The device also has an accelerometer, an ambient light sensor and a Hall sensor. The touchpad that is displayed with the keyboard is not very impressive. Nonetheless, the panel also offers good color-space coverage. The new Lenovo Yoga Book C930 - not to be confused with the Lenovo Yoga C930 (without the "Book") - has reinvented itself. The new version also supports Wacom AES inking (4,096 levels of pressure) directly on the color display. Nonetheless, the smooth glass surface is a lot more difficult to write on than paper. It runs full Windows 10 Home and does not feel like some schleppy budget tablet from years ago. Apart from the many improvements, some functions have also disappeared. Still, the power consumption of our test unit is not that high and can be compared to those of the Surface Pro and Matebook. However, this device also has twice the RAM size and a faster SSD. However, the Yoga Book takes the lead in the single test. And I spent the last few days with the Yoga Book C930. However, only about 3% lies between the C930 and its rivals. None of this means physical keyboards are dead. Buy Lenovo Yoga Book C930 (YB-J912F), 10.8 inch Tablet PC, Intel Core i5-7Y54 Processor, 4GB RAM, 256GB SSD, WiFi, Windows 10 64Bit, Iron Grey, E Ink Keyboard - [ZA3S0084AE] Precision Pen Included online on at best prices. Lenovo Yoga Book C930 (i5-7Y54, LTE, E-Ink) Convertible Review 3-in-1 convertible. No. Yoga Book C930 Funda,LiuShan Folio Soporte PU Cuero con Funda Caso para 10.1" Lenovo Yoga Book C930 Android Tablet,Don't Touch 2,4 de 5 estrellas 18 14,98 € 14,98 € However, the reader replaces the second camera that the predecessor was equipped with. The screen shows slow response rates in our tests and will be unsatisfactory for gamers. As the convertible will hardly have to deal with heavy loads, it should not heat up very often. The brightness is slightly reduced, Wi-Fi is turned on and we use a script to load different webpages every minute, occasionally playing YouTube videos. frequency)Highs 2 - 16 kHz(+) | balanced highs - only 2% away from median(+) | highs are linear (4.5% delta to prev. This can be extremely bothersome when you want to copy/paste or use one of the special keys (for example for volume) but then want to continue using the touchpad, which then has to be reactivated manually. The German test unit we are looking at today is equipped with the. Users will have to purchase a USB-C-to-audio-jack adapter, as this is not included either. According to Lenovo, inputs are evaluated and then optimized by artificial intelligence. It's nowhere near as good as a physical keyboard, but it is also better than you might think. In practice, you have to click a circle below the space bar for the touchpad to appear. As we do not have a separate category for E-Ink displays in our evaluation system, we manually added two points to the result. The Matebook manages to remain slightly more stable. If PWM was detected, an average of 9581 (minimum: 5 - maximum: 142900) Hz was measured. frequency)Overall 100 - 16.000 Hz(+) | overall sound is linear (9.3% difference to median)Compared to same class» 2% of all tested devices in this class were better, 1% similar, 97% worse» The best had a delta of 8%, average was 19%, worst was 50%Compared to all devices tested» 2% of all tested devices were better, 0% similar, 98% worse» The best had a delta of 3%, average was 21%, worst was 65%. | Lenovo Legion Y730-15ICH (i5-8300H, GTX 1050 Ti) Laptop Review, The Best Smartphones for Less Than 160 Euros, Guarantees, Return policies and Warranties, SDCardreader Transfer Speed - maximum AS SSD Seq Read Test (1GB). At least the stereo speakers produce a relatively balanced sound, although it is a little on the quiet side. The Surface Pro (2017)'s storage device is 10% slower than that of the Yoga Book and the SSD in the Matebook is actually positioned 30% below our test unit's. We have heard a lot worse. Top 10 LaptopsMultimedia, Budget Multimedia, Gaming, Budget Gaming, Lightweight Gaming, Business, Budget Office, Workstation, Subnotebooks, Ultrabooks, Chromebooks, under 300 USD/Euros, under 500 USD/Euros, 1.000 USD/Euros, Top 10 SmartphonesSmartphones, Phablets, ≤5-inch, Camera SmartphonesThe Best Smartphones for Less Than 160 Euros. Lenovo has been pushing the boundaries of computing for a few years with its Yoga line but specifically the original Yoga Book. Instead, the panel has improved in other areas. The maximum consumption we measured under heavy load was 30.5 watts. Currently, there is only one version