaf spots cause some concern among homeowners but are rarely serious enough for control. However, its quick growth produces brittle wood which is commonly damaged in storms. This species has become over planted. In Texas, the species is planted in a variety of landscape settings and performs best in the eastern part of the state. Looking forward to spring to see growth, Posted by Kenneth Westfield on 27th Aug 2019. Silver Maple makes them one of the more resilient tree species. It can thrive in a Mediterranean climate, as at Jerusalem and Los Angeles, if summer water is provided. The leaves are 8 - 16 cm (3.2 – 6.3 in) long and 6 - 12 cm (2.4 – 4.7 in) broad. Our trees. It is a highly adaptable tree, although it has higher sunlight requirements than other maple trees. It is occasionally marketed as "soft maple" and used for flooring, furniture and fuelwood. Typically found growing in wet bottomlands. It can recover from flooding and does well in poor, rocky soils. Use up and down arrow keys to explore within a submenu. Has a vigorous root system that can invade sewer pipes. Our future. [citation needed]. The Tree is a deciduous tree, it will be 15 - 20 m (49 - 66 ft) high. Perhaps the most common is the cottony maple scale. [8], Today the wood can be used as pulp for making paper. We ship freshly dug bare-root plants, carefully packaged to arrive in excellent condition. Will be ordering again soon. They also grow to be very strong and durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. The 5 Most Common North American Maple Trees, Illustrations of Common Eastern United States Trees by Charles Sprague Sargent, The Most Common North American Hardwood Trees, Black Walnut Is a Common North American Tree, The Best and Worst Trees in an Urban Forest, American Elm, the Most Popular of Urban Shade Trees, 22 Common Insects Pests That Are Harmful to Trees, Ten Most Common Trees in the United States, Fact Sheet on Silver Maple - USDA Forest Service, B.S., Forest Resource Management, University of Georgia. This species has become over planted. The silver maple tree is a relatively fast-growing deciduous tree, commonly reaching a height of 15–25 m (49–82 ft), exceptionally 35 m (115 ft).

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