Our site uses cookies. Copyright © 2020 Webwiz New Media Pvt. Forty-three artists from the Sabyasachi Art Foundation then hand-painted the tropical plants on the walls, inspired by the work of French artist Henri Rousseau. The antique rug is from ABC Carpet & Home, New York. Anything new with adrenaline rush keeps me going. The moment you will enter your eyes will lay on artful collection of Dutch pottery that surrounds a giant — eight-foot-tall at least — Chinese vase from the Schiraaz M Tanksalwalla antique store in Calcutta, after which you can notice the grand sweeping Burma Teak staircase with Afghan and Turkish runners on the stairs and pichhwai paintings on the walls. The breakfast room features a crockery cabinet, an heirloom, stocked with pieces that he himself picked up on trips around the world. ‘It’s my Instagram studio!’ says the Instagram addicted designer who works with his head of social media and art directors who works for the @sabyasachiofficial Instagram handle very seriously, with Instagram grids planned months ahead of their debut on the platform along with Sabya dictating detailed captions, image crops of the new campaign etc. The ace designer, who has brought a lavish home in Kolkata a few weeks ago, designed it with brilliance and fineness. ‘The walls were first washed in rose-pink, then layered with turquoise, washed out and layered once again with a moss green to give an old fresco feeling.’ What do we do to paint our houses again? When Sabya wants a break from work, it is his splendid garden he walks towards. The flooring pattern has been created using white and Jaisalmer yellow marble; the skirting is in unpolished granite. Ltd. | All Rights Reserved. There are banana trees that are taller than the two-storey residence itself, thick-trunked palm and Kafir lime trees, and a pristine lawn for Sabya’s two cocker spaniels (who share the house with him). Mirrors in wrought-iron frames and a variety of pots decorate this rustic nook in the garden. Sabya has worked with the Asian Paints for three years and definitely knows how to get the perfect layers on the walls. Learn how your comment data is processed. All this treasure glowing underneath a spectacular hand-cut crystal F&C Osler chandelier that goes up and up and up, the staircase wrapping itself around it, easily making it the tallest chandelier. Masterpiece and PAD all put together, walking in this entrance lobby will give you the feeling of walking in a room full of highlights from TEFAF. Learn more about our use of cookies: cookie policy, Sabyasachi’s New Mansion In Kolkata Is Filled With Art, Famous Celebrities Who Moonlight As Interior Designers, Experts Guide To The Inside Secrets Of Weight Loss, All About Connection With Nokia 6300 4G & 8000 4G, Obama Shares An Excerpt From His Upcoming Book, ‘BlareMob’ Deliver A Surprising House Track ‘Heartbeat’, The Best To Come Together For Nitto ATP Tour Finals. What makes the interiors of his Kolkata mansion even more unique is the fact that every corner of the house features interesting textiles in one form or another, and art pieces that one can assume have been collected over many years of travelling the globe. Wooden pelmets are topped with a mixture of antiques and bric-a-brac the designer collected during his travels. ‘This is what I really wanted,’ Sabya believes that to call it an office would be a gross understatement because in all its true senses this is the nerve centre of brand Sabyasachi—and the real heart of the home. The ceramic bust under the mirror is from a store on King’s Road, London; Chinese ginger jars, rice jars and Dutch pottery dot the space. The process started with choosing the right colour for the walls. The antique rug is from ABC Carpet & Home, New York. Atop the cabinet are a seagrass basket, a range of pottery and a disused samovar and the table is from Pottery Barn. The 7,250-square-foot home is layered with art, antiques, textiles, furniture and is an ode to style at its finest. It’s so dense that it won’t allow you even to see the deep Calcutta red of the house behind it. A Portuguese mirror, is from The Raj Company (Mumbai), is the focal point for one wall in this space. Mukherjee chose the vintage jade green colour for the living-room walls to match the lush garden outside. The kitchen is most definitely the heart of any home, and that is exactly the same case at Mukherji’s mansion. Instagram is so powerful, 65 per cent of my business originates from there, ‘he explained. Sabyasachi Mukherjee on Instagram: “From winter 2018, the Sabyasachi menswear line introduces a new house classic- our quilted silk sherwani in hand-dyed Murshidabad silk and…” 14.3k Likes, 37 Comments - Sabyasachi Mukherjee (@sabyasachiofficial) on Instagram: “From winter 2018, the Sabyasachi menswear line introduces a new house classic- our quilted silk…” I’m obsessed by boobs!’ well now that’s going to stir some controversies for Sabya for sure. The corner is decorated with muslin-shaded lamps and plants. The real feat of the restoration of this Calcutta mansion with some 4,000 plants that were sourced to create the lush oasis that looks like it’s been there for hundreds of years. Sabya says, ‘for an introverted recluse like me, a tropical garden is a perfect getaway.’. One has seen proof enough in all my retail stores. ‘I don’t believe in catwalk shows anymore. There is a certain league of fashion designers who are defined as much by the way they live, as they are by their air for designing clothes, take Gianni Versace, Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford’s  and famous of all for living large- Valentino as an example. Mukherjee’s living room features a set of chesterfields custom-made by Sonal Dhingra, the architect who was commissioned by Sabyasachi Mukherjee, with leather sourced from the Sabyasachi accessory department. Filled with unique and antique pieces and decorated mostly by the designer himself, Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s new residence is clearly a place everybody will wish to visit. By now, you'd probably agree that every room in Sabyasachi Mukherjee's residence has been meticulously thought out. He further added ‘In fashion, you have to reinvent yourself every three to five years. A breakfast room-cum-conservatory, attached to a kitchen full of staff, it teems with indoor plants, and is flanked by a wall, which, he says, ‘43 artists from the Sabyasachi Art Foundation hand-painted with tropical vegetation inspired by the paintings of Henri Rousseau’. Right now, I’ve become tired of gaunt faces and stick-thin models. Sabyasachi Mukherjee is one of the most noted Indian designers, and has gained popularity all around the world with his simple design philosophy, from hand-embroidered motifs to flawless lehengas, it seems, Sabyasachi Mukherjee is one designer who can make sartorial dreams come true.

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