Avocado Veggie Sandwich Our go-to quick and easy avocado sandwich piled high with fresh veggies, sprouts, and creamy mashed avocado. I wish I hadn’t just had dinner – I really, really, really want a crisp sandwich. olive oil, salt, lemon, spinach, pepper, salmon, spinach, avocado and 3 more. Discard the skin . It’s so wrong but oh-so-right :D, Yummy! Kathryne, Can’t wait to try this simple sandwich as soon as the avocados on my kitchen counter ripen :) Love the Greek flavors. And I love Greek salad so I’d undoubtedly love this! Having devoured my lunch (unwillingly) for 14 years of my life, constantly eating PB&J sandwhiches on whole wheat bread… this is something the gods eat! Add feta cheese and Salonika peppers and fold it into Pita bread and then it is an homage. Thanks for the inspo! That is weird. Panera is also encouraging players to share their creations on twitter and pinterest with the hash tag #SandwichShowdown. I think this epic avocado sandwich might just be the most trashy recipe I’ve ever posted.Sophisticated, it ain’t. Will definitely be a go-to easy meal for me! avocado, vegan buttery spread, hummus, sauerkraut, pumpernickel bread. Place under broiler for about 5 minutes, or until cheese is melted and bubbly. Haha. Email me when Kate or another C+K reader replies directly to my comment. (from Happy Herbivore.). It wouldn’t be the same in any other form; sandwich is the way to go. Ok, your sandwich sounds amazing. It sounds delicious. Lunch in under ten minutes. So glad you guys enjoyed the sandwich. Not many vegetarian sandwiches can boast that. My sandwich was staring at me!! :). I'm a vegetarian, and this is a tasty, quick and healthy lunch I could eat for every meal. Vegetarian Avocado Sandwich Food.com salt, red onion, buns, avocado, pepper, tomato, ranch dressing and 1 more Avocado Sandwich Exotic and easy Cooking iceberg lettuce, bread, crushed black pepper, avocado, tomato slices and 5 more I love sandwiches! Your recipe is perfect for that. Pumpkin seeds sound like a great sandwich ingredient. Note: nutritional information is approximate, and will depend on exactly what ingredients you choose. But really, would you rather eat a delicate and refined sandwich, or an epic sandwich stacked high with avocado, roasted tomatoes, cheese, and crisps?I know what I would prefer (and if you disagree, feel free to check out some of my slightly more elegant sandwich … Put it under the grill (broiler) for a couple of minutes until melted. If there is, I nominate myself as president. It’s with roasted red pepper hummus (or kind of hummus that you love) with mashed avocados seasoned with a little pepper and a dash of lime, and alfalfa sprouts on a nice baguette! The sandwich came to be while I was playing [read: procrastinating] at Panera’s Sandwich Showdown Contest.

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