I placed a piece of typing paper in the sheet protector and had to trim the the one edge that had the holes in it (exactly to the size of the paper). I’ve never seen this before and am pretty excited now to try it out! Hello. Thank you so much for sharing. My suggestion would be to try it on a scrap piece of wood, but I think a spray shellac would work best. It has a wax finish on it and is sturdier than the wax paper. For my HP printer, you click on Preferences (on the main dialogue box); Click on the “Finishing” tab, and then select the “Mirror Image” check box. I’ll try your method next time. . Nicole, it has lasted a long time on my board, but I don’t really use it. What a great idea, I am going to have to give this a go. Thanks for great tutorial I’m a new follower. So glad I ran across your site and I can’t wait to spend some time exploring all the cool things you do!!! Perler beads work really well with Hama's Midi beads as they are of the same size and material. Generally speaking, you will need a lot of Thankyou. I would love to use this method but I need to know the area can be sealed. . I have an old antique wood chair that had the seat caned (ripped out years ago) so I cut plywood and covered it with foam, batting and a cream and black checkered fabric, now I want to use some of Karen’s great graphics and some old black and white photos transferred onto flour sack pillows to sit on my cute new chair! Do you print your image on the waxy side or the paper side?? have you tried with different colors?or onto painted surfaces? Parchment paper can be found at any grocery store or dollar store for a very reasonable price. Does anyone know what kind of Coin this is? It’s an HP Deskjet 1000.

I tried both wax paper and the waxy part of sticker paper but each time when I tried to print, the “paper” was fed through (and it sounded like it was printing) but nothing was on the page when it finished. Thank you.

Tried to tape it to paper… jammed my printer.

Silicon Mats.

If glue sticks to it there is no need to worry as it can be wiped off.

In word on my MacBook I can select print and then go to the print setting and choose t shirt transfer, it ended up printing it at a much higher quality (more ink) which showed up a lot more and I didn’t have to flip every image! They don't melt consistently.). But the concern I ran into was the ink would get smudged during printing and there weren’t clean prints to actually use. I will be stopping by more often! I wondered if you had any suggestions about how to trick your Epson printer into printing on the waxed paper? And I found that if I wiped the wax paper with a damp cloth after I was done I could reuse the same piece of wax paper. What a great idea! Hello! Back at home, place a collected leaf between two layers of wax paper with plenty of room to trim and preserve the wax "seal.". While this is all true, they wrinkle so easily if you aren't careful. Hi – looks perfect, but where do you buy the wax paper ? Thanks for stopping by! http://loftymoments.weebly.com/1/post/2013/01/diy-wall-quote-using-wax-paper.html. Thank you for an interesting project, I am using transparencies as I would rather pay for a packet of those than risk having to replace my printer! Good luck! I don’t know what I did that made it successful twice. I know you can buy glass paint. I tested it first on the back, but the text came out nice and dark, even over the paint. You don’t want to print on the paper side. Does it matter which side of the waxed paper you use? I haven’t heard of anyone trying tile? Step 5 Lift and discard the parchment paper and allow the shirt to cool. Just a blank page. You just want the ink to not stick to it. My suggestion would be to try a spray sealer and just do really light coats? Iron on transfers are really expensive. Thanks. Any suggestions besides going over it with a sharpie? What a great project, I can’t wait to try it! I have a smooth, porous tile (like sandstone) that I would like to transfer to. I can’t wait to give this one a try. Step 3. The textured fabric can be created[...], ©2011-2020 All Rights Reserved - Jennifer Houlden - Quilts by Jen. Either

