By accounting for the entire inventory of fielded items, Am ensures that items that are in depot or in transit to depot are accounted for as sources of non-mission capable status for the DoD’s total inventory. Additionally, Milestone A cost estimate assumptions based on legacy and analogous systems may be updated to incorporate engineering and planning factors for the new system. The PM highlights those new technologies that lack depot repair and may require further investment and development planning. Feedback from TMRR phase testing and modeling improves the realism, affordability, and testability of sustainment metrics. Initial fielding may also reveal system design deficiencies, which may require engineering changes that affect product support. LCL communications with resource sponsors and the requirements community should include sustainment strategies and their ability to meet availability requirements in current operations plans. Other funding considerations include corrosion prevention, Item Unique Identification (IUID), maintenance, supply chain management, sustaining engineering, and other plans. Additionally, modern acquisition programs are dependent on technology and thus may require technology refresh and insertion at a higher rate than legacy systems. Depending on the scope of the modification, the PSM may need to update the LCSP depending on the impact to the product support elements. D, Page D-A-19, CAPE Operating & Support Cost-Estimating Guide, Figure 4: Sustainment Quad Chart Template, Table 2: Key Sustainment Questions at Pre-Milestone B RFP Release, Table 3: Key Sustainment Questions at Milestone B, Table 5: Key Sustainment Questions at Milestone C, Figure 7: P & D Sustainment Planning Activities, Table 6: Key Sustainment Questions at FRP Decision Review, Figure 8: O&S Phase Sustainment Planning Activities, 10 USC 2366(b), provisions (3)(E) and (3)(F), Packing, Handling, Storage, and Transportation (, Required manning to operate/maintain/support, Transportation requirements, including storage and environmental requirements, Software refresh schedules/licensing agreements. Its inclusion as a mandatory sustainment metric ensures that sustainment performance is not considered in isolation from the associated sustainment costs. However, one of the first issues to confront the The PM performs trade studies to determine which Predictive Health Monitoring capabilities demonstrate sufficient value for inclusion in the final design. The results of these evaluations feed Request for Proposal (RFP) development, data rights strategies, sustainment strategy, and LCSP development. The product support package is further defined by assigning sustainment requirements to specific subsystems and equipment. Due to the nature of information systems rapid technology changes, most technology refresh cycles occur every 3-4 years and affect both the system security certification and accreditation, and the system's operation and support costs. The PM assesses ECPs for impact on the sustainment plan and O&S Cost. Reliability should be sufficient to support the warfighting capability needed in its expected operating environment. From Operation Steadfast came two new commands, the Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) and the Army Forces Command. The results of these analyses inform the program schedule, development of resource requirements, and the LCSP. Supportability analysis is performed as design and other technical information on the equipment reaches maturity. The ICD and subsequent draft CDD Sustainment KPPs and KSAs should be measurable so they support the system demonstration during Developmental Testing. When a breach occurs, the PM, with the help of cost estimators and the BFM, explain the O&S Cost increase in a Program Deviation Report to the MDA. The PMs input at Milestone A focuses on funding requirements necessary to mature critical technology and reduce risks for the logistics and sustainment capabilities that comprise the materiel solution. Long-term periods of performance may be used to incentivize industry investment, provide for continuous product improvement, and reduce cost. Also like ASF, ADMINCEN struggled from the beginning to build a commonly held vision and understanding of purpose and mission. The PM revises the sustainment strategy during TMRR by conducting analyses that help identify risks and opportunities in O&S Cost, maintainability, availability, reliability, and readiness. The Initial Capability Document (ICD), or other validated requirements document, and the AoA Study Guidance are required at this decision point to guide the program’s execution of MSA. In the O&S phase, the PM monitors product support performance against sustainment metrics and takes corrective action if needed. At the Development RFP Release Decision Point, the MDA sets the O&S Cost affordability cap. A key success factor in implementing such a Should Cost initiative is the program’s access to and legal right to use part data in competitive procurements. Have disposal costs been updated to the final production design? Typically, little (if any) data is available on potential new systems considered as alternatives, but legacy/analogous system costs may offer useful insight as the basis of O&S Cost estimates during the AoA. This information is contained in the following documents: In the software development strategy, the PM includes documentation required for software sustainment (either commercial or organic).

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