She apologizes later to the nun she works with by saying, "I'm sorry. We were puzzled for a moment – is it a new group of antis, yet unknown to us? That description of a world transformed by love is going to sound harshly political in any other world. But her statement got me thinking. It can be a passing thought or a question that launches a full-on existential exploration. I thought we were having a family outing to get some exercise, be together, and enjoy a fun winter activity. A subtle reminder of that followed Curry’s sermon at the royal wedding, when a choir rose to sing a love song for the happy couple. Spontaneous Blogger! That’s Why We’re Here is a collection of eleven songs from the industry’s best songwriters. How could it not be? Michael Curry, presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, who made headlines this weekend when he took a cathedral to church with this sermon at the royal wedding. Sometimes life can be so scary, and you may feel like you’re about to die. ", Sister Julienne replies, "But they do... and it’s why we're here.". As we are all one body in Christ we cannot be indifferent to the needs of others. Forrest Gilmore is the Executive Director of the Shalom Center, a resource center in Bloomington, IN for people experiencing extreme poverty. THAT'S WHY WE'RE HERE by TheWhisnants published on 2015-06-20T19:53:22Z. That is why for the past 10 years, the Rochester House of Shields has been working to support law enforcement personnel traveling here for care at the Mayo Clinic. The intellectuals of our time have a tenancy to complicate things when it comes to the arguments between evolution and creation theories. Today’s clinic escort shift was very quiet, almost no antis, when suddenly, we saw a group of athletic-looking men, walking on our side of the street with visible intention to stop by us. Indifference to our neighbours, indifference to God, indifference to the suffering and poverty all around us. Someone gets up and reads 1 Corinthians 13 and the familiarity of it tempts us to miss the clarifying extremity of those pretty words. Just in case you are wondering, this is not a song review but I think that anyone who listens to this song will have a cause to ask some questions among which will be, “Why am I here?” This same question was what prompted the singer to write this inspiring piece. Imagine governments and nations where love is the way. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Thus, if we approach life with such zeal, we notice that we are able to break our old habits and clasp a more progressive self. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This notion of Me, Myself and I makes it very difficult for us to look beyond ourselves to see others. Writer(s): Anne Jennifer Dudley, Jeremy Coleman, … Lent is a 40-day period that starts on Ash Wednesday and ends at Easter Triduum. Listening to the song gave me goose bumps and had me batting my lashes to keep the tears away. Learn how your comment data is processed. By focusing on our own internal evolution, we essentially make this world a better place for everyone else. The spiritual formation given in the Centre is entrusted to Opus Dei, an institution of the Catholic Church Add to Wish List. The stand out track is the Rebecca Peck/Dianne Wilkinson penned, “I Will Live”. We are here for all of us (2x) That’s why we are here, It’s why we are here. For all of us humans without exceptions. What’s the purpose of me standing here in a pink vest? I think the question, "Why are we here" is more simple than some of us make out to be. Submit Corrections. (Although I imagine it also sounded beautiful to a war-weary prince after years in Afghanistan.). The second verse was just the height of it all; Let’s talk about our heart, my heart touch your heart, Let’s talk about, let’s talk about living, Had enough of dying, not what we all about, Our souls are brought together so that we can love each other. ( Log Out /  We need more young clergy." A special obligation binds us to make ourselves the neighbour of every person without exception and actively help him when he comes across our path whether he be an old person abandoned by all, a labourer unjustly looked down upon, a refugee, a child born of an unlawful union and wrongly suffering for a sin he did not commit, a physically challenged or a hungry person who disturbs our conscience by recalling the voice of the lord. On the eve of the New Year (2015), I stumbled on this great single by Alicia Keys, We are here. that we are here song just keeps playing in my head. Thus, I believe as a society and as human beings we would be far more constructive if we focused on our time here. He was testifying that he had seen it. WhatsApp. That's why we are here ! This he called the globalization of indifference. As long as you did it for one of these of my brethren you did it for me (Matt 25:40). Patheos has the views of the prevalent religions and spiritualities of the world. Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality! Reading . The sufferings of others can also be a reminder of the uncertainty of our lives and our dependence on God and other humans. Doze on Sunday @7 PM IST, computer science - college - cyber security, Every Family has a story to tell..........Welcome to mine, Researching, Preserving, and Sharing Genealogical Information For Future Generations, Showing the beauty of this world through the people, places and culture. But the name of that choir referred to a different kingdom, to a new world which, as Curry reminded us, is greater than the old. To which my fourteen-year-old replied, “That’s why were here!” Meaning, getting fun, funny, or otherwise inspiring skating pictures to post on Instagram and Facebook was why we went skating. We came out from the deep To help and understand, but not to kill It takes many lives till we succeed To clear the debts of many hundres years That's why we are here ! Stephen gives a disastrous speech at the welcome for new students and soon has to start dealing with their sex lives. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Religion Prof: The Blog of James F. McGrath, Pound notes, loose change, bad checks, anything. We’ve got a funeral today, so I’ll be away from the Internet for most of the day. Genre Whisnants Contains tracks. When they reached the first person in the escort line, they stopped and started to reach to their pockets, and we heard: I knew there was something else I forgot! Change ),, Heading to Orlando to Groom the Impossible. Facebook. The rest, Paul says, is just noise. Follow Hettie's Reflections on For the people we call family, for our colleagues, for those we meet on our way to work, for the “mama” we buy foodstuffs from. if you havent listened to it… then u r on a looooooooong thing. She experiences a moment of disgust and overwhelm at witnessing the awful experience of one of her expectant mothers. That’s Why We Are Here! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russian (actually, back then – Leningrad, USSR) in 1963, and immigrated to the United States in 1996. Asides the great beats, lovely voice etc., the song sends a clear message to us all: that we are here on earth for all of us. I once saw a little sign, carved in wood, that read, “There is only the hard way.” Many of us have been harmed by theology that told us that suffering... Unitarian Universalist Association Now after several years and multiple life experiences I believe I know the answer. “Study war no more” is inescapably political-sounding in the context of imperial forever wars. When love is the way — unselfish, sacrificial, redemptive. But don’t worry. Change ). So hold on tight, and enjoy your ride! These two statements together imply that I think a person can have it all, and indeed, I think so! So we can get scared.” Exactly! By Forrest Gilmore. The two embraced and said to each other, “just call me when…”, The small figure disappeared in the clinic, and the trio still stood awkwardly, and then one of them said to us: sorry… we just thought we all come, because, you know… in case somebody…, We all laughed, and our shift leader said: no problem, that’s why we are here! And, as Bishop Curry said, “That’s why we are here.”, Please also opt me in for Exclusive Offers from Patheos’s Partners, TRENDING AT PATHEOS Progressive Christian. The Australian Aborigines believe in the distant past when Gods walked the earth they created humans, Hindus talk of the Rig Veda where a cosmic man was sacrificed to create humans, Christianity and Judaism believe God made humans on the sixth day of creation, Muslims similarly believe in Adam and Hawa (Eve), and multiple other civilizations such as the Mayans had their own beliefs. So let me subcontract this space out to the Rev. There are also several theories explaining what happens to us after we die. Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution claimed we had come from a less sophisticated model and evolved through natural selection and genetic mutations to become the human beings we are today. Directed by David Tucker. That’s why we are here. I have been intrigued by this question from a very young age. So we can get scared.”. In the first episode of "Call the Midwife"—a British show about post-WWII midwives—the main character Jenny Worth is just starting as a midwife in the East End of London. The queen herself was there, along with all the heirs to her throne. Privacy Policy. Even our own Tuface seconds this in his song, only me: In the times we are in, this can be a difficult concept to agree to as we have more or less adopted the policy of each man for himself. My name is Henrietta (Hettie) Dombrovskaya. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Available: 3 On Order: 0. I have three children, Igor, Vlad and Anna, all adults living on their own, and one (so far) granddaughter Nadia. That’s why we ride the terrifying rollercoaster of life. They sang “Stand By Me” — a romantic, secular love song, mostly, but one built upon an earlier Sam Cooke gospel number which leaned, in turn, on Psalm 46.

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