1 Schir Iohine the Ros, ane thing thair is compild In generale be Kennedy and Quinting, Quhilk hes thame self aboif the sternis styld. I conjure thee, thow hungert Heland gaist. “How thy forbear is come I haif a feill: At Cokburnispeth, the writ makis me war, Generit betuix ane scho-beir and a deill, Sa wes he callit Dewlbeir and nocht Dumbar. “Fra Etrike Forest furthward to Drumfrese Thou beggit wyth a pardoun in all kirkis Collapis, cruddis, mele, grotis, grisis, and geis, And onder nycht quhile stall thou staggis and stirkis. Thou sall by it dere wyth me, duerche, and thou dele. The Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedie Flyting wis popular in Aulder Scots. Wan-visaged widdefow, out of thy wit gane wyld, Laithly and lowsy, als lauchtane as ane leik, Sen thow with wirschep wald sa fane be styld, Haill, soverane senyeour, thy bawis hingis throw thy breik. “Dathane, deivillis sone, and dragone dispitous, Abironis birth and bred with Beliall, Wod werwoif, worme, and scorpion vennemous, Lucifers laid, fowll feyindis face infernall, Sodomyt syphareit fra sanctis celestiall, Put I nocht sylence to thee, schiphird knaif? Thay stanis of tressone as the bruntstane stinkis. Fowll carrybald, cry mercy on thy kneis. Schir Johine the Ros, ane thing thair is compild, also known as The Flyting of Dumbar and Kennedie, is the earliest surviving example of the Scottish version of the flyting genre in poetry. Thy dok of dirt drepis and will nevir dry, To tume thy tone it has tyrit carlingis ten. Dewlbeiris moder, cassin in by the se The wariet apill of the forbiddin tre That Adame eit quhen he tint Parradyce, Scho eit, invennomit lyk a cokkatryce, Syne merreit with the divill for dignitй. The arts initiative using creativity and collaboration to reinvent derelict spaces. “Nyse nagus nipcaik with thy schulderis narrow, Thow lukis lowsy, loun of lounis aw, Hard hurcheoun hirpland, hippit as ane harrow, Thy rigbane rattillis and thy ribbis on raw, Thy hanchis hirklis with hukebanis harth and haw, Thy laithly lymis ar lene as ony treis. Thow sal be maid blait, bleir eit bestiall. Sa wald thyself, mycht thou to him succede. “Nero thy nevow, Golyas thy grantsire, Pharao thy fader, Egiptia thy dame, Deulbere, thir ar the causis that I conspire. The first that evir put Scotland to confusioun Wes that fals tratour, hardely say I dar. “Thow crop and rute of tratouris tressonable, The fathir and moder of morthour and mischeif, Dissaitfull tyrand with serpentis tung unstable, Cukcald, cradoun cowart, and commoun theif, Thow purpest for to undo our lordis chief In Paislay with ane poysone that wes fell, For quhilk, brybour, yit sall thow thoill a breif. In keeping with the genre there is a great show of outrageous verbal dexterity and invention by both combatants. Hudson Mohawke's amazing career has seen him producing some of music's biggest artists, My Big Fat Diary's Sharon Rooney shared her favourite songs with One More TUNE. Wasps, woodlice and midges play an important role in nature. Former Scotland prodigy Mark Molloy and the accident that changed the course of his footballing career. Jim Murray sustained injuries during a fight in 1995 that caused his untimely death. 49–248, 249–552). “The larbar linkis of thy lang lenye craig, Thy pure pynit thrott, peilit and owt of ply, Thy skolderit skin, hewd lyk ane saffrone bag, Garris men dispyt thar flesche, thow spreit of Gy. As thou was louse and redy of thy bune, Thay mycht have tane the collum at the last, For thou wald cuk a cartfull at a cast. The Flyting of Dumbar and Kennedie records a contest between William Dunbar and Walter Kennedy in front of James IV, which includes the earliest recorded use of the word shit as a personal insult. “Mauch muttoun, byt buttoun, peilit gluttoun, air to Hilhous, Rank beggar, ostir dregar, flay fleggar in the flet. Thow hes full littill feill of fair indyte. The erd sould trymbill, the firmament sould schaik, And all the air in vennaum suddane stink, And all the divillis of Hell for redour quaik, To heir quhat I suld wryt with pen and ynk; For and I flyt, sum sege for schame sould sink, The se sould birn, the mone sould thoill ecclippis, Rochis sould ryfe, the warld sould hald no grippis, Sa loud of cair the commoun bell sould clynk. Renounce thy rymis, bath ban and birn thy bill, Heve to the hevyn thy handis ande hald thee still. Termygantis tempise thee, and Vaspasius thine eme, Belzebub, thy full brothir, will clame To be thyne air, and Cayphas thy sectour, Pluto thy hede of kyn and protectour, To Hell to lede thee on lycht day and leme. “Thow Lazarus, thow laithly lene tramort, To all the warld thow may example be, To luk upoun thy gryslie, peteous port; For hiddowis, haw, and holkit is thyne ee, Thy cheikbane bair and blaiknit is thy ble. All clocis undir cloud of nycht thou cukkis. Happyn thou to be hangit in Northumbir, Than all thy kyn ar wele quyte of thy cumbir, And that mon be thy dome, I undirstand. Flyting, (Scots: “quarreling,” or “contention”), poetic competition of the Scottish makaris (poets) of the 15th and 16th centuries, in which two highly skilled rivals engaged in a contest of verbal abuse, remarkable for its fierceness and extravagance.Although contestants attacked each other spiritedly, they actually had a professional respect for their rival’s vocabulary of invective. Though Dunbar uses the standard eight-line ballade stanza for his major attack, his opening stanzas use the variant rhyme scheme ababbccb, and it is this variant that Kennedy employs throughout in both of his replies. That dampnit dragone drew him in disert And sayd he kend bot Wallace, king in Kyle. Bot Deulbere is thy kyn and kennis thee wele And has in Hell for thee a chaumir dicht. Experts share their outdoor fitness tips for when you're rather be indoors. The insults are graphic and personal, and were not necessarily arbitrary. “Schir Johine the Ros, ane thing thair is compild In generale be Kennedy and Quinting, Quhilk hes thameself aboif the sternis styld.

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