How it works This could be at a market stall, small shop, home visits, business conferences or any other places of business. .css-7qhag0{font-size:inherit !important;}.css-h6bt5w-text-text--giga-text--bold{font-weight:400;margin-bottom:16px;font-size:16px;line-height:24px;font-weight:700;font-size:inherit !important;}@media (min-width:600px){.css-h6bt5w-text-text--giga-text--bold{font-size:18px;line-height:28px;}}The Plant Shop, Emma Nosurak. Tech specs

Senza bisogno di uno smartphone, ideale per i servizi al tavolo o in mobilità. So you can take payments wherever you are.

No ink is required, since it uses thermal paper (via heat-based technology). Receipts are printed from the back of the printing/charging cradle. Make sure the reader is turned ON and that you have logged in with your account credentials. Add to cart Shipping time: 7 days. You can also use the 3G reader on its own, but then it won’t be able to print receipts. The default screen when you turn it back on is the “Please enter amount” screen where you enter the transaction amount and proceed to accept the card payment.

Accept credit card payments online, by phone or in person with SumUp’s Virtual Terminal. You can make full or partial refunds by picking the transaction and scrolling to ‘Refund transaction’. 30-day-money-back-guarantee from date of delivery. Then go to the main menu and pick ‘Sales history’, the transaction, and whether to send or print the receipt. Zadat, přiložit… a vytisknout Možnosti placení jsou teď ještě flexibilnější. Bottom line: SumUp 3G + Printer duo is a low-cost, effective solution for mobile card payments with paper receipts. When separated from the printer, the card reader will only offer to send a receipt digitally via text or email following the transaction. Si vous avez besoin d'aide pour configurer votre terminal 3G, veuillez consulter l'article SumUp 3G : Configuration. Hiermit stelle ich einen kompakten Überblick über das SumUp 3G Kartenterminal zur Verfügung. SumUp 3G Printer Manual Attaching and detaching the printer.
The SumUp 3G comes with a built-in 3G SIM card, free, unlimited data and Wifi connectivity. You cannot customise the details on the receipt except for business information like address and company name. In a restaurant, you may want to use the card machine for tableside payments requiring a printed receipt. The SumUp 3G Printer can be held in a hand or two.

So you can take payments wherever you are. At the beginning we had cash and cards but we were doing more events, opening another shop and new people were coming to work here - so I just thought for safety and not having to cash up every night, for me it made a lot of sense to go cashless. Charge, tap, print with the SumUp 3G Card Reader and Printer bundle. SumUp Air reader works with a free till app. Handle all transactions easily with one device that comes with a built-in 3G SIM card, free, unlimited data and Wifi connectivity. The ‘Sales history’ option lists your recent transactions. After some time of inactivity, the card reader goes on standby. Price excluding VAT. Fees will return to 1.69% 90 days after signing up. No other commitment-free, receipt-printing card machines in the UK are this cheap, with a reasonable card rate, pay-as-you-go and without monthly fees. Receipt paper rolls are changed at the back of the SumUp 3G Printer.

The SumUp 3G with Printer is formed of a receipt printer cradle that works in conjunction with a SumUp 3G card reader. Platební terminál 3G s tiskárnou. A Card Reader for All Entrepreneurial Seasons, Credit Card Reader: An Innovative Approach, Firing-Up the Credit Card Payment Industry One Innovation at a Time, How a Contactless Card Reader Supports your Business Strategy, The benefits of online invoicing software, The Ins & Outs of Credit Card Machines Decoded, The Smart Chip and PIN Machine for a Cashless World, What is a proforma invoice? The same sales reports for all SumUp users through the dashboard account, which you can log in to from any internet browser. Alternatively, you can email support or submit a message via your SumUp account online any time, although there won’t be a response before the following business hours. A WiFi-only solution: Square Terminal with printing and POS features. Easy Process payments with just one hand thanks to the standalone device, making multitasking even easier. No phone. SumUp automatically transfers payments to your bank account within 1-3 working days for free.

Consequently, the main menu only gives two options: 1) Sales history, and 2) Settings. Works everywhere thanks to a mobile internet and Wifi connection, Print receipts on the go for a fully mobile experience, Keep your card reader charged at all times.

If you plan on doing business abroad (within Europe), you can let SumUp know and they might let you use the terminal in that country for a planned duration. So it was quite a natural thing for us to do and it works really well. You can filter sales and transactions by: SumUp does not currently have the ability to integrate sales with external accounting systems, but if you export transactions to a CSV file, you can import that file in your chosen accounting software. Moreover, the 3G Printer functions as a charger for the card reader battery. Although the device looks like a stationary terminal, the SumUp 3G Printer is wireless and made to used as a handheld terminal (but it is admittedly chunky, so it may feel natural to use it with two hands). SumUp ticks all those boxes, and you can use it wirelessly anywhere with a 3G connection. 550 g (185 g for card reader, 365 g for printer), Connects to SumUp app only, for using mobile WiFi if 3G on card reader is failing, Built in to card reader, unlimited free data, 800 printouts from full charge/15-secs intervals, lasting an average 72 hrs/max.

Ei puhelinta. (Full policy). *Offer valid for one card reader per new SumUp account. Further conditions apply. Square vs. SumUp: which is best for your business? Chargebacks cost an £10 admin fee each. Il Lettore di Carte 3G. Best offer It takes about a week for the package to arrive. There are not enough comments on the 3G Printer to know what people’s long-term experience with the device is. Changing those details requires contacting SumUp with the request, since it has to be verified in the system. 2600 hrs, 50 transactions from full charge, standby up to 23 hrs, 57 mm (width) x 30 mm (diameter) thermal paper, paper length per roll: about 10 m, SumUp 3G card reader, SumUp 3G Printer, USB-C charging cable, UK power plug, 3 receipt rolls, ‘accepted cards’ decals, Push-button, backlit (blue light), for PINs, actions and navigation, Card details (card brand, last four card number digits, method), Statement in tiny writing: “I agree to pay the above total amount according to the card issuer agreement”, Statement in bigger writing: “Please retain for your records”, Bottom: SumUp logo and small text about SumUp, Time period – today, last week, last month, last 6 months, or specific date interval, Payment type – card or cash (the latter only relevant if you use the SumUp app accepting cash), Payment status – successful, failed, refund, or chargeback, Employees (if you’ve added employee user accounts in the backend).

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