And if he did the process here in Merida, do you guys remember the address of the INM office here? You can find my regular diary-style updates about life in Mexico on my Patreon site as well as never-before shared photos, tips and tricks for getting to know Mexico and more. The resident card will be granted for one year. Good question. Go to INM office early because you have to go to the bank in-between processing. ), Here is the link where you generate the payment form with your details:, Here are the current prices: Ding that bell, it’s time to get your Mexican residency visa! Thanks, Hola! This vital yet dull post is brought to you by my wonderful husband, Colin. Could I apply for temporary residency in the U.S. and then marry her in Mexico after I receive my temporary residency? Ps I have tried organising some help through lawyers here but they have all been very flakey and not sticking to appointments. Thanks! I generally arrived at 8:30, and tended to have fewer than ten people ahead of me, making a relatively painless waiting experience but arriving after 9am or later leaves you wide open to misery and frustration! I am in the process now. I called the Mexican consulate and they say we could but its conflicting with everything i read online including your post. Another blue link labeled “Para la expedición de su Forma Migratoria, registre o actualice sus datos aquí.” and then fill in your form online (for what is the formato basico — even though all forms and agents mentioned I had to hand over a physical printout, it never happened because it happens online) You have sufficient economic resources to cover the cost of accommodation and meals during your stay in the country. Do you know if it is possible to apply for those abroad as well as getting them apostillised from here? convert everyone else’s visas from tourist to temporary resident, read the next article. Thanks. I’m wondering about how long the process takes once you go to the immigration in Mexico until they’ll finish up the visa process so I can leave again. . Your time is much appreciated. Acquiring Your Temporary Resident Visa In Mexico. <<< this link is broken. Say a word multiple times and it should lose its power. 5. Just completed step 3. I think they suggest it’s an average over every month but we found the reality to be less terrifying in our personal case. He has been in charge of our Mexican residency applications the whole way through. First off, you need to leave the country to start the process of temp residency. Thank you Cassie. This was either by bank’s secure messaging, email (if you’re lucky) or snail mail for the older style banks. You could however, once you have a new job offer, just update your work permit at the INM. Do not try and be clever. They calculate it based on minimum daily wages of Mexicans in pesos, amounts change when the exchange rates change. I spoke to some sad person who made the wrong payment (I think for permanente when she applied for temporal) and she had no recourse to the funds and had to pay again. Thanks for your help!! Congrats on the first part being over. The INM will cancel your Temporary Resident visa for the following causes: 1. Thanks Tony. You may well assume you’ll be going to the consulate for a formal interview but actually, it felt more like an informal chat. I believe you don’t have to be at home to apply. Welcome! Do I need to inform the INM office of this change? At this point one of us was now a fully-fledged Mexican resident…for one year…To find out how to take the next step and convert everyone else’s visas from tourist to temporary resident, read the next article. We will need to go through this same process. Thanks! Or give them a call. Much appreciation – Kevin. Thank you for this super helpful post which contains 100x more info on the process than any other online resource, including the expat Facebook group comment threads. Just had an update on the INM website with the folio and the status “ Se emitió oficio”. Hi Cassie – Just got my the first part of the temporary resident visa at the Mexican Consulate here is San Francisco, CA and have been looking for clear information on the process once in Mexico. Please note that this article is written based solely on our experiences. At the bottom of the web page was a place to fill-in more data, which I did, putting “home” as the most reasonable choice in a limiting drop-down menu under “activity in Mexico”, plus other personal details (height, weight, etc) that I wrote on my Formato Básico. The relevant web page is: Download, print and complete a visa migration form. If you’ve found this article useful, why not share the love by donating to help me keep my website going, or sharing this article on your social media sites. I pass on the comments. As in ‘Place of birth = England or Inglaterra’. Any bank will do. Do you think it would be possible to for me to apply for temp residence for Mexico at the Mexican consulate here in Malaysia? I’m still working, and basically on call (been like that for 4 years now). Thanks for the reply Tony! d) Children of the permanent resident and the children of the spouse or concubine, as long as they are children and adolescents and have not contracted marriage, or are under their guardianship or custody. It wasn’t and they checked my appointment on the computer and called me to a window minutes later. Or best to start and finish in Mazatlan? After the first year, when it is time for renewal, temporary residents can apply for one, two or three year extensions of the Temporary Resident visa. We moved to Merida, Mexico in May after 5+ years in India and it was a priority for us to get our residency for Mexico. You may obtain a temporary resident visa in Mexico, if you prove that during the last year you had an overall bank balance of over US$27,000 or during the last 6 months you had a monthly income of over US$1,620. But what exactly does this mean? Just go to the desk and ask for “los formatos para canjear documento migratorio” and show them your web form. You stated: “Your temporary resident status also entitles you with the rights of residence to obtain Mexican citizenship by naturalization.”. We found out later that once accepted by the consulate in London, everything following is mere formality, you’ve already been approved for residency. Thanks in Advance! and do you think it matters that I have had no job for some time? It isn’t always possible, financially, for people to get a 4 yr visa straight off the bat although yes it’s cheaper in the long run it may mean more savings required up front. Are you coming as dependents of your husband? Would this legally change her residency status? To qualify for the Temporary Resident visa, you must be able to prove one of the following: 1. Re leaving the country, I don’t thing we were told we couldn’t. Hey there, another Brit here….I’ve been travelling back and forth to mexico now for almost 6 years, I work offshore and have the choice to live wherever I want, I fell in love with Mexico (and my partner of course) and am looking to get my temporary residency as I’ve been going on about it for a while. Good luck. The other thing that might help applicants: I went to my fingerprint appointment with: When I arrived I was given a ‘waiting’ number as per usual but went straight to the desk and asked them if it was necessary. Thank you! We were told to book at the desk when our documents were approved. 4. Proof of funds is the same as income, yes. You must start the process at home and then complete it in Mexico. Hola, So, If I own a home or condo in Mexico, Do I still need to have proof of income? Also, the officer at the consulate in Toronto told us we were not allowed to leave Mexico for the first 180 days after we arrive the first time as permanent residents- is this correct as all Internet sites state you can come and go freely? After about 2 weeks, no update. Right now I have the message “Para la expedición de su Forma Migratoria, registre o actualice sus datos aquí” and then I entered the data.

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