The woman, from the Hunter Region in New South Wales, said she notices the worms appear every time she scrubs and cleans her toilet - but they completely disappear the moment she flushes. Once they are in your home, they will continue to reproduce in your pantry until you see them crawling up the walls from the pantry in the 100s. I swept them up through the bag outside ( today is trash day) then I turned around and found more. Hi, everybody, I've been on Houzz for a while, but did not know there were discussions until Astrea told me. If you must store seeds/grains indoors or in the garage, storing them in an airtight container after adding about a tablespoon of diatomaceous earth per gallon of seed will eliminate the problem. Search   Proper soil for a container plant is probably the number one growing requirement and the one most often overlooked/ignored/bypassed. I thought they must have come from a reusable grocery bag that I had just moved from there, so I threw the bag away, scrubbed down the counter, and moved on. The other white worms (in that size range) that can be found in kitchens are fly maggots, but those do not have legs. Why is my cactus starting to grow leaves ? 'Where could they be coming from? Same cactus, different pots, one is wilting. 'I only ever use the toilet brush with bleach and let it sit between the seat and toilet rim until dry and I'm not on a property with septic tank, rain tank or anything else,' she said. Ooh, that's some scary looking potting medium. @tj yes I'm in the UK and I think compost does mean potting soil here as when I was in the garden centres yesterday all of the dirt/potting media/soil is called compost! After taking to a Facebook group to ask for help with identifying the bizarre pests, it was quickly brought to her attention they were drain fly larvae - a warning sign that there's a lot of buildup in the toilet drain or damaged pipes. what did you use for potting media ... looks like black dirt. As well, they were under papers, behind a shelf, near a was like a raw chicken MUST have exploded at some point during my sleep!!!! Change your potting medium as Rhizo suggests to a fast draining, textural, barky mix ASAP. the MEDIA you use in a pot ... and i like to use that word .. to separate it from dirt or soil .... or compost in your case .. anyway .. the MEDIA is a water management system ... and specific to the plant.. or a group of plants ... some like to be sodden all the time ... so you use a media with lots of peat ... to hold lots of water ... others.. like trees.. like a sip of water.. then full drainage... and near drying ... before the next sip ... in that case.. you use no more than 50% peat type media.. and add big chunks of stuff like bark ... to aid in water moving right out the bottom of the pot ... and then of course.. there are a myriad of other types and plants ... and media .... the problem with compost ... is that there is no predictability to how it will handle water ... and also .. how it might compact ... etc ... also ... just my way of thinking about it.. many of our indoor houseplants.. are understory jungle plants ... in that they dont need a lot of sun .. but also .. if you think about it ... there is little water under the high canopy of such ... there is a rainy season ... but there is a dry season .. plus all the great soil after millinea of composting ... but its not your kind of compost ... [i know others here might argue with what i just said.. but i am just giving you some general ideas.. of what to think about it all .... you can surely ID your plant.. and google up its native haven.. and then think about the media.. it might prefer in a pot...]. 'They often happen with septic tanks, especially if the tank needs emptying as these worms normally live in compost heaps. I'm looking forward to catching up with everybody! I've cried over some plants I've tossed, but. Those are probably the larva of some insect. They do not like bleach. Yuck! If you can't figure out where they're coming from, look up. I will includes photos of them earlier. First picture, if you remove the few leaves you find and remove them from the area then wash up, you will probably get it right there. I never see him move so fast in my life,' one woman said. Since many millipedes and worms live in the soil, they will often enter houses through the basement or foundation. Tip - do not keep grain or seeds for feeding wildlife (like bird seed) inside your home/ basement/ garage. I'd invest in a good, porous, soil-less potting mix and dump this stuff in the outdoor garden. I do 'clean up plants' and 'toss badly infected plants pot and all' ... at times I can find a part of the plant that is almost clean, hand clean a few small flecks off, and put it into an isolation cutting cup-and toss the main plant. I'm hoping someone can shed some light on what these little worms/larvae/wriggly things are?' Al, bekihi5 thanked rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7, bekihi5 thanked ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5, This adaptable spreader thrives in water or soil, making it a terrific addition to containers and living walls, Small outdoor spaces can have a beauty all their own, California native Salvia Apiana features silvery-green foliage and seasonal flowers that bees, hummingbirds and butterflies love, This low-maintenance, high-impact houseplant fits in with any design and can clear the air, too, Get the look of the tropics without the full-on sun and high humidity — parlor palm tolerates regular indoor conditions with aplomb, Dig in to create a simple, beautiful Japanese-inspired hanging garden, Houseplants add so much to our homes — and can thrive when grown in the right conditions. This last visit we found something like a worm which had bored into the wall in the kitchen area and had left something like a trail of dust. @rhizo_1 thanks, I didn't realise that dirt was so important haha. I've recently re-potted my house plants at the weekend. ), You wouldn't believe the kind of thing I'm finding in the kitchen. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. (a local nursery has issues with it, anything you bring home from there has to be isolated and cleaned up) Between that friend and myself we have fought this war for fourth winter. It is difficult, given the size of the photos to know. And these kinds of conditions make for a hospitable habitat for various soil organisms you may prefer to keep out of a container plant. The Australian woman said she notices the bugs randomly appear every time she scrubs and cleans her toilet but they completely disappear the moment she flushes (stock image). But this sort of population doesn’t choke the overall ecosystem of the pot soil. Very small thin long white worm found in garden. I've read a few posts and I'm hoping they are just millipedes, if anyone can help confirm the identity it would be appreciated! And the way that cam about was in AARP I asked to join OLLD, I was curious as to what kind of "design" it was about. Later I found more in the same spot, with nothing nearby but the coffee maker. When she e-mailed me it had to do with HOUZZ, I almost jumpedout of my skin, I love anything to do with decorating houses and gardens. Your plants will thank you and there will be no recurrence of strange, worm-like creatures in the mix. 'You can treat them regularly with bleach and flush the toilet multiple times after treating,' one suggested.

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