One of the drinks you need during hot summer days, Tepache is Homemade pineapple brew made in Mexico using the peels from the pineapple. Basic recipe: (1) 4L jug with a sealing top. skin on, cored, and cut into wedges (1) cinnamon stick (1) cup of brown sugar (1) piece of whole ginger (roughly 2-3" long) skin on, 'smashed' to open it up a little (1) Habanero. Roughly 2 pineapples. Do this on a cutting board set into the sink to reduce mess. If you see a bit of frothy white foam on the surface of the water, it’s fermenting. ** As I mentioned above, in my hometown and in many homes in Mexico, cooks just prepare the Tepache using only the pineapple peels, water and sugar, but the cinnamon stick and cloves enhance the flavor. Any glass pitcher does a great job too. (If you do not have A/C and live in a very hot place, then check after 12 hrs.) ... Brad Makes Garlic Miso It S Alive Bon Appétit … Your email address will not be published. Yes, I drink the light version as you can see. Tepache Recipe Brad Leone. Get easy-to-follow, delicious recipes delivered right to your inbox., Aguas Frescas (Mexican Fruit Drinks): Jamaica Flower, Tamarind and Horchata, Deviled Shrimp Recipe | Camarones a la Diabla, How to Make Red Pozole │Cómo Hacer Pozole Rojo, How to Make Menudo Recipe | Menudo, Pancita o Mondongo. Add chopped fruit (pineapple, apples, etc.) I fermented it somewhere pretty warm too: probably about 25 degrees. Cut the fruit of the pineapple into slices or chunks, reserving the fibrous core. *** This drink used to be fermented in a clay pot but nowadays not everyone has one of those pots. Yes, I drink the light version as you can see. And now for the fun part, strain the liquid of your pitcher and place in another pitcher with lots of ice. Weight down the pineapple peelings to keep them below the level of the water. Place this container on your countertop and let it sit for 24 for hours. One of the popular ways to quench your thirst in Mexico is to take "Aguas Frescas".The most popular drinks are prepared using the pulp of seasonal fruits, water, ice and sweetened with sugar. In a one-gallon, non-reactive vessel, combine pineapple, sugar water, and additional water to cover. ), 6 Kinds of Agua Fresca and How to Make Them, Cinderella Recipe: A Fruity Mocktail Everyone Will Love, Chicha Morada: Peru's Traditional Cold Beverage. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself. If you prefer a milder version, add 1 cup of the fermented pineapple water to 1 quarter of water as it shows in the pictures above. Once the sugar or piloncillo has dissolved into the hot water, place the pieces of peel into the pot. ►►\r\rABOUT BON APPÉTIT\rCook with confidence using Bon Appetit’s kitchen tips, recipes, videos, and restaurant guides. You can drink it as is, or let it continue to brew another day or so. CONTACT ME TO SEEK REPUBLISHING AND SYNDICATION RIGHTS. Peel your pineapple. Loosely cover again an let rest for another 24 to 36 hrs., DO NOT let it ferment longer unless you need pineapple vinegar to make pickled chipotle peppers. If using a granulated sweetener, dissolve in hot water. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR WEEKLY NEWSLETTER FOR NEW RECIPES, Privacy Policy: We hate spam and promise to keep your email address safe. (If you are using piloncillo, the dissolving process will take longer; stir the water occasionally with a wooden spoon and break the piloncillo up as it softens to help this process along.). Cover the pitcher or glass container with a cheesecloth or a plastic wrap in a loose manner that allows the brew to breathe. Refrigerated tepache will keep for up to a week, very slowly continuing to ferment more. to the pitcher of tepache before drinking—similar to what is done with sangria—for added fun. If you do not see any white froth, cover the pot again and check it after another 24 hours; the time necessary for fermentation will vary according to the temperature, ripeness of the pineapple, and other factors. Add the core, whole or in chunks, to the pot and stir. add more peppers for more heat. Once your tepache has reached the desired level of fermentation, strain out, and discard all the solids. With a wooden spoon, remove the white foam that has formed on top of the liquid. In addition, brewers traditionally made it with corn. Set fruit aside to eat fresh. THEY MAY NOT BE REPUBLISHED IN PART OR WHOLE WITHOUT PERMISSION AND PROPER CREDIT. One of the most refreshing beverages in existence is tepache de piña, a slightly fermented drink made from fresh pineapple peel and core plus brown sugar. With a wooden spoon, remove the white foam that has formed on top of the liquid. Taste for sweetness in case it needs more sugar for your taste. If you need this very Mexican drink for a special occasion, plan ahead of time; tepache takes two or three days to ferment and be ready to drink. In a large glass pitcher, place the pineapple peels, the piloncillo or sugar, cinnamon stick, cloves and the 2 quarts of water. Tepache is a fermented soft drink native to pre-hispanic Mexico (1). Still haven’t subscribed to Bon Appetit on YouTube? See the pictures above. Tepache Recipe. Brad makes a fermented mexican pineapple drink tepache it s brad makes a fermented mexican pineapple drink tepache it s pineapple beer tepache jun tonic driveway drinks tepache michelada the proper binge. Highlights include, \"I want to drink this all summer long\" and \"I hope this doesn't blow up.\"\r\rSeal photo courtesy of Eva Rinaldi\rWoody Harrelson photo courtesy of David Shankbone\r\rJoin Bon Appétit test kitchen manager, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more.

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