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So it would be a good trick to go to the wireless setup page and try to change the channel to a different channel. Technicolor C2100T – Best DSL modem for CenturyLink Technicolor C2100T has front-facing LED indicators that allow you to determine the status of your modem at a glance. Your computer might be old, or it might have been cheap, and they people who built it just put a crappy wireless adapter in it. … You can just plug it in right here to the USB port, and voila, we have a new wireless adapter that should be much faster and much better. … CenturyLink Prism Modem TV Technicolor C2100T 802.11AC Modem/Router Gigabit DSL Fiber 2.4/5GHz With Xfinity WiFi, we're all hotspots now, How to Replace a Comcast Modem with your Own. Product Name Popularity Score Quality Score Sentiment Score Sales Volume; 1: CenturyLink Prism TV Technicolor C2100T 802.11AC Modem Router Gigabit DSL Fiber 2.4/5GHz Technicolor C2100 is the highest qualified … Cable Modems Review for Modems for Comcast, Time Warner & more! **, Item is in refurbished condition with EXTENDED WARRANTY and includes:    • Technicolor C2100T Centurylink Prism Modem TV 802.11AC WiFi Router  • Power Supply   • Cat5e patch cord, Manufacturers User Guide: https://www.scribd.com/document/307740339/Technicolor-C2100T-Manual, SetUp Info: http://internethelp.centurylink.com/internethelp/modem-c2100t.html, **SAVE UP TO $600 FOR EVERY 5 YEARS YOU OWN THIS CENTURYLINK PRISM MODEM! ), ARRIS TG1682G (XB3) DOCSIS 3 DUAL BAND A/C WIRELESS GATEWAY TELEPHONY MODEM(Comcast/Xfinity), http://internethelp.centurylink.com/internethelp/modem-c2100t.html, CenturyLink Actiontec - C1000A - VDSL2 4-Port Telephony WIFI Router/Modem Combo, CenturyLink Actiontec - C2000A - VDSL2 4-Port Telephony WIFI Router/Modem Combo, ZyXEL - CenturyLink - FR1000Z 4-Port Gigabit Modem/Wireless Router DSL Modem, CenturyLink ZyXEL C3000Z Wireless A/C Router Modem Combo (CenturyLink, TDS), CenturyLink ZyXEL C1100Z Wireless N Router Modem ADSL2+ VDSL IPv6 (CenturyLink), Technicolor C2000T Wireless 802.11N ADSL2+ VDSL Modem Router Combo (Century Link approved), Actiontec - C1000A - VDSL2 4-Port Telephony WIFI Router/Modem Combo (Century Link approved), Actiontec - C2000A - VDSL2 4-Port Telephony WIFI Router/Modem Combo (Century Link, Windstream + more approved), Actiontec - C1900A - VDSL2 4-Port Telephony WIFI Router/Modem Combo (Century Link, Windstream + more approved), Actiontec GT784WN DSL Modem/Wireless Router - 300 Mbps (TDS, Windstream, CenturyLink, Other DSL providers approved), ZyXEL PK5001Z DSL ADSL2 4-Port WiFi Router / Modem (CenturyLink approved), Purchasing Time Warner Approved Modems Never Got Better With Us. You can find newer software on the website of the manufacturer, download it, and then install it on the router, and that usually fixes bugs, enhances speed, and makes the whole thing a lot more stable. The C2100T has a number of … So if you have the energy to do it, you can actually wire an access point from your router to another place at the house, and you'll kind of get a second hotspot which will give you more range and connects you to the same network so you can share stuff between all your computers. And there are actually a few things you can do to increase the powere of your Wi-Fi or to boost it a little bit. Like all Technicolor modems and gateways, the C2100T is an easy to use, easy to install gateway. This range extender actually has two radio antennas in it, not just one, so it can use one of them to connect to the existing network, and then use the second one to create a new network that will connect to the existing network. For using wi-fi router and modem, Centurylink is the most popular brand. Comcast's rental cable modems are a rip-off. 5 Min Read. **, *Terms and Conditions apply to the following, **SAVE UP TO $600 FOR EVERY 5 YEARS YOU OWN YOUR CENTURYLINK PRISM MODEM!**. Another thing you can do is get a better wireless adapter for your computer. © Buyyourownmodem. If you go to your router setup page, there's always an option to upgrade the software that runs on the router. So if you go to the setup page of your wireless router, you will see that every router has a channel that it broadcasts on. Fast, Reliable Service with the Technicolor C2100T. Another idea, if you don't want to wire anything is to use range extender like this one. The other thing you can do is change the channel of your wireless network. Get all the latest information on Events, Sales and Offers. - The Prism Technicolor C2100T is a CenturyLink-branded modem that comes straight off the provider’s list of recommended equipment ⁠— and for good reason.. So you can buy a better wireless adapter, like this one for example, that has newer standards, more speed, and more range. **, **SAVE UP TO $600 FOR EVERY 5 YEARS YOU OWN CENTURYLINK PRISM MODEM! You can experiment with that by just changing it and seeing if it gets any better, or you can use your phone to download an app that actually kind of scans the air around you and tells you which networks are using which channels exactly. Another thing you can do is use an access point. If you are looking for the best CenturyLink Modem that supports the dual-band concurrent Wifi, then CenturyLink Prism TV Technicolor C2100T 802.11AC Modem Router is certainly for you. And if you live in an area that has a lot of wireless networks around, some of them might be using the same channel that you are. 2017. Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2C8C676F80FEB2E8 With data rates of up to 300 Mbps, the C2100T provides stable and reliable wireless connections for high-speed data and multimedia delivery. And these drivers are updated every few months. Watch more How to Set Up Internet videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/499699-How-to-Boost-WiFi-Internet-Setup **CENTURYLINK PRISM MODEM LIMITED TIME DEAL!! This modem … The first thing I would do is really try to look for a better driver for your network card. And that's how you boost your network. It's much cheaper to buy your own. Item is in refurbished condition with EXTENDED WARRANTY and includes: Technicolor C2100T Centurylink Prism Modem TV 802.11AC WiFi Router, https://www.scribd.com/document/307740339/Technicolor-C2100T-Manual, Verizon FiOS Quantum Gateway G1100 AC1750, ARRIS TM822G DOCSIS 3 TELEPHONEY (EMTA) MODEM (Approved by Comcast, Xfinity, Mediacom, Optimum, WOW, + more), ARRIS TM1602A DOCSIS 3 TELEPHONEY (EMTA) MODEM (Optimum/Cablevision, WOW + more), ARRIS TG862G DOCSIS 3 WIRELESS GATEWAY TELEPHONY MODEM(Comcast/Xfinity, Time Warner, Brighthouse, Mediacom, RCN + More! You can't really do this on Macs, but on PCs if you go to the manufacturer of the laptop or whoever made your wireless adapter, you will find drivers there. So a lot of people ask me, "How do I get my Wi-Fi to work faster or to have more range?" Click the button below to add the Technicolor C2100T Prism TV 802.11AC Modem Router Gigabit DSL (Century Link approved) to your wish list.

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