Problem is, don’t own a printer (last one died long ago). im giving up trying everything to put words on my plaques , ive got a plaque to make an nothing else works at all I don’t wana keep spending out now im gutted..i need to put treatment room on a white spray painted (matt)..would this work?? First, what is wax paper? Can’t wait to try it out. It is much easier than cleaning glue off the iron or your masterpiece. I have seen on Amazon but not particularly cheap with postage. Here’s a link from someone who used a freezer paper method. good luck with your project! When you're done with one side, put some heavy books on top of the ironing paper to even out the surface. Hopefully that helps! Hope that helps! I’ve heard lots of people tell me how it didn’t work and I was getting worried that maybe I shouldn’t have posted about it. What if you put athin towel or something over it and ironed it on? I had actually started working on a post a few months ago about using this technique on fabric. Thanks so much! I would love to stencil something on it, as if it were old wood that had been stenciled years ago. (I think it was under $30.) There is a drop-down option for “Flip/Rotate.” That should reverse the image for you. anyone try it? Where millions of other people are putting in money in hopes of winning the big one. Karen, yes you would have to reverse the letters. Thanx so much for making the effort to post this and show us ur wicked pizza board! Now I can make a sandwich with my Teflon sheet, until now I have always had to choose between my iron or the ironing board! Or you can order or buy new ironing paper. Any more suggestions? My mother makes quilts using this technique. As well the parchment paper can take the heat of the iron without burning. You likely have all the materials you need already, without needing a special shopping trip to hunt them down.

Amanda, you should be able to stain over it if you used raw, untreated wood. CAN I JUST SAY “THANK THE GOD LORD THAT IT WORKED!!!!!!! ~Angela.

I love what you have done with your kitchen. There was a person that commented on here to spray adhesive on a regular blank sheet of paper and paste the wax paper onto it…then cut the edges to make it even with the paper width. Related: Check our 12 Best Beeswax Wraps, Wax Paper & Patty Paper Sheets. Both wax paper and parchment paper are coated papers. Hugs- Diana. The tutorial looked great but I’m a little skeptic. Love the Idea and am going to try it. Lauren, it should work on painted wood.

I would do a spot test first, just to make sure. work well as reusable ironing paper.

Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. You are left with a wax paper with paper backing that fits and goes perfectly through the printer. Let me know if you try it! FYI …. Once you said something I was able to figure it out right away! It works on fabric too, but the thread has to be really tight for the best results. Do you think it would work on paper bags? I have a question though. jammed my printer. (Do not mix Perler/Hama beads with cheap generic brands found in stores such as Walmart. Okay, maybe not dicing and cutting, but certainly for kneading and such. I was unsuccessful with this project. The kind I used, it seemed to work on both sides.

Your peel looks wonderful. That is a cool transfer method. (Found you at At the Picket Fence). , You’re welcome!! Once your graphic is printed on the sheet, lightly wet your subject with a sponge. ~ Sarah. ~Angela. My e-mail is unexpectedelegance@gmail.com ~Angela. Put the wax paper leaf sandwich onto the towel and then fold it over the top of the specimen. Great directions, too. I actually liked both looks, the paler one looks very vintage. I enjoy your blog! I was reading through previous commentsa and saw that someone brought up the idea of canvas, which is what I wanted to try this on.

I was wondering if it would work on wood that has been sealed or if maybe you could seal the wood over it? You can’t let the image move AT ALL or it will smear and you are working on a rounded surface which is more difficult. I also tried parchment paper. I popped over from BJ’s blog.

To see the stool I made over, go to http://irestorestuff.blogspot.com/. black It can be a little tricky.

This method did not work for me.

It’s very similar to wax paper, just sturdier. Hama also manufactures a type of very small, 2.5mm beads branded as Mini Beads, but they are far less popular than the medium-sized ones. Let me know if you try it! Sangria, sorry it’s not working! You could give it a try with a small test sprite. Even though it printed using other colors, the ink came out in little droplets instead of one smooth image. I’m confident they will be benefited from this website. ~Angela. ?..where do I get wax paper in the uk? I read above that someone else had that problem. I’ve used this on plain wood, painted surfaces, clay pots…I love it! Thanks for posting this tutorial I am going to experiment a little with this method before I try my project. If I ever see anything else like it, I’ll let you know! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Crafty Hugs, Pendra pendrasplace.blogspot.com. It’s white and heavier, but still has a shiny side.

Hope it works for you!! Angela.

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