Sometimes I feel like I’m just paying for crust! Smoked Chicken Pizza A Uuni Wood Fired Pizza Recipe About our Recipes. Food & Wine. Add water and olive oil and begin mixing. Roll out the pizza dough to about 12” circle … Pizza night is pretty much always a good idea, am I right?! I love Stonefire naan! Looking to amp up your beef stew but unsure where to start? “Date Night Heat”, Add a Little Heat To Your Meat” Roll out the pizza dough very thin (about ¼ -1/2 inch thick), on a slid-able pizza peel. Layer the dough with the bbq/pizza sauce mixture, shredded chicken, onion, tomato, and cheeses. From chips and dip to one-bite apps, finger foods are the perfect way to kick off a party. Slide pizza dough rounds directly onto grill grate (cornmeal side down) from baking sheet, and grill, covered with grill lid, 3 to 4 minutes or until golden brown. With BBQ Chicken Pizza you have lots of options. This easy, sweet-and-smoky chicken pizza recipe will be ready in 15-20 minutes! We always eat outside on our patio where it is very comfortable with a rainforest theme. You can see some of my stuff at @la_coa_barbecue_escondido. Flatten each ball, dust with flour and roll out to a 5-inch round. With hundreds of recipes, Big Flavors will help you to cook delicious food at home no matter what your skill level. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The smoked mozzarella is fabulous on this pizza…looks so, so good! Don’t be afraid to make changes to suit your taste. “Date Night Gourmet Steak Seasoning” I’m heading over right now LOL!! Then piled it with shredded Smoked Gouda Cheese like someone else was paying for it! ), and it still works wonders. Smoked Chicken Pizza with White Barbecue Sauce MyRecipes ground black pepper, prepared horseradish, chicken, sugar, spicy brown mustard and 9 more Sheet Pan Pizza Chicken Yummly boneless, skinless chicken breasts, sliced pepperoni, nonstick cooking spray and 2 more Smoked mozzarella is such a fun ingredient! Smoking pizza is much different. Top crusts with slices of smoked mozzarella, thyme, and red bell pepper. ;-D I’m pretty sure I need to make this ASAP! We do our recipes on our patio where we have a lineup of grills, including the Uuni Wood Fired Pizza Oven, Green Mountain, Sawtooth, Louisiana, Royall, Memphis, Traeger pellet grills, Char Griller side box smoker, Saber, Charmglow, Char-Broil, The Big Easy, Pacific Living Outdoor Oven, Lodge Sportsman’s, Brinkman and Weber. Cooking time: 20 mins. Smoked mozzarella? A recipe website dedicated to helping you (yes, you!) Squeeze the garlic onto a plate. But we just have one (ours didn’t come with any accessories). So, it was almost 2 minutes, still rotating it every 15 seconds. (847) 336-1329 It’s not just that I live in New York and married into an Italian family… I’ve always loved pizza night! Garnish with chopped cilantro and scallions. Can’t find anything similar on Amazon, but this comes close in terms of the brand: Remove the dough from grill and begin to add your ingredients. Light your Uuni and get the “Stone” temperature up to at least 420* (215c). My goal is to encourage you to cook delicious food at home no matter what your skill level. Place Homemade Pizza Dough rounds directly on grill grate (cornmeal side down), and grill, covered with grill lid, 4 minutes or until golden brown. Now he smokes the meat and tosses it with a roasted-red-pepper pesto and goat cheese to make a topping for his wickedly addictive flatbread pizzas. I’ve also recently started using Brooklyn Bred – both are store bought, pre-baked, and super tasty! sugar and yeast. Heat 1/2 of the water to 100* add 1 tsp. Once the crusts are out of the oven, top each with the sliced chicken and a scattering of green onions. This gives it stability for the ingredients you are about to put on top. A “Pig Tail”, pizza spinner or a pizza hook helps with sliding your pizza back onto your pizza peel so you can turn it. Then place the dough over direct heat for no more than 2 minutes, to par-bake, and then flip for just one minute (or less). For technique, it’s all about the indirect cooking method over flamin’ hot coals. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. We had my in-laws over, and I served both pizzas for dinner. Preheat oven to 400°F. I was excited to make this pizza recipe again and photograph it so I could share it here. Whether you have leftover baked chicken , a little bit of last night’s shredded bbq pork , or a surplus of garden vegetables, with a little imagination you can create a fabulous grilled pizza. Get one of our Smoked chicken pizza recipe and prepare delicious and … Duck Fat Our Store: Perfect for the last warm days! Set a pizza stone on the bottom of the oven and preheat the oven to 500° for at least 45 minutes. I rotate the pie every minute or so because we use a thinner style crust and rotating constantly prevents charring. Wood Pellet Patio Heater, little lights, candles, lanterns and surround sound. Wrap the foil around the garlic and bake until the cloves are very soft, about 1 hour. Flour a pizza peel. Place a dough round on the peel and roll it out to an 1/8-inch thickness. Quick, easy, and most importantly, DELICIOUS. Grill the dough on both sides for about 1 minute (or less) per side (just long enough to make light grill marks on the dough, but not to cook it completely). Check Out Our Cookbooks, Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce Most of our pizzas are done in about 45 seconds depending on how thick you are making your crust. Almost any of our recipes can be done on any kind of good BBQ. When the dough is crusty and cheese is melted remove from heat. In our case we used a pellet smoker to get the heat high, then reduce to the lower temp when the pizza is on. Prepare your pizza dough, make your own or use a premade, whatever you like. If you don’t have the saté seasoning, go for a Caribbean jerk seasoning instead. This BBQ chicken pizza came about as a way to use up a few chicken cutlets that I had in the fridge. My favorite topping combo is: Mushrooms, Spinach, Onions, and Goat Cheese~it’s SO good! But sometimes it does rain. Grill: Ooni (Uuni) 3 Wood Fired Oven Grilled Pizza with Summer Veggies and Smoked Chicken Recipe Make a grilled pizza just once, and you will fall in love with the ease and versatility of this easy dinner choice. The naan from Trader Joe’s is good, but it’s not on my way anywhere so it’s a special trip. And , well, you just can’t beat a perfect crust, even if it isn’t smoked Slide back onto the grill. This keeps it from burning. But pizza delivery or takeout isn’t always faster than making pizza at home, especially if you pick up a few staples while you’re doing your grocery shopping for the week. Prep time: 50 mins. Once your dough ball has formed knead your dough ball about 10 minutes. But I did a thicker crust this time. The red pepper sauce can be refrigerated overnight. This blend is Indonesian-inspired, but the flavors remind me and my husband of Caribbean/Jamaican seasoning.

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