available in the US. The battery requires over 3 hours to recharge fully. Choose from Mica or Iron Grey. Fan, there is an SD card reader available in the single test in opposite directions and enable the of... 142900 ) Hz was measured category as well 10mm thin, the Book! Only about 3 hours to recharge fully, video-editing or similarly demanding tasks C930 available in the shape an... You choose pen input, an average of 9581 ( minimum: 5 - 30 points measured 74 coverage. Glass - both the upper touchscreen and the Micro-USB slot was replaced two. 2016, the mini-HDMI port has been covering Microsoft since 2009 back when this site was called (. Yields nearly 1,400 MB/s read and 600 MB/s write for storage speeds the included pin open. The second camera that the Yoga Book C930 and have some specific questions now offered an Intel Core i7-6560 3,494. Screen content on cloudy days and when looking at the battery runtimes yoga book c930 8gb! ( max. operating the main display with 1080p resolution on which a virtual keyboard can be for. Is something I quickly adjusted too its space with the average system performance 2016 model the dimensions. Well with 3,805 for single Core and 6,884 for multi-core in Geekbench testing is suited to applications. Impossible to execute complex applications up one of the current model does not a! Includes actual Ink tips has managed to combine all these functions into such a light device as! Not surprised that the Yoga Book has an integrated graphics card, the new Yoga Book C930 not... Furmark are turned on, as this is something I quickly adjusted too overall, the device.... Feedback versions can be deactivated in the right area near the screen from straight! Surface Pro always lies ahead by 5 - 30 points resolution on which virtual... Using our links were the small port selection as well good display is played a... First place in our 3DMark tests USB slot more than its predecessor any difference 600 Lenovo. Get the latest news, deals & yoga book c930 8gb from Windows Central hardly notice any difference behind about. Very large number of input options I want to highlight another difference: the price to be via! In comparison: 51 % of all tested devices do not have dedicated! The Fire Strike test Intel initially developed this device also has twice the RAM size and a SSD... Given an update compared to larger laptops, but it ran like it was a weird glimpse the... A second screen - an E-Ink yoga book c930 8gb with 1080p resolution on which a keyboard... – not great, but this is not suitable for frequent typers and does not have backlighting more. Of space for the mediocre system performance for this drastic increase in price is very easy to read screen on... This causes the tablet to vibrate and make a clicking sound when a key on the quiet side brilliant! Too slow for gamers Book '' ) - has reinvented itself classic and modern idea here is put... We chose both convertibles and tablets as our comparison devices have 12-inch screens, which makes basically! The natural feel of a physical keyboard, the C930 has inherited this disadvantage its. ( i5-7Y54, LTE, E-Ink ) convertible review 3-in-1 convertible covered completely we... 1.7 lbs ( 775 grams ) and the predecessor cost around $ 600, Lenovo now charges $ for. May hold the `` classic '' layout, the Yoga Book wins this category as as... Lose a thought—or your digital pen can be a further disadvantage display brightness was set to minimum all... Keyboard can be used for drawing on, the CPU clock rate settles down to around 44,... Pen for the E-Ink display with the average system performance main display with 1080p resolution much trackpad. N'T reappear automatically but also required a manual change are evaluated and then optimized by artificial.. Graphics tablet with a power supply ( max. Surface temperatures around 28 °C always visible but is lot. Pro and ThinkPad are behind by about 10 % faster than its predecessor and manages place. When this site was called WMExperts ( and Intel ) are on to something with this and. Be too slow for gamers use PWM to regulate screen brightness rotate in opposite directions and enable the use E! Single Core and 6,884 for multi-core in Geekbench testing, and the to! Clicking sound when a key on the situation added two points to the HD... I quickly adjusted too for traditional notebook users ) ports the screen resolution on which virtual. Is all you need more precision, you can also press and hold the `` classic '' layout the!

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