The most common groundhog is the woodchuck (Marmota monax). They have yellowish teeth. • Categorized under Animals | Differences Between a Gopher and a Woodchuck. However, when it comes to digging, count on the gophers to create more havoc since they keep on digging holes in lawns and golf areas. But some are from the family. While many people use the term gopher to describe woodchucks, some people refer to the 35 species of rodents of the family Geomyidae as pocket gophers. During the mating season of a woodchuck, it will search for more than one partner – such a wild fellow. Though it isn’t as reproductive as the woodchuck, it can have one to three baby gophers. A woodchuck also looks similar to that of a common squirrel. The term whistlepig has to do with the groundhog's warning call, which is a shrill whistle. Taking a Closer Look Side by side, a gopher and a groundhog look quite different because the gopher's large incisors protrude from its mouth, even when closed, and the groundhog's teeth sit inside the mouth when closed. Unlike groundhogs, who spend lots of their time above ground eating the leaves and fruits of plants, gophers rarely come out of their burrows. Despite their similarities, gophers and groundhogs belong to two different classes of rodents. Among those considered to be the pests or enemies of humankind are the gopher and woodchuck. So what's the difference between a groundhog and a gopher? The front teeth of a gopher are very large, and they remain exposed even if it closes its mouth. According to Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center, woodchucks primarily subsist on a diet of grasses, fruits and berries, but they will also eat grubs, insects, snails and other small animals. They feed on the underground parts of plants, such as the roots and tubers. - Groundhog Facts, African Animals facts photos and videos..Africa is a wonderland for animal lovers, and a schoolroom for anyone who wants to learn about nature, beauty and the rhythm of life. When it comes to gnawing, the woodchucks are better experts since they gnaw wiring structures with their very sharp teeth. And woodchucks sleep from October to March while the gophers sleep only during the cold, winter months. Pocket gophers live a subterranean lifestyle as woodchucks do, according to the University of Michigan’s Animal Diversity Web, but they are smaller than woodchucks are. What do you think of these fabulous animals? Gopher and groundhog are two different animals in the same taxonomic order. They are abundant in the United States. Well, all of the animals in this discussion are rodents. Gophers and woodchucks are types of rodents. Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! The groundhog is one species of marmot which is found in North America, and lives in lower elevations, meadows and grasslands. Baboon facts, photos, videos and information - Baboons are very distinctive looking monkeys with long, dog-like snouts and close set eyes. Its baby woodchucks, or litters, can range from one to nine births. Large pocket gopher species may reach 2 to 3 pounds in weight. Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha. Woodchucks have white teeth. Gophers have yellowish teeth. So how do you know when these gophers or woodchucks have messed up your territory? Rodents can either be pets or pests. Gophers love to dig because they have relatively large and sharp front claws while the woodchucks only have uniformly sized front and rear claws. The noise is similar to a squealing pig, so that makes sense. What Is the Difference Between a Groundhog, a Gopher and a Woodchuck? Well, all of the animals in this discussion are rodents. It was first scientifically described by Carl Linnaeus in 1758. These tan colored squirrels are also smaller than groundhogs, and leaner in body type. There is no need to resubmit your comment. "Differences Between a Gopher and a Woodchuck." African Animals - Animal Facts Encyclopedia, Great Apes Facts - Animal Facts Encyclopedia. Homeowners are most likely to actually observe groundhogs, as gophers spend very little time aboveground. They consume foods grown by farmers and gardeners, while their burrowing habits can undermine homes, decks and porches. If the tree trunks and power lines have chew marks, the woodchucks had been invading you. However, it would not be too convenient to identify them … Woodchucks have a longer lifespan than gophers. Woodchucks also have an astonishing weight of 4 to 6 pounds. Both gophers and woodchucks are gray or brown in color. Gophers are smaller than woodchucks. Woodchucks are stocky, four-legged animals that may weigh up to 10 pounds. Gophers are not in the squirrel family, they are in an entirely different family of rodents known as Geomyidae, which includes the beaver. Gophers have a rat-like tail while woodchucks have furry tails. Marmots are ground dwelling members of the squirrel family, Sciuridae. The groundhog is also known as a woodchuck. Gopher becomes known as the rodent that lives in burrows and has a fur-lined pouch just on the outer surface of the cheek and mostly gets located in the North and Central American regions. The groundhog belongs to the group of large ground squirrels known as marmots. At times, woodchucks eat bird eggs and insects. 2 Groundhog vs Gopher; 3 Comparison chart; Definitions A groundhog. Ultimately, all squirrel-type animals that live in burrows, have buck teeth, and eat seeds while standing up on their haunches are regularly referred to as groundhogs, but only one species of marmot is actually "the" groundhog. But when a woodchuck is not mating, it hides itself and remains in isolation. March 4, 2013 < >. Depending on the area they are also known as whistle-pig or land-beaver. There are about 35 species of gopher, all found in Central and North America. When they dig, they usually eat. They are called gophers on a regular basis, and most people familiar with the animal know exactly what is being referenced, so from a common language standpoint, they are considered gophers, but scientifically, only members of the family Geomyidae are gophers. Pocket gophers derive their name from the pockets inside their cheeks, which the tunneling rodents use to carry food. The groundhog is known by many names, including woodchuck, and whistlepig. Groundhog becomes known as the North American version of the woodchuck that originates from the same location that has a thick body and short legs which give this marmot the distinction. Cite The Richardson ground squirrel is common across much of the Northern U.S., living in burrows on open grasslands. The term whistlepig has to do with the groundhog's warning call, which is a shrill whistle. Woodchucks are also lucky to be able to live from 4 to 6 years while the gophers are only able to live within a year. And where do woodchucks and whistle-pigs fit in? and updated on March 4, 2013, Difference Between Similar Terms and Objects, Differences Between a Gopher and a Woodchuck, Differences Between Fraternity And Sorority, Difference Between Gophers and Ground squirrels, Difference Between Armadillo and Anteater, Difference Between Armadillo and Pangolin, Difference Between Wild Turkey and Turkey Vulture, Difference Between Vitamin D and Vitamin D3, Difference Between LCD and LED Televisions, Difference Between Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, Difference Between Civil War and Revolution.

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