It gets still harder when you go through it alone and when you feel unloved. I think perhaps making the list more actionable would help. Vertical and urban farming has changed the ‘concrete jungle’. But I think rather than being vague for a larger audience, being more specific in your audience and details would allow us to appreciate the quality more than quantity of viewership. I am feeling suicidal and reading this article made it 100% worse. Which I suppose is possible in a list format (anything can be done well). These peaceful animals can also teach us a thing or two about how we should live our lives, according to zoologist Lucy Cooke — author of "Life in the Sloth Lane: Slow Down and Smell the Hibiscus," a photo book filled with inspirational quotes about embracing and enjoying life. You can also become a Spontaneous Supporter with a one-time donation in any amount: Partial to Bitcoin? Kendra Scott is proud to support the American Heart Association’s Life is Why We Give™ campaign. Even more, who knows, perhaps you have family or friends that are willing to be there for you, they just need to be reached out to. Cities have become more accessible for all. The choice is accepting you wanting to kill yourself is an appropriate response to living in a pathological culture or not. Kroger is proud to support the American Heart Association through the month of February by offering customers the opportunity to donate $1 or more at the register or via coin canister at participating locations. Why we need work/life blend, not work/life balance. holy heck... it's like being talked down to and shamed for even daring to consider Life is anything other then some devine gift that must be cherished at all costs, this whole article is just gonna be one big YIKES from me, but thank you, nunyas for posting this comment (which was the real help stuff here). We had no choice being brought into this world. Getting well enough to travel with a group is helpful. Giant Eagle is proud to support the American Heart Association by inviting customers to donate $1 or more at check out from February 1 to February 7, 2019. I do not understand your comment. That quote makes no sense because there is no sense living if my life is fucked up so I should just die and if there isn't a good reason to live then I'll just be down in the ground. Do you even have a concept of how miserable that makes truly depressed people feel? Why? Get started towards exploring the great meaning of your life. (My best decade was the 7th.) The story is fictional—but teen suicide is, regrettably, a reality faced by many. Or just make no sense for them, if they don’t have anyone. However, there is always someone to give us a hand during those difficult times. The Stages of Coping With the COVID-19 Pandemic, '13 Reasons Why': The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, 13 Reasons Why “13 Reasons Why” May Send a Dangerous Message, 13 Things Parents Should Know About 13 Reasons Why, Six Reasons Why Individuals Choose Suicide, When I'm With You: Addressing Youth Suicide. She names 12 people she blames for her pain—be it for bullying, driving under the influence, rape, or other traumas. Stack that on having felt invisible to everybody I've ever known beginning with my parents, so, what for? But when I'm feeling like ending my own life, which is frequent and current, the world looks ugly to me, music becomes an incomprehensible irritant, my children strangers. I've accepted I will not ever find a life partner, and being okay with this is a tremendous relief. I feel like no matter how much training a medical professional may have, it does help those truly thinking of committing suicide because all the medicine in the world will not treat someone who truly believes that the only answer is to end it all. So many despise this article who are chronically suicidal. Good job proving the point of the comment you were just arguing against. The album reached number ten in 1973 on the US R&B albums chart on the strength of the million-seller single, "Why Can't We Live Together